Best Spanish Learning Apps to Improve Your Opportunities

February 3rd, 2021

Want to learn Spanish but have confusion about where you can collect the course details, from where you will start learning, how much this cost? And many more questions like this. Then we are showing you the best Spanish Learning Apps, which makes your learning more effective. 

These apps are easy to operate and direct according to your need and experience. Plus, you will get the best syllabus of the Spanish language, which can make you feel more confident when you speak Spanish in front of others. All these apps are perfectly suitable for all levels of students and users who are interested in learning different global languages.

How to Select the Best Apps for Learning Spanish?

Select the best apps for Spanish learning by understanding and studying their features, process, etc. You can choose them on the basis of your needs, interest, and experience as well. With the help of the list given below, you can select the app which is suitable for you. You will learn from the mixture of more than one app that helps you in learning more effectively. It is best to start learning Spanish first from the free apps for taking the knowledge of basic vocabulary and grammar. 

So, here is the list of top best apps for learning Spanish in no time: 

1. Duolingo – Learn Spanish For Free

Duolingo is a great place to learn various languages without paying a single penny. Here, you can learn Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, and more. Plus, you can personalize your language, improve quickly, receive immediate grading, and stay motivated with rewards. Besides, you can grab the first 14-day free subscription plan for your learning.



  • A game like lessons for easy learning
  • Learn new Spanish words, phrases, and grammar
  • Helps to analyze vocabulary effectively
  • Make confident and face competitors


2. – Online Site to Learn Spanish

StudySpanish is the most popular web-based Spanish learning platform where you can learn more about the Spanish language. It offers pronunciation, verb drills, and grammar lessons that can improve your language skills. It provides three types of classes such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All these sources are top-notch to scale up your skill game.


  • Get a Spanish course according to your experience and needs.
  • Learn Spanish in an effective manner
  • Free membership to our users
  • Podcast available for better vocabulary


3. Verbalicity – Learn Spanish Online

Verbalicity is an exceptional app to learn Spanish with your hand-picked teacher, personalized curriculum, and learn anytime, anywhere. So, pick the 60-minute free trial less and learn everything you can. And, not only you learn, but you can also develop your grammar in a very short time. Hence, pick Verbalicity and use it now.



  • Real interactions and conversations
  • Learn Spanish in an effective and efficient manner
  • Teachers selected by a professional interview process
  • No pressure of attending lessons


4. Lengalia – Online Spanish Learner

Lengalia offers up-to-date Spanish learning lessons that enhance your skills along with grammar, pronunciation, verbs, and more. Plus, it has 32,878 learning exercises, 37,139 explanations, 12,468 conjugations, and more. Hence, this app is top-notch and the most preferred app to strengthen your communication skills. Besides, its plans are quite pocket-friendly.



  • 24 Spanish courses from A0 to C2 
  • Classes happen according to your time and place
  • Provided Guided courses 
  • Make your Learning path clear and sustainable


5. Brainscape – Learn Spanish Online

Brainscape is an online education platform to learn Spanish. It comes with multiple learning features like finding great flashcards, studying with spaced repetition, sync between devices, tracking your progress, and more. All these features are advantageous to recuperate your offline or online conversation and communication. Thus, to get these features, you must follow Brainscape.



  • 10000 Audio flashcards for Spanish words, phrases, grammar, etc.
  • Guides you from the beginning to the professional.
  • Teaching done with a new and modern technique 
  • Simple explanations of grammatical concepts


6. Busuu – Language Learner App

Busuu offers various language lessons that can help you develop your skills without taking too much time. It has multiple features to learn Spanish with excellent grammar skills and verbs. Here, you can learn essential to professional Spanish language in a certain amount of time. Hence, go for the Busuu brand and grab all the lessons to improve your Spanish communication. 



  • Learn confidently and efficiently.
  • Make your learning easy and meaningful.
  • Top tips regarding Spanish learning 
  • Advance your knowledge by messaging exercises 


7. Memrise – Spanish Learner

Memrise is one of the fastest platforms to learn different languages like Spanish, English, and more. Here, you can discover real-life words and phrases by using the super-smart learning engine. Plus, you can immerse yourself, learn real-content, and gain confidence while speaking. So, use this app and learn fast with locals without making any grammar mistakes.



  • Learn the concept of understanding and learning
  • Get a basic translation of words and phrases 
  • Watch real-life situation videos 
  • Make you feel confident 


8. LingQ – Spanish Learner

LingQ is a rare platform where you can only learn content by using your favorite context. Using this app, you can have fun and learn fast without spending too much money on online courses. It offers a vast course library of content, and you can use your content and go for the imperative lesson. Besides, its plans are quite affordable and gettable.



  • Syllabus for politics, science, geography, etc.
  • Get a vast Spanish library
  • 1000’s hours of Spanish audio lessons
  • Versatile Spanish dictionary sources


Which is the Best App to Learn Spanish?

Nowadays, many apps are available for Spanish learning with their unique characteristics. In between all of this, Duolingo is one of the best apps to learn Spanish in a proper and systematic manner because it Motivates its users by providing them different rewards. It also improves their skills in the Spanish language and makes them capable of accepting and facing different opportunities.

Along with the Duolingo app, there are apps like Busuu and LingQ which are also considered the best apps for Spanish learners. Both the apps have many amazing features too and you can see their features in the list given below.


In this article, we have listed the top 8 applications that can help you learn and improve Spanish. And, all these apps improve your Spanish, enhance your grammar, verbs without breaking any grammar rules. Therefore, you must choose the app from this article. Besides, its learning plans are pocket-friendly. 

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