Out of the Sandbox Vs Shoptimized

May 4th, 2019

Are you in search of high-quality themes? Do you want to know the best theme for e-commerce your online store? The in-depth analysis between the Out of the Sandbox Vs. Shoptimized Themes helps to make the right decision for the business and gain huge traffic.

But, before you invest in high-end themes, you should know the essential factors like theme performance, usage, price, theme loading time, conversions, and sales. If you’ve got the less time and want to decide the theme for your business niche, read the full-length article given below.

Which is Best? - Shoptimized or Out of the Sandbox

When it comes to choosing the best business theme, you should look into the key aspects - What is the theme loading time? What is the cost of the theme? What plugins do I get?  Are there any free trial services? Do they provide customer support services? Knowing all the parameters helps to decide the best of the available. Now, we’ll discuss the individual review and the comparison of Out of the Sandbox Vs. Shoptimized Theme.

Out of the Sandbox

If you are looking for top-quality, easy to use and ready-made themes, then Out of the Sandbox is the best choice. The main reason for customers opting Out of the Sandbox is because of the HD visual themes, solid code base, support services, and the easy upgrade options.

Since the launch of Sandbox, they greatly integrate with buyers, store owners to collaborate and bring the best possible outcomes for both (i.e., buyers and sellers). Moreover, the flexible and attractive themes look professional for your business sites meeting the standards and convert to the sales. Now, let us look at the brilliant features offered by the Out of the Sandbox theme.

Amazing Features of Out of the Sandbox

Features of Out of the Sandbox

Turbo Theme:- It is fully customizable Shopify themes that allow users to build the website without the need for coding. Once you sign up with the turbo theme, you will be given full access to use tables, widgets, etc. to boost the sales.

The Turbo theme mainly focuses on site speed and user-experience than product sales. It has five major themes like Portland, Dubai, Florence, Seoul, and Chicago to support different niches. Above all, the theme is loaded with features like product sliders, mega menus, logo lists, page templates, testimonials, faqs, cart buttons, and scrolling options. Overall, it is perfect for those who invest high on e-stores, and it offers two weeks of money refund if you do not like the themes.

Artisan:- Artisan theme is for those who build service-based websites and online stores. It has come with unique features like product tables, contact forms, background shapes, custom page templates, layouts, lookups, and faqs to give a professional touch to the site.

Further, it incorporates themes like Barcelona, Phoenix, and Victoria to match the requirements of different users. Compared to the Turbo theme, Artisan theme comes at low-prices ($180) so that low-budget people make use of this theme.

Parallax:- Next important theme in Out of the Sandbox is the Parallax theme. The themes like Aspen, Vienna, Madrid, and Los Angeles benefits the business persons by attaining huge profits to the sales pages. It has come with the flexible options to add elements on the homepage like scrolling style, HD images, slideshows, videos, testimonials, logo lists, Google Maps, and signup form to occupy the homepage sections. Using the Insta feed, you can share the latest posts on Instagram to gain more followers. You don’t have to worry about the prices as it comes at just $180 per user. If you have access to the Parallax theme, you can use it on multiple websites (not at a time).

Retina:- The Retina is an award-winning theme that provides exceptional features like slideshows, videos, testimonials to add on homepages. In this, you will come across the astonishing themes such as Austin, Montreal, Melbourne, and Amsterdam to benefit the store owners. Like other sandbox themes, Retina theme is available for $180 and offers decent performance throughout the usage. 

Mobilia:- Mobilia is an ultra-modern theme in the given list of Sandbox themes. It best suits for fashion blogging, beauty products, food, and clothing stores. The visitor can easily understand what type of page is about by looking at the headers and sidebars. All the beneficial themes like Napa, Milan, Tokyo, Sydney has similar features and functionalities - Google Maps, testimonials, promo videos, logo lists, and newsletter signup widget. If you think, this isn’t the right choice for your business; you can go with any of the above-mentioned themes.  

Responsive:- This is the last theme model you can expect from the Sandbox. It features Paris, London, New York, and San Francisco theme patterns to grab the customers attention. The themes are robust and flexible nature. It means you can use the responsive themes for handling different niches say health, education, shopping sites, technology, electronics, cooking, travel blogs, etc., The multi-level menu options help to navigate the customers to the sales pages.

Shoptimized Themes

Shoptimized Themes are one of the popular themes that helps you drive more traffic and sales to websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores. And the main reason for crafting Shoptimized themes is to focus entirely on mobile devices (i.e., fast loading time, easy access).

Once you’ve installed and uploaded the mobile-friendly theme to a site, you can access everything with a single click. If your website is mobile friendly (or integrates with API), then there are more chances that you can convert visitors into buyers.

Besides, the Shoptimized themes have come with built-in applications such as countdown timers, shipping time estimator, currency switchers, pop-ups, coupon codes, integration with Google Adwords, Search Console, sales notifications and badges. The only thing is free themes doesn’t support well on desktops than smartphones.

Amazing Features of Shoptimized Themes

Features of Shoptimized Themes

Geo-IP Recognition:- This feature allows you to recognize where the visitors are from (i mean country) and accordingly personalize the websites, shopping carts to improve the user experience.

Currency Switcher:- If you are targeting international customers, you need a tool like currency switcher to convert profits into your currency (usable). Opting for this service saves hundreds of dollars per subscription.

Shipping Time Estimator:- Shipping time estimator calculates the time required to ship an order from store to the delivery location. There is no other theme in the market that calculates the shipping time for delivering the product.

E-mail Pop-Ups:- The e-mail pop up feature builds a healthy relationship between the customer and sellers to maximize the sales.

Embedding the Videos:- Adding videos along with the quality product images to the cart sites drives more conversions. If you want to give a brief about the product history, then place the video in the footer section so that the user can go through it without ignorance.

Product Filtering:- Now you can find exactly what you want using the product filtering options. The product filtration helps to categorize the products list based on the number of searches, keywords and visitor count.

Call to Action Buttons:- Getting visitors isn’t enough. You should make the audience land on product pages by using the call to action buttons. For this, you can test by adding different sized buttons on the sites to make visible for the customers and pull them to buy the items.

Pricing Factor (Out of the Sandbox and Shoptimized Theme)

This is yet another crucial section where you can differentiate Out of the Sandbox and Shoptimized Themes based on the pricing factor. Out of the Sandbox, theme prices vary between $180 to $350. Use Out of the Sandbox Discount Code to get offers on your selected themes subscriptions. Whereas, Shoptimized themes are of range $150 to $600. Utilize Shoptimized Coupon Code to get discounts on all shoptimized products.

As per my advice, it's better to go according to the budget preference for the business. If you are willing to invest high, go with the top-notch themes that have high conversion rates, fast loading time and drives maximum sales to the site. Otherwise, you can opt for the basic themes especially when you start the business.

The table below gives a clear idea of theme cost in both the Sandbox and Shoptimized stores. Check it out!

Out of the Sandbox Pricing Chart

Pricing Details
Turbo Theme

Shoptimized Theme Pricing Chart


Pros and Cons

Now, let us look at the possible benefits and drawbacks of using Shoptimized themes. It gives a clear idea of choosing the right theme for your business niche. Have a closure observation.

Pros and Cons of Out of the Sandbox


  • In Out of the Sandbox, you can upgrade to the latest themes for free of cost.
  • The pre-built themes are SEO-friendly which means it increases the ranking on search engines.
  • Moreover, Out of the Sandbox themes is made available on mobile phones (Android, iPhone), tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • You can use the themes to integrate on social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc., to gain traffic from different sources.
  • The Out of the Sandbox themes are highly responsive and have fast loading time compared to other popular theme brands.
  • With a little investment, you can get access to the HD themes to use on personal blogs, stores or client’s websites.


Few Sandbox themes are expensive, and may not work well on all niches.

Pros and Cons of Shoptimized Themes


  • You can invest money lifetime for accessing of Shoptimized themes.
  • Features mobile-friendly themes, easy accessing nature and fast loading time.
  • The customer support services are available for seven days a week. You can interact with the team through phone calls, emails, and live chat.
  • Shoptimized themes have come with flexible options to fit on your business niche (preferred mostly for the shopping sites).
  • Best to use for SEO analysts, digital professionals, and developers to handle the themes effortlessly.


  • Need to pay extra for upgrading the services.
  • Sometimes, you may be asked to re-install the application. It’s annoying to wait for such a long time while updating the special features.
  • Lack of customization feature on the homepage. However, it keeps on updating and has a good level of customization options.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get refunds on Out of the Sandbox themes?
As the themes are non-replaceable, you will not money refund. However, if you do not like the theme or doesn’t fit for your business, you can opt for a new theme available in the Sandbox store.
2. Can I use a single theme in multiple stores?
It's not possible to use a single theme on multiple websites and stores (at a time) unless you’re the owner for two.
3. Does Out of the Sandbox themes work on WordPress?
Nope. The Out of the Sandbox themes is crafted to work on Shopify stores.
4. How long does it take for Shoptimized team to set up the online store?
Once you’ve provided the relevant information to the team, they may take 4-5 business days to accomplish the task.
5. How to update the new theme for my website?
To update a new theme for the blog/website, firstly create a backup for the current theme. Now login to the site and use the search bar to find the purchased theme. After all, click on the new theme and then again on add the latest theme.
6. Is there any free trial services offered by Shoptimized theme before purchasing?
No. The Shoptimized theme does not offer free trial services to the customers. If you want to access the theme, you have to invest in the relevant theme.
7. What payment methods are accepted in Shoptimized theme?
Shoptimized theme accepts all sort of payments through credit and debit cards.

Final Thoughts

Hope you’ve read the detailed review on comparison of Out of the Sandbox Vs. Shoptimized theme. There is no doubt that these two can offer the best services for business websites, blogs, and e-stores by generating traffic and sales.  

If you’re getting low-conversions to the product pages, then try any of the theme stores mentioned above. Also, share your valuable doubts and experiences with us in the comment section.

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