How to Store Cannabis Seeds

June 2nd, 2019

Do you like growing cannabis plants and don’t know how to get started! Here is what you need to know about Cannabis - growing, storing the seeds, factors affecting seed germination, and much more. Let us dive into the topic!

How to Store Cannabis Seeds

Before purchasing the seeds online, it is essential to know the key factors like how to store cannabis seeds for long-term and short-term? What temperatures does it support? Harvesting tips, and precautions. Now, let us get into the parameters that affect the growth of seeds under certain conditions.

Cannabis Seeds Storage Conditions

  • Temperature
  • Sunlight
  • Humidity levels
  • Pet-free storing locations
  • Cool, dry and dark climatic conditions
  • Placing cannabis seeds in the freezer 
  • Keep insects and rodents away from cannabis seeds
Climatic Conditions - Cold, Dry and Dark

Once you purchase cannabis seeds from local stores or online platform, it should be kept in optimum climatic conditions, i.e., cold, dry and dark. It’s an individual choice to store the seeds in a refrigerator, freezer, cabinets or drawers and keep them protected until the seeds germinate.

Also, make sure the seeds should never be exposed to the direct sunlight as it leads to premature seed germination. Ideally speaking, 7-9% of the sunlight and humidity (dry or the dark place) is preferable.

If there is an excess humidity level in your area, the seeds may damage quickly. So, it's better to control and maintain the humidity levels to low by using sealable containers or airtight plastic bottles.

High temperatures may diminish the process of seed germination. Hence, most of the growers prefer to store the seeds in the refrigerator for quick germination. The ideal temperature to store the seeds is between 6-8C. And if you do not want the seeds to damage, it is good to place them around 20-30% of humidity levels.

Sunlight is yet another important factor one must consider for securing the seeds. It is because the direct sunlight may trigger seed growth by losing the germination functionalities. Hence, it is preferred to protect the seeds by covering up with a transparent sheet or by placing in a dark place for long-lasting.
Keep Insects Away from Cannabis

Further, if you do not properly reserve the seeds; insects, rodents may spoil the seeds and make useless. To avoid such loses, spill DE (Diatomaceous Earth- a combination of sand and fossilized algae) on the surroundings. It acts as a natural insecticide and is non-toxic too. Apart from that, you can also place the seeds in a well-ventilated area to deter pests.

Once you’ve done storing, label them on the container or bottle so that you won’t get confused with other plant seeds like marijuana.
Cannabis Seeds Stores List

Purchasing cannabis seeds online can be confusing at times for new growers. You may come across the poor quality seeds, packing issues, prices and it’s frustrating too. So, it's quite important to buy from the trusted suppliers, i.e. both the product quality and customer support services. Here, I’ve reviewed the list of best online cannabis seeds stores. Let’s get started!
List of Best Cannabis Seeds Stores in 2020

1. Seedsman – If you are looking for the medical, feminized seeds at the best price, you can always go with Seedsman. It is one of the reliable brands which ensure to guarantee natural growth for your marijuana plant.

2. Sensi Seeds- Sensi Seeds is where you get cannabis seeds which offer the most superior strains. The seeds are coming from Amsterdam ‘the hub of marijuana’ so you don’t have to worry about the quality and strains of the brand.

3. Growers Choice Seeds – Growers Choice Seeds is gaining popularity lately in providing you a wide range and high-quality seeds and guarantee 100% growth. You also get a wide range and collection of seeds which include Autoflowering Seeds; Diesel feminized CBD and many more.

4. Seed King – Another recognized and high-quality strain provider, Seed King, ensure that you get rich-feminized seeds to help you with the healing buds.

Seedsman was first launched in 2003 to work efficiently as an online seed bank in the world. It has gained popularity in recent years for trustworthiness and the quality seeds it offers. That’s why Seedsman is considered as one of the best cannabis seeds stores in the world.

Most importantly, they have a massive stock of 1500 strains from 65+ seed banks across the globe. There will be no germination issues and also the seller does not claim for a germination guarantee seeds.

You can contact the support team through phone calls, and emails (which takes 12-24hrs to respond). Also, be sure that the return policy is within 14days, so it’s good to track the status and check for the damage once you receive the shipment.

Compared to other sellers, Seedsman put efforts to ensure your order is safe (using bubble envelopes) and the payment is made through the online gateway using the debit/credit cards.  

Overall, Seedsman is a beginner-friendly with loads of strains available. To add-on, they come at the best prices in the online platform. The only downside is that the customer’s are expecting good support services from the team of Seedsman. To get a rebate on all orders use Seedsman Discount Code.
Pros and Cons of Seedsman

    Very economical to buy.
    Comes with discreet packing services.
    A large section of seeds and strains are available.
    They are of high-quality and germinate consistently.
    Offer certified seeds to the beginners and patients (who are in need).
    Ship seeds to the approved countries like USA, Canada, etc.,


    Need to improve customer support services.


Do you want to know how to grow Cannabis? But not sure how to start? Then you must try SensiSeeds. It has come with the selection of seeds for the beginners, experienced growers to avoid common mistakes while growing the cannabis plant. SensiSeeds is the world’s largest seed bank that offers 500 varieties of seeds to develop the medicinal benefits of cannabis. They are categorized as indoor seeds, outdoor seeds, vapes, high yielding strains, and for beginners.

What makes SensiSeeds more special is it creates strains that can withstand extreme climatic conditions. Once you log in to the website, you can directly navigate to the respective page because of the simple and user-friendly design.

Wrapping up, SensiSeeds is a great way to start growing plants from the seeds stage. Apart from that, it has very good online reviews, ratings and is one of the reasons for being in the list of best cannabis seeds stores 2020. Subscribe for their newsletter to get the latest Sensi Seeds Discount Code and offers.
Pros and Cons of SensiSeeds

    High-quality seeds with consistency.
    500 seed varieties are available in the store.
    Avail promo codes, offers, and discounts on all cannabis seeds.
    Exceptional customer support services (i.e., one to one interaction).
    Suitable for all types of growers - newbies, enthusiasts, farmers, experts.


    Restricted to a few countries.
    Bit expensive than other seed banks.
    International shipping takes more time than expected.

Growers Choice Seeds

Next best-selling store is the Growers Choice Seeds. It offers fully feminized, lab-tested cannabis seeds for the convenience of users and to grow in extreme climatic conditions. They come up with 50 strains of seeds that can be great for the natural healing process. Whether you’re looking for stress relief, anxiety, pain or to boost the mood, strains help you overcome such problems.

Moreover, they also have a great collection of THC cannabis seeds (10-27%) to match the medical needs - fight against insomnia, body pains, and mental health. To summarize, at Growers Choice Seeds you get everything you need like tips to grow, cost of seeds, varieties, seeds germination guarantee, and also know about the health benefits. Use Growers Choice Seeds Coupon to get discount on first order.
Pros and Cons of Growers Choice Seeds

    Contains more than 50 strains of seeds.
    Acts as a natural healing remedy.
    They are affordable to purchase online.
    Sells auto-flowering and feminized seeds.
    Includes an array of pot seeds, 40+ weed seed strains.
    Quick seeds delivery option in the US, Canada.


    Charges high for international shipping.

Seed King

Finally, we end up reviewing the Seed King online store. Seed King is one of the famous stores that sell world-class Cannabis online, unique strains with high medicinal value.

Compared to other sellers, Seed King offers top-quality seeds to the customers who purchase online/offline. Also, it guarantees 80% of germination rate which is rarely seen in the cannabis seed marketing industry.

Further, it is committed to providing 100% best seeds to the purchasers along with the seed-replacement (if damaged) facility for the cost.

Unlike other brands, Seed King is taking advantage of promo codes and special offers from time to time. People will get the coupon codes directly to the mail Id, once they’ve subscribed to the daily newsletter.

It has got a dedicated customer support services where you share the problem like tracking the delivery status, damaged seeds, shipping charges, order related issues, etc., via phone, email, and chat. They do not trust the reseller customer services due to the lousy experience faced by the buyers.

In a nutshell, Seed King is trusted by millions of visitors all over the world for the quality products, standard services and much more. They sell seeds worldwide and accordingly the payment option is set. The only disadvantage with the Seed King is you cannot order in bulk (especially when you wish to grow in the large farm). Before purchasing any products check the Seed King Promo Code for discounts.
 Pros and Cons of Seed King

    Best in delivering the quality seeds.
    Guarantees 80% of seed germination.
    Seed King store come at inexpensive rates.
    Highly safe, quick and free shipping for orders above $75.
    Log in to the newsletter to avail discounts and promo codes.
    Exceptional customer support services - call, email, and chat.


    You cannot order in large quantities.

Bottom Line

Do you reside in a country where cannabis seeds are legal to use? What made you buy cannabis seeds online? Did you purchase cannabis seeds from any other (apart from the listed seller brands) online stores? Share your doubts and thoughts with us in the comment section. Our team of experts will guide you on the right path as soon as possible.


1. How to store Cannabis seeds for the long term?
A: To store the cannabis seeds on a longer run, prefer placing the seeds under heal-sealable containers, glass jars, and tubes. Whatever equipment you use, it should keep the cannabis seeds away from excess heat, sunlight, moisture and oxygen levels which slows down the seed germination process. Further, keeping the seeds in such cool, dry places prevents bacteria from entering into the container full of CBD seeds.
2. Why is it important to store Cannabis seeds?
A: If you are a farmer or the one who loves to grow plants like Cannabis, Marijuana, etc., it’s important to preserve the seeds correctly for a variety of reasons. The first and foremost reason is to make the cannabis plant last for 5-10 years with more productivity (during harvesting).
3. Where can I buy cannabis seeds?
A: Cannabis seeds are made available on numerous online seed banks that are legal to sell in countries like the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Mexico, etc., If you are the one with 21+ years of age and willing to grow cannabis plants in your farm, then you can get the required number of cannabis seeds from the following online stores: Seedsman SensiSeeds Growers Choice Seeds Seed King
4. Can I keep Cannabis seeds in the freezer?
A: Yes, You can place the cannabis seeds in the freezer at optimum moisture levels. When you store cannabis at high moisture levels in a freezer, they may not be ideal for growing at certain climatic conditions or geo-location.
5. Do online stores provide cash-on-delivery (COD) for cannabis seed products?
A: Nope. The products will not be shipped for COD. However, you need to make payment online using the credit/debit cards or Paypal accounts.
6. What is the nutritional value of cannabis seeds?
A: Cannabis seeds (hemp) is highly rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, potassium, sodium, calcium, carbohydrates, amino acids, omega fatty acids that minimize life-threatening diseases like cancer and heart attacks.
7. What can cannabis seeds be used for?
A: Cannabis seeds have several health benefits ranging from anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive problems, skin, heart health, and cancer. All the medicinal properties of cannabis seeds help to cure the pain instantly and hence should be legalized and used for chronic diseases.
8. What are the side-effects of cannabis seeds?
A: Taking extracts of cannabis seeds in the required dosage does not cause side-effects. It results in long-term effects like the risk of lung cancer, high blood pressure, asthma, low sperm count and short term memory loss.
9. How long do cannabis seeds last in the refrigerator?
A: Cannabis seeds should be kept in a cool, dry place like the refrigerator to sustain and make it viable for 2-5 years. If you store the seeds properly in a fridge, it can last for years of a seed sprouting. The longer you store the cannabis seeds in the refrigerator, the lower seed germination rate is.
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