Beginners Guide to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

September 1st, 2021

CBD Cannabidiol is a plant extract popular for its valuable contribution to curing the body and the mind. Used in various products like Oils, creams, balms, tonics, and much more, the product has proved its worth. When used with full-spectrum hemp and the lowest levels of THC, it has provided tremendous results. It is important to know about CBD for beginners. Let us explore more.


Things to Consider While Buying Online for Beginners?

CBD Content: One of the most important considerations is the content of CBD for each serve. The per-day consumption of a person is 10 mg to 20 mg. Hence the composition of the product will reflect if it is suitable for beginners or not.

Quality of CBD: Today` many business owners are making CBD available at the most competitive proces. However, for beginners who are even regular consumers, quality sourcing of CBD is important. A government certification and lab- testing or COA (Certification of Analysis) is what you can look for.

Type of CBD: When you consider buying a CBD product, it is important to know what is type of CBD is present. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD and is best suited for beginners. Most of the wellness and health products have CBD isolate.

Source of CBD: An important consideration should also be the origin of the CBD, whether it is organic and preferably grown in the home country. The United States is a good supplier for CBD since they provide farm-grown and organic CBD.

With all these considerations, you will be able to make an appropriate choice to buy CBD for beginners. 

Is Buying Cannabis Seeds Online in 2021 Legal, Safe, and Secure?

It is safe to buy CBD seeds online. In the last decade, several authentic suppliers of CBD seeds are now selling online. For the United States and European countries, buying CBD seeds online is safe and secure. Numerous companies are dealing in timely and good quality CBD seeds. 

As far as the legal aspect is concerned, countries do not permit CBD seeds to be traded. However, in the U.S. and Europe, there are countries where Cannabis for medical and recreational use is permitted. Yet some have forbidden it too. The former is, however, at a much larger percentage.

Some of the places in th United States where CBD is legally permissible for medicine and recreation are New York, Washington, California, Alaska, New Mexico, Montana, New Jersey, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Vermont, Arizona, and many more.  

How to Order and What to Buy for Beginners?

CBD is undoubtedly good for health. But for beginners, it has to be a slow start. A small dose to begin with and then to increase the mg slowly is the perfect way to consume it. The ideal amount to start with is 10 mg. Beginners ideally should try and source organic CBD or start growing Cannabis at home. So you must know how to store cannabis seeds to get started with growing cannabis plants. 

There are a lot of products through which CBD can be consumed. To get used to the product, it is recommended to have CBD through gummies, chocolates and drinks. Only once the taste and the effects on the body start to get comfortable, the dosage and medium of consumption should be changed. Any edible product will take a little longer to start showing the effects. 

The oil tinctures and drops are a perfect way to consume CBD. One drop under the tongue for almost a minute will create effective results. Apart from these sprays, capsules are other ways to consume CBD by beginners.

Types of Cannabis Seeds & What Should I Grow?

Talking about CBD seeds, some considerations need to be kept in mind to identify and grow them. Let’s first explore the types of CBD seeds. 

  • Feminized Seeds: The feminized CBD plants are plants that produce flowers. 
  • Non-Feminized Seeds: These CBD seeds produce both male plants and flowers.

For growing CBD seeds, there are some considerations to be kept in mind. 

  • Crop Type: certain seeds may grow well in outdoor climates, while others might grow indoors. The weather that the seeds need is imperative to know.
  • Light: The feminized CBD seeds need light for flowers to bloom, but the non-feminized ones tend to bloom in various lights.

Some of the other factors may be air and temperature requirements too. A detailed study of the seeds is required to grow them effectively.

The Top 10 Best Brands to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

CBD seeds are traded online by various brands. For years, certain brands have been trading in CBD seeds and have earned the goodwill of people through reviews and feedback. Consumers look for quality, and the brands that have managed to leave their impressions are the safest to buy CBD seeds from. Considering the importance of this product for medicine, the source has to be the most reliable one too!

The most reliable top ten brands to purchase CBD seeds online are :

1. I Love Growing Marijuana

I Love Growing Marijuana offers quality cannabis seeds suiting your needs in various types such as Indica seeds, sativa Seeds, Hybrid Seeds. High yielding pot seeds, fertilizers, marijuana grow kits, seed packs are available with free shipping across the U.S. and guaranteed germination. You can avail the best cannabis seeds at the best prices with 20% free weed seeds. Some of the beginner seed collections include Beginner Mix, Beginner Grow Kit, Beginner Seeds, Super Mix, Girl Scout Cookies, Steppe, Temperate, Mold Resistant.


Shop for the auto flowering seeds at the best prices using I Love Growing Marijuana Coupon Code at just $89. Biologically engineered cannabis nutrients are available at prices starting from $39.  

2. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is powered with Bestselling cannabis seed collections like autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, regular seeds, mix and match seeds at the best prices with Crop King Seeds Coupon Code. This store also offers cannabis genetics for medical and commercial growing who need maximum THC results. They offer a variety of strains perfect for all the growing conditions like indoor, outdoor, hydroponics, and many other growing scenarios. 


The seeds grow into plants within two to four weeks of germination. Crop King seeds assure the high quality, potent buds from the feminized cannabis seeds. 

3. Seedsman

Seedsman stocks around 1500 strains from around 65 seedbanks, with a diverse range of cannabis-related goods including storage, clothing, and books. You can also explore the seeds having significant medical properties with the highest CBD content. When you pay through Bitcoin, you can get upto 25% off on your order value along with 7-10 free cannabis seeds. For the additional discounts, use Seedsman Discount Codes


With the comprehensive seed library, you can view the highest quality indoor and outdoor strains and choose between indica or sativa marijuana seeds.

4. Rocket Seeds

If you wish to grow Cannabis on a small or large scale, Rocket is the best place to land. They also provide advice on the types of cannabis seeds trending in different parts of the world. All the seeds are fairly priced, and you can avail the best discounts using Rocket Seeds Coupon Code. This store has the fast version seeds that bloom 1 to 2 weeks quicker than the normal versions. 


All the Rocket Seeds come with the Guaranteed Germination under the growing circumstances recommended by the Rocket.

5. Herbies Seeds

The pool of cannabis seeds from Herbies Head Shop is viable, vigorous, and fast. A dedicated team of virtual consultants help you choose the best strain suiting your needs. Herbies has the fast flowering cannabis curated for the weed growers. Herbies seeds are available at prices starting at just $9.96. Also, you can save more using Herbies Seeds Discount Code. Cannabis seeds from Herbies are authentic in every aspect, from yielding to potency and flavor. 


Strains for beginners are powered with an extra hardness to tolerate the harsh weather, and they have much resistance to pests.

The effects of CBD for good health cannot be ignored. Hence, beginners should consider buying Cannabis to get cured of illnesses of the mind and body using the appropriate CBD products of the right quality. After all, ‘Health is Wealth’

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