6 Best Music Players for Kids to Enjoy Favorite Music

June 2nd, 2021

Today, digital technology has come a long way in designing innovative products. With this, there is a whole new range of products for kids also. One such range is that of music players.

Music has always entertained kids and their fascination with new songs from their favorite artists. Whether it is singing along or dancing to the foot-tapping music, they love it all. 


Let’s explore some music players with advanced and creative features that kids would love:

1. Yoto

Yoto is a music speaker that is simple to use and safe for kids from 3 to 12 years of age. The player has no screen, microphone, or camera and is therefore safe for children to use. Kids can insert music cards and play their favorite music.


Yoto also offers a library of audios suitable for children up to 12 years at the reasonable prices using Yoto Offers. With audio storage of 8GB, you get 140 hours of music on it. The player has a portable magnetic charger and requires wifi to operate. 

Some of the interesting features are :

  • You enable kids to play music by inserting cards with their song requests.
  • The brand offers children a library of music cards.
  • There are free audios that kids can play with.
  • This little device allows kids to listen to the radio.
  • Getting up and sleeping is fun when alarms are set on You. It helps the kids to get more independent. 
  • Select your favorite color as the night light!


2. Jooki

Jooki, an award-winning product, is innovative and creative. A screen-free music player, Jooki requires a figurine or token to start. The parents need to assign a playlist to the content, and kids feel a sense of magic. On inserting the card and listening to their favorite songs, thrill them! Moreover this music player can be availed at lowest prices using Jooki Coupon Codes.


Let’s explore some functions of the player :

  • You can now link all that you ever wanted your kids to listen to on Jooki figurines and tokens to help your child learn creatively.
  • With a user-friendly interface, Jooki is easy to operate.
  • Carrying the player is easy. It is a cute portable device that kids can enjoy on journeys and carry around the house, park, and friends. 
  • Jooki has an internal memory of 5GB which is perfect for children.


3. Tonies

Stories are always interesting for children. Tonies and Toniebox are innovative products that help your children reduce their screen time without compromising on excitement. Tonnies are the perfect products and easier to buy on Tonies Offers that make storytelling and adventure tales all the more interesting.


Here are some features of Tonnies

  • Children often learn by creative approaches. Sitting with a book all the time could be monotonous. With Toniebox, they get knowledge in creative audios.
  • The product helps children improve their listening skills. In order to express correctly, listening is imperative. Hence, from childhood, your child will learn to listen attentively.
  • Toniebox, a product with intuitive controls, is easy to use, and children get a feeling of independence operating it on their own. 
  • Reducing screen-time, Tonnies are also helping children to develop their language. Listening also helps their speaking a great deal.
  • One vital aspect of Tonnies is that children can choose what they want to listen to, which helps strengthen their decision power, making them confident.


4. Horbert

Horbert is an innovative MP3 especially designed for entertaining kids at lower prices on Horbert Coupons. Even though it's primarily to keep children away from screen-time, this product always brings out the creativity in them. It is easy to carry, simple to use, and most importantly, safe for kids.


Let's look at some of its features :

  • Horbert has high-quality speakers that give the optimum output for perfect clarity in the sound.
  • The memory cards help you store up to 17 hours of content that you want for your child. Your child can enjoy the variety!
  • It's colorful, and with 9 buttons, the children enjoy the independence of changing the stories, rhymes, and other audios as per their choice.
  • Horbert allows you to increase the memory using memory cards up to 32GB.
  • What is special is that engraving a name can make it a personalized gift. 
  • Horbert offers this reliable product made from German technology; however, any repairs required are easily possible.


5. Timio

Timio is an interactive audio player that provides the ultimate entertainment for children. By listening to interesting stories, audios will always enhance listening skills and improve children's vocabulary. 


Let’s explore what makes TIMIO exciting :

  • One of the unique features of time is that it is multi-lingual and provides 8 languages that you can choose from for your child.
  • Timio works with a magnetic disc. With pictures on the disc, the children need to tap to play their choice.
  • Timio, a portable player, provides an ergonomic handle to carry it around. 
  • Colors and lights have always fascinated kids. The player has a dozen LED lights that kids can keep changing as per their choice.
  • Timio uses high-quality and safe plastics that do not cause health hazards to children.
  • Along with a quality speaker that ensures clarity, it has a headphone jack too.


6. Ocarina 

Ocarina is a music player for children that enhances their knowledge and helps them develop their intellect by listening to valuable stories, audio, and songs. It is available at budget friendly prices on Ocarina Coupons. The product comes in various colors for children to choose their favorite!


  • The Ocarina has a rubber coating that is soft to touch and safe too.
  • For more intuitive management, the player comes with graphics and a new display.
  • Ocarina is a small device that can be carried easily by children from place to place.
  • The player offers its content in as many as 5 languages. 
  • The music player also provides a parental menu to help make it convenient for parents to manage. 



In a scenario where kids get addicted to various electronics, these music players are great products to keep children away from screens for as long as possible. The features they offer help children to develop into intelligent and independent personalities. 

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