wpDataTables Review

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Nowadays, you get a lot of issues while managing your work data as there is no proper application or software to collect your data. Therefore, if you want something that can help you secure your data, all you have to do is search. Search for a few platforms where you can manage your data without getting any problems. However, before using any platform, you have to ensure that there should be enough features to cover all your requirements like not only data, but that platform should cover all types of data like financial, statistical, etc. Still, if you are not finding difficulties in getting these types of features, you should go for a “wpDataTables” platform.

It is one of the premier selling tables and charts WordPress table plugins that are very useful to manage data without having any issues. It is one of the prime platforms that manage data and more than 30,000 companies are using this platform to secure scientific data, statistical data, commercial data, and financial data. It comes several swift types of features, Addon and Showcase that can help you for business, education, and many more.

Why Choose wpDataTables?

wpDataTables Review

wpDataTables is the best place to put all your financial, statical, and even your data without getting crash issues. It is mainly to make your data representation and interaction quick in a straightforward and effective way. This platform allows you to insert all the tables and charts in your WordPress post or pages with many features like export to PDF, multi-criteria, etc. Creating a table, the prices are straightforward as tables can be made easily from any virtual data source like Google Spreadsheet, Excel File, JSON, XML, PHP array, MySQL query, CSV file, and many more. 

Therefore, this platform can be your all-time favorite place. It always offers professional support to all the users and is still open to provide new feature requests to those who need it. As far as bugs are considered, there will be an auto-update system, which comes regularly. It also has an option of addon where you get Master-Detail Tables, Gravity Forms, Report Builder, Powerful Filters, and Formidable Forms. Moreover, all these addon forms are available at a very affordable price.

What are the features wpDataTables offers?

wpDataTables have several types of advanced features to offer such as Responsive Design, Sorting, Multiple DB Engine Connection Support, Pre-filtering Tables Through URL, Table Layout, Row Grouping, Visual Composer Integration, and many more. 

Responsive Design

It is one of the features that allow you to present the same content in a different way than entirely depends on the size of a device and where it is being used. Inexact words, a website that can be present differently in devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. Moreover, if you want to show or hide any column, using wpDataTable can easily do it. 

Conditional Formatting

When you work with a broad set and numeric set of numbers, then your work gets harder to get the estimated value of what you are looking for. Just imagine, if you are looking to figure out all costs, then imagine how much time this process will take to give. Therefore, with the help of wpDataTable, you can get all your values in a short time. 

What are the Steps to Create Tables and Charts?

You have to follow three significant steps on wpDataTables to create a table and charts in WordPress. 

Firstly, you have to upload your table file, and then you need to paste an MYSQL query, then you can provide a URL, or else you can also input the data. Secondly, if you want your data to be editable or in conditional formatting, you can do it. Thirdly, if you are fully satisfied with the table design, you can insert it in a post to publish it. 

What Single WordPress Plugin Offers?

wpDataTables offers one of the best features to users to manage data, maintain tables and charts. It is handy for you to count the sum, access MySQL DB remotely. This site allows user to edit their data, can edit the table very quickly the same as Excel. You can set or customize your designs, fix filter in the widget, pull data from any source, create google spreadsheet for creating tables, use the query generator very quickly, and 17 date formats.  


wpDataTables pricing plans are available in three different types, such as Basic, Pro, and Developers. The price plans are available for month by month and also for the year. So, as per your demands, you can select the plant to start your work. The prices depend entirely on the features you want to cover as per your requirement. Its plan packs are available at a low price compared to other platforms. Moreover, wpDataTables is very easy and safe to use. Save 38% OFF on annual pro plan using wpDataTables Coupon.


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