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by Curated Deals Team   |  Jun 16, 2020    

About WeWork

WeWork has played a significant role in transforming the way employees and employers work in today’s fast-paced world. The reputed American real estate company is renowned for providing flexible and work-friendly office space and workspace solutions. You will be able to boost the employees' productivity and move your business forward quickly when you consider working in a flexible workspace. 

Why Choose WeWork?

WeWork provides custom workspaces, flexible private office spaces, and co-working spaces to established organizations and growing startups. The company is offering a considerable number of members all over the world with flexible workspaces, community, and comprehensive services that enable each one of them to accomplish their objectives. WeWork strives to create the world where people work to make a life, not just a living.


WeWork Services

Workspace is the only craft that WeWork can do better than any other company in the same line of business. The renowned brand provides unmatchable and appropriately designed office space solutions that meet the needs of every business owner and the employees. It plays a pivotal role in creating a custom workplace experience that significantly reduces hassle, encourages and motivates employees, and promotes a work-friendly culture. Besides providing office spaces, WeWork offers an array of amenities for the members.

WeWork Standard

WeWork leaves no stones unturned in delivering what it promises to each member of its community. Regardless of the size of the business and number of employees, if someone shows faith in WeWork, it will walk the distance and do whatever they can to get a cost-effective rate from service providers. The USA-based real estate company maintains the top-quality standard for creating workspaces and providing dedicated services.

WeWork Buying Options

In the WeWork community, the members are involved in different types of businesses. Some are entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, startups, small and mid-sized companies, and large enterprises. Everyone has various requirements when it comes to office space or workspace and amenities. Hence, before joining the community, they need to clearly state their workspace requirements and choose one of the four plans that WeWork offers before signing the contract.

Countries WeWork Operates

WeWork is a big name in the real estate sector in America. Over the years, it has been able to grow and expand its business locations significantly fast. It can provide office space and workspace to anyone who seeks a flexible space for carrying out work productively. It can help an established enterprise to build headquarters in New York, expand into the London market, or secure a co-working space in Tokyo. WeWork provides perfectly designed space solutions to members over 500 locations around the world.


The pricing varies depending on the type of workspace and the number of desks provided to a member to carry out their professional activity seamlessly. The setup amount is $100 for every office supplied to a member who joins the WeWork community. For instant discounts WeWork coupons are also available.

WeWork’s Cancellation Policy

Members who sign an agreement to join the community of WeWork are told beforehand about the different membership plans – We membership, Hot Desk membership, Dedicated Desk, and Private office membership. Members who have either We membership or Hot Desk membership can cancel anytime for the end of the ongoing month. Whereas, members who have either a Dedicated desk or Private office membership need to provide a 1 Month calendar notice.

Customer Service

Since its inception, WeWork has been doing everything they can only to ensure that the customers are happy and satisfied. Apart from creating office space and workspace, the company also provides comprehensive services to its members. It also has a dedicated customer service team to help interested or existing members resolve every issue effectively that they come across.

Final Words

In modern times, to successfully operate and foster your work, drive more new opportunities, and grow your business effectively requires a flexible workspace and work-friendly environment. WeWork is the ideal company that can help meet all your needs by providing you with space and services that you require to boost your work efficiency and productivity.


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