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Pets are special creatures. They often love you more than they love themselves, and that is no mere feat. Think about it carefully – about whom else in your life can you claim that? That is why will take care of our pets. And when it comes to pets there is no better site on the Internet than Wag.com. 

They offer a plethora of services specifically targeted to your best friends. Whether you own a dog, cat, fish, reptiles or a bird, Wag.com has everything you might ever need, including medical care packages. And with the great deals, discounts, offers and promo codes via coupons that are available, you have no excuse not to treat your little buddy like a prince.


  • Dog Food, Bed, and Accessories
  • Cat Litter, Food, and Health
  • BCat Litter, Food, and Health
  • Pet Health and Dental Care
  • Pet Toys and Outdoor Playing Accessories

Dog Food, Bed, and Accessories

  • 15% Off on Food and Treats and 20% Off on Pet Essentials

Dogs are amazingly lovable creatures. There’s a reason to avoid man’s best friend and your best friend deserves nothing but the best. Wag.com has everything your dog might ever need from treats, toys and dog food, to beds creates and gears. They also have clothing, collars, harnesses, cleaning and grooming equipment as well as training and behavior accessories. 

There are over seven brands of dog food along! And that’s excluding the treats of which there are about a million. The toy section includes chew toys, toss toys, balls and much more. And with the plethora of great deals, discounts, offers and promo codes you can ensure that your dog is never going to be bored ever again.

Cat Litter, Food, and Health

  • Free 1-2 day delivery on orders above $49

Wag.com has a diverse range of cat food that ranges from canned food, prescription food to kibble. They also have scented cat litter, litter pans, and waste disposal systems so that you have to never worry about your cat doing it in the wrong place ever again. 

The health section itself as diverse as well ranging from dental care, digestion aids, ear and eye care to respiratory cure and weight loss supplements. You can now, armed with the best discounts and deals, get astonishingly low prices with promos and coupon codes, guaranteeing you the best deals.

Birds, Fishes, and Reptiles

  • $20 Free Wag Credit for First-Time Users

For birds, Wag.com has a collection of accessories, activity toys, birdhouses, and feeders. There is also a ton of bird food on the site. They also have special toys like shreddable cubes. For fishes, you have fish food, water conditioners, small fish bowls, decorative gravel, and artificial flora. They also have a sea salt mix for fishes that live in the ocean. As for reptiles, Wag.com has litter scoops, spray bottles and a variety of food.

Pet Health and Dental Care

  • 25% Off Sitewide 

One of the biggest nightmares of a pet owner is to find out that their pet is sick. Wag.com stands by you in such trying times. They have the cure for everything starting from flea and tick infestations to dental care and pet meds for both cats and dogs. They have chewable tablets for a variety of diseases along with several veterinary diet packs. 

They even carry insulin packages for diabetic dogs and cats. With the variety of offers, promotions, deals, and coupons you should have no problem in taking care of your best friends when they’re sick.

Pet Toys and Outdoor Playing Accessories

  • Free 30 Minutes Dog Walk 

Wag.com carries a lot of leashes, clothes, and accessories for dogs and cats alike. Your pets have never looked cuter. For outdoor playing activities, they have air squeaker balls, dog toys, artificial chicken bones, flying discs, and the likes. There is a lot to choose from, and all of the options look fun. With the added discounts, deals, offers, coupons, and promo codes to have no problem in providing your pet with a fun and healthy lifestyle that they deserve. After all, an active pet is a healthy pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does wag.com ship to Canada?

Although the prices are shown and charged in US dollars, Wag.com now ships over 65 countries amongst which Canada is certainly one. Note, however, that not all products may be eligible for international shipping. Choose at your own discretion.

  • Does wag.com accept PayPal?

Yes, Wag.com accepts payments via PayPal. Please note, however, that on Baby Registry and AutoShip PayPal payments are not accepted.


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