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by Curated Delas Team   |  Jun 04, 2018    

Victoria’s Secret is an American manufacturer and marketer of women’s lingerie, clothes and beauty products. It is based in Ohio.  It is the largest retailer of women’s lingerie. It is a brand that started off as a lingerie store, exclusively. Later, the company went on to sell other products and were a huge success. They have a large collection of bras, panties, and slips. Victoria’s Secret also sells swimwear, sportswear, and clothes. Victoria’s Secret is also known for its amazing range of fragrances. With the advent of e-commerce, the renowned lingerie company is now flourishing as an online store too.  The site,, usually has a variety of offers for its customers. The alluring deals on the site have added to its success. Victoria’s Secret has launched Pink, a new lingerie line targeted at youngsters from the age of 15 to 22. Pink’s site can be accessed through Victoria Secret’s website.


  • Bras
  • Panties
  • Lingerie
  • Fragrances
  • Sports
  • Clothes
  • Swimwear
  • Pajamas


Up to 65% Off on Bras

If you are a modern, independent woman, chances are that your inner garments are not just pieces of clothing that you wear underneath your clothes. Inner garments to you are what boosts your confidence and makes you feel wonderful on the inside. A bra is one of the most essential inner garments. It provides support and makes you feel comfortable if it is a well-fitted bra. Otherwise, you may feel irritated and annoyed all the time because of an ill-fitting bra. You would want to get rid of it than wear it. Hence, a bra needs to fit perfectly. It must not have underwires poking out which might leave marks. Not only this, it should have good hooks and straps to keep it in place.  You surely do not want a bra that does not look good, because a bra to you is a fashion accessory. It is what uplifts your self-confidence. Victoria’s Secret is a store that deals majorly with lingerie. So you can expect your bras to be fitted right to perfection. You get an off of 65% on selected bras. This offer is available only on this site. You can avail this offer by using the discount coupons available on the site.

Bra + Panty Offer

You are very picky about your lingerie. It is your own little secret with yourself. It is what makes you feel great. You want your lingerie to not just be of the right fit but also to look hot. It makes you happy to wear sexy lingerie. It makes you feel like a diva. It gives you a great feeling of satisfaction to wear matching lingerie every day. A racy lacy bra teamed with lace trim panties makes you feel amazing. It is a love match. Isn't just thinking about it make you want to buy it? Victoria’s Secret has the best lingerie for you. You can buy any bra and get a matching panty free with it. This offer is available only on this site. To avail this offer you can use the discount vouchers available on this site.


Up to 20% off on Panties

Remember that comfortable feeling you have when you are wearing a comfy and elasticated panty? You can surely describe it as the best feeling in the world. You want your panties to be rightly elasticated and not too tight to leave marks and make your day painful. Your panties are your best-kept secret and you surely love to keep a variety of secrets. Your secrets encompass from cheekinis to hipsters to V Strings to G-Strings. Victoria’s Secret gives you the opportunity to add more secrets to your drawers. You can buy panties for up to 20% discount. This offer is available only on this site. This offer can be availed by using the promo codes on this site

Seamless Panties free with Thongs

The sexiest piece of lingerie to be ever made was the thong. It can be worn every day and it makes you feel fabulous. The best thing about thongs is the most dreaded visible panty line cannot be seen when you wear it with light colored, tight pants. This is also a good thing about the seamless panties that are specially made to save you from the embarrassment of visible panty lines. What could be better than getting both of them together? Victoria’s Secret has a great collection of thongs and seamless panties for your style and comfort. You can buy anything and get a seamless panty free with it. This offer is available on this site only. You can avail this offer by using the vouchers on this site.


Up to 70% off on Corsets and Garter Slips

If you need to rev things up in your life, you will need some good lingerie. Once upon a time, the corsets used to be worn to hold your torso in a desired shape so that when you wear a dress you look perfectly shaped. The main purpose has not been lost but, today, the corsets are mostly worn in a bedroom than in a dress. The corset not only maintains your shape but also increases your bust size in a dress. The garter slips were also once worn under the dresses to keep your stockings from sliding down. Some women still wear garters under dresses. They have become a style statement. They are more of a fashion accessory. Victoria’s Secret has an alluring collection of garter slips and corsets for you to pick from. You can get up to 70% off on all corsets and garter slips. This offer is available on this site only. Avail the offer by using the coupons given on this site.

Get 10% off on Teddies

Remember how you used to wear your camisoles as a little girl? Well, you are a woman now, a big girl. You do not wear your camisoles anymore.  You wear something better, a teddy. It is like a bodysuit that covers your whole body but does not make you feel hot and sweaty because of its thick cloth. A teddy gives your body enough space to breathe. You know that feeling you have when you want to feel free and light but you cannot miss wearing your inner garments? A teddy gives you that feeling. The lace is light on you and it is airy. So you can skip your bras and panties and slip into a teddy and feel great all day without the feeling of tight elastic holding you at two ends. Victoria’s Secret makes the most comfortable and the most stylish teddies for you to buy. You get 10% on teddies. This offer is available only on this site. This offer can be availed by using the promo code given on this awesome site.


Buy a Sports Lingerie and get a Water Bottle Free

If you need sports lingerie, you are definitely fit and with a great body. When you were growing up, your first bra was surely a sports bra. It provides the right kind of support and helps shape up. But now, you need it for very different purposes. You may be an athlete or just a regular sports player or maybe someone who works out the gym to keep your body fit and in shape. You certainly know that good support is needed while indulging in such activities. Nothing is better than a sports bra to give you the comfort and support you need. While warming up, you surely do not want your panty lines to be seen in your tight bottoms. Hence, a seamless panty or a thong becomes a necessity. Victoria’s Secret has a large collection of sports lingerie tailor-made to perfection. When you buy sports lingerie, you get a water bottle absolutely free. This offer can only be availed on this site. This offer can be availed on the use of vouchers given on this site.

Buy Sports Tops for 45% Discount

While you are at the gym or playing some sport, it is uneasy for you to wear tight fitting tops. You need to wear loose, comfortable and airy clothes without compromising on the style. Tank tops, muscle tanks, tees are what you are looking for. They are usually made of cotton. They are perfect when it comes to comfort and style meshed together. Victoria’s Secret has a colorful collection of sports top for you. You can get a 45% discount on sports top. This offer is available on this site only. You can avail the offer by using the discount coupons on this site.


Bikinis for $39

The summer is here and so is your time to bring out that beach body you have been working out on for a whole year. You definitely want to flaunt that fab bod. The bikini is your companion. The two-piece swimsuit is a great piece of clothing to show off what you got. Your flawless abs are embellishing your midriff, your arms are beautifully muscled and your thighs are impeccably toned. Who would not want to exhibit that body? It is to die for. Victoria’s Secret has a great range of bikinis for you to flaunt your body in. You can buy bikinis for just $39. This offer is available only on this site. The offer can be availed by using the vouchers available on this site.


Cover up Dresses and Tees at Great Prices

You are ready for the summer with great abs and toned thighs. You have planned to go to the beach and wear your skimpiest bikini. But, you obviously cannot wear the bikini on your way to the beach, even if it is at a walking distance from your place. You need a cover-up dress. It covers your body as you head to the beach wearing your bikini inside it. Just because it is a cover-up dress it does not mean it has to look boring. Your cover up dress can be just as awesome as your bikini. You can pick from fringed cover-up dresses to ruffled cover up dresses to strapless cover-up dresses. You can even flaunt that great bikini you are wearing underneath, in your cover-up dress. Victoria’s Secret has launched an amazing collection of cover-up dresses just for your beach needs. You can get these cover-up dresses at a great price. This offer is available on this site and you can avail it by using the promo codes given on this site.


Pajamas for as Low as $35

It is important to have a good night’s sleep. You cannot have it until you are wearing something comfortable. Doesn’t a pair of snug pajamas appeal to you?  Pajamas are so remarkable that you can wear them all day. You can literally live off them. Colorful, vibrant and comfortable pajamas are everyone’s delight. Victoria’s Secret offers you stylish and comfy pajamas to pick from. You can get pajamas for as low as $35. This deal is available only on this site and to avail this deal you can use the vouchers given on this site.


Perfumes and Body Mist for Jaw-Dropping Prices

The signature of a sexy woman is her fragrance. The fragrance of your perfume and your body mist titillates the men around you. They linger on your dreamy aroma after you are gone. It leaves them dreaming of you. Perfumes are an essential part of dressing up. Victoria’s Secret sells the perfumes crafted by the best perfumes around the world. You can get the perfumes and the body mist at great prices. This deal is available on this site and you can avail it with the coupons given on this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Victoria's Secret Reward Cards?

Victoria’s Secrets Reward Cards are for rewards promotion. They are exclusive and for a limited period of time. You can win instantly with the reward cards. When you make a purchase at Victoria’s Secret, you get a free Secret Reward card. If you want to buy a Secret Reward Card without making a purchase, please check the Official Rules on the website, The card is worth $10 to $500.

2. Do Victoria's Secret Coupons Expire?

The coupons and promo code that you use to avail discounts and other offers while making a purchase at Victoria’s Secret expire after a single use. You can only use the coupons once. They expire as soon as they are used to make the purchase.

3. What is Victoria Secret's Exchange and Returns Policy?

Victoria’s Secret values your satisfaction the most. You are a priority for them. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the products that you have received, you can return them or exchange them for another product of your choice. You need to bring your invoice along with the item you want to exchange or return. If you have lost or thrown away your invoice, then you will need to print a blank return form. You can return the product within 90 days of purchase and the refunds will be credited back to the payment method that you used initially. After 90 days, a merchandise credit will be issued. The shipping and handling fees for your product are non-refundable.

4. How to Track an Order?

It is likely that you would want to know the whereabouts of your order. To track your order, you must sign in to your account on In your account, you must select the order you wish to track. If you do not have a Victoria’s secret account you can use your e-mail to track the order. If your order has been shipped, there will be a “Track Your Package” link that will be available in your tracking details. It is likely that the tracking information might not be available for the first 24 to 48 hours after you receive the shipping confirmation e-mail.

5. How to Cancel an Order?

Sometimes it happens that you change your mind after placing an order and you want to cancel the order you placed. At Victoria’s Secret, they start processing the order immediately so that it could be delivered to you on time. Hence, the timeframe of the order placing and order processing makes it difficult for them to change or cancel your order. But, they do their very best to support your request.

6. What are the Payment Methods?

Your convenience is a great responsibility at Victoria’s secret. For your convenience, Victoria’s Secret accepts the following methods of payment:

  • American Express Card
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • VISA
  • JCB
  • Discover Network
  • China Union Pay Credit Card
  • Discover network
  • Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card
  • Victoria’s secret PINK Angel Credit Card

7. How to Use Offer Codes Online?

While shopping on Victoria’s Secret, you are likely to see the “Today’s Offers” spotlight box at the bottom of the page. You can checkmark your favorite products and the selected offers will appear in your shopping bag while you are checking out. When you are done with your shopping, you need to head to check out. When you are checking out, click “Edit” on Offer Codes. Then, type in your offer codes and/or Angel Rewards. After that, click on the “Continue” button.

8.  Is there a Difference between Store Prices and Online Prices?

It is likely that the prices may vary from the store and online. It cannot be determined as to which is cheaper but, the products may have different price tags and to determine what suits your pocket is up to you.

9. How to use an e-Gift Card?

You can use your e-Gift Card anywhere. When you are shopping online at, you just need to enter your 19-digit gift card number and your 4-digit PIN number in the payment step while checking out. If your e-Gift Card balance covers the entire amount, you will not need a credit card to make your purchase. These e-Gift Cards are redeemable at US and Puerto Rico stores, catalogs and site. Your e-Gift card carries an expiration date.

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