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Switch between personal and work profile without logging your accounts, or opening a browser. Are there any such applications? Well, you might never hear about TryShift, right. 

TryShift is a desktop application that toggles all your accounts and manages hundreds of connecting social apps at one place. For uniqueness and reliability nature, it gained lakhs of new visitors every month. 

Download the application and get full access using the primary email. What’s so special about Shift is you can pick a favorite theme - light theme or dark theme and view as you wish. It has got drag and drop builders, search bar, and connect with multiple accounts to enjoy the benefits. 

Furthermore, it displays icons such as analytics, emails, Adsense, google drive, calendar, and social media tools, etc., on top of the toolbar for hassle-free functioning. The search bar helps to browse your favorite features in a matter of seconds and use them when required. 

Ready to get started! Head over to TryShift Review that helps to make an informed choice by referring to benefits, features, pricing, online ratings given in this article. Scroll down to know more!

About - TryShift 

TryShift was introduced for streamlining the workflow (managing the accounts) on a daily basis and get it done smarter with more productive and fun. The head office is located in Victoria, Canada, the most beautiful places on earth. 

Three pioneers jointly manage this fantastic platform, Nadia Tatlow - General Manager, Stewart lord - Director of Technology, and Michael Foucher - Director of Product. Top of that, they have a dedicated team with full of software engineers, designers, and marketing professionals who are passionate about discovering new things to meet the customer’s interests.

Why Shift?

Shift 3.0 is one of the latest version. They have added advanced features like Unified search, Google services, Boomerang and Grammarly. This unified search means you can search for anything. Some of the members named it as the official receipt finder. A user can add all these favorite tools by accessing google services & integrations for most of the popular applications. Naturally, it is a one-click solution for logging-in-out. Google chrome extension is perfect tools which support Grammarly & Boomerang. It is a set of productive tools under one roof. TryShift works on Windows, Mac, and Linux browser. 


Shift For Teams

It is a team where productive teams get work done. This is one of the best shift for everyone. All advanced features which you know & love will be shared across your team. It supports unlimited accounts. The application like Slack, Linkedin, Facebook, Asana, Trello, Dropbox runs smoothly. By using a unified search option, you can search for anything across your mail, calendar and Drive accounts.  An individual should fill up a form for creating shift teams. They have to provide necessary information like Name, Email address, company name, website domain and Number of team members. The number of team members varies from 5-9, 10-19, 20-49 and 50 plus. TryShift provides dedicated support to easy onboarding and accesses you to the team's account manager. 

Featured Apps & Extensions

Some of the featured apps which are enlisted like Clickup, Evernote, Messenger, Slack, Soft PDF, Trello and Whatsapp. This click up is a productive platform which brings a fundamentally new way to work. It offers Notes, reminders, Scheduling, Calendar, and goals. Every note is capable of capturing, organizing every note from anywhere. Generally, it is a cloud-based system that ensures your notes, Checklists, and attachments. By using facebook messenger, you can stay connected with your friends & family. This is one of the popular platforms which is truly free for everyone out there. 

Slack is a messaging app for teams. They streamline a lot of communications by cut down on emails. It supports every business & productivity app. A slack team can communicate & collaborate instantly. Soft PDF is trusted by millions of clients & business which securely manipulate pdf. This trello tool allows your team to collaborate within boards lists and cards. A user can able to send comments and attachments directly to trello cards. Everyone knows about the world's popular WhatsApp messenger application. People can stay in touch with friends & relatives. This service is completely free for everyone around the globe. This app supports text messages, voice calls, video calls, images, and other media, documents and user location. 


Boomerang is for Gmail which lets a user take control upon the send & receive email messages. This Collabspot is a tool that saves time. It is a Gmail service that integrates sugar CRM. Gmelius is a smarter inbox which lets you send, Snooze, Share templates, Free email tracking, Kanban boards, and email notes. GoToMeeting is a software which allows web conferencing easily. It connects with colleagues, clients, and customers. Grammarly corrects everything. By using Grammarly, you can avoid grammatical mistakes. Hubspot sales tools need to adopt some modern sales. 

The LastPass is a password manager which saves all your personal passwords and gives secure access to every computer & mobile device. This mail track provides free & unlimited email tracking services instantly from your Google inbox. Mixmax extension is a productivity suite for Google inbox and Gmail. This PDF viewer mostly uses HTML5 to display PDF files. Streak application lets you run gross sales right from inside your boxes. By using a todo list application, You can keep tracking everything in one particular place. Zoom scheduler helps individuals to innovate video conferencing right directly from your google calendar. 

Content Creation And Publishing

These content creation and publishing app extensions are classified into 15 different types such as Contently, Crowd Content,, Disqus, Dbb, Ghost, Issuu, Kentico, Lucichart, Medium, Memsource, POEeditor, Smartcat, Temi, Transifex, Vimeo, Weebly, and WordPress. Nowadays audience engagement is hard. By using leading content marketing platform helps to strategize, Plan, Optimize & report to your content marketing. Crowd content makes to connect with talented writers. You can get quality content which needs to drive more traffic. Issuu application is loaded with millions of readers. The user can able to share magazines, Catalogs, and publications. You can use POE editor which provides online localization service. Mostly this medium application is the leading platform that people use to read, write, share stories which matters the most. 

Vimeo community is for creators who were looking for High-quality tools. Individuals can host, share and stream videos in Full HD & 4K  formats without ads. This Weebly application creates a high-quality Blog, Websites or online store. Wordpress is a fantastic platform which can build personalized Blogs & Websites. A user can get access to dozens of free and customized templates. They also provide hosting and dedicated support. By using the Pinterest application, you can discover the latest trends, recipes, Home decor, and style inspiration. The user can create private & Public boards for every topic. Pro user will pin ideas to get inspired.

TryShift Pricing Plans 

So far, we’ve discussed the benefits, features; but this pricing section is crucial that one must focus on avoiding too many expenses in purchasing the TryShift software application. If you do not know which plan to take up, here, I’ve given a brief explanation of individual programs -  Basic, Pro, and  Advanced. Have a glimpse,  

Basic ($0)

This is free of cost. Before you go with the paid versions, start experiencing the basic plan to match your business requirements. Although the functionalities are similar, you get the opportunity to handle two accounts, send the data including the shift logo, and receive the desktop notifications. Given below are some of the possible features that you will come across while dealing with the basic TryShift pricing plan. Check it out!

Features of Basic Pricing Plan

  • Handle two accounts. 
  • Multiple account access.
  • Get desktop notifications. 
  • Cross-platform support services.

Pro ($29.99)

Next comes in the race is Pro plan. This is best for beginners, entrepreneurs, and business enthusiasts who want to monitor everything at one place. It costs around $29.99. With this, you can access numerous accounts, send the information without displaying a logo, and mute the notifications when busy with other chores. To add on, it works notably on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Features of Pro Pricing Plan 

  • Can mute the notifications. 
  • Access to unlimited accounts. 
  • It will not display the shift logo. 
  • Work on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Advanced ($99.99)

If your requirement is huge, then it’s better to prefer advanced plan than the pro version. The main reason for people choosing is it has got outstanding features to integrate with the slack, trello, click up, Evernote, and social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, Messenger, and so on. If you want to associate with the Shift, then you may have to pay the sum of $99.99  per year. Now, have a look at the key aspects to embed on the advanced pricing plan. 

Features of  Advanced Pricing Plan

  • Unified searches.
  • Handle many accounts. 
  • Add featured google services. 
  • Desktop notifications and muting option. 
  • Enable the google chrome extensions.
  • Monitor applications like slack, trello, click up, Evernote.

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Premium TryShift Plans
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is TryShift?
A: TryShfit is a world’s renowned application that tackles complex issues and makes easy to monitor all applications at one place for the price. It is possible to synchronous and switch between the email, calendar, drive, grammarly, boomerang, and other social apps without opening with the login credentials.
2. How much does TryShift cost?
A: The cost of TryShift varies depending on the business and budget-preferences. There are three plans - basic, pro, and advanced. Basic is free to use. The pro and advanced program charge $29.99 and $99.99 per year respectively.
3. Do I get TryShift chrome extension?
A: Nope! TryShift is available only as a desktop application.
4. How to become a TryShift affiliate programmer?
A: By signing up your details, you’ll become a member of the Shift affiliate program. Hereafter, you get a referral link to share on websites, blogs, and social media shares to make visitors buy shift services through the link. Thus you get a referral commission (up to 20%) for each purchase.
5. List out the applications connected with TryShift?
A: Following are some of the apps that the Shift is connected to make your work easier without the need for remembering the passwords.




Linked In







Google Adwords

Google Adsense

6. TryShift supports?
A: It works well on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.
7. Who can prefer using Shift services?
A: Whether you are an employee, business persons, entrepreneurs, consultants, designers, blogger or social media expert, and struggling to handle multiple accounts, then you should go with this TryShift application.
8. List out the email providers that Shift supports?
A: Gmail, Hotmail, Office 365, and Google Inbox.
9. How is billing done?
A: As of now, the organization is offering yearly pricing plans in USD (United States Dollar). You will be charged on the date you decide to upgrade the Shift, and the next billing date will be after 12months.


Wrapping up, TryShift is a one-stop solution to switch between multiple accounts - Gmail, drive, AdWords, calendar, social apps, etc., It has got crystal clear and innovative designs that work seamlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. To your surprise, they have recently launched Shift 3.0 version that has advanced features like unified search, Google services, Grammarly, Boomerang, and customize the notifications too. Are you a member of TryShift? How satisfied you are with the services?  If you have any queries, write to us in the comment box.


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