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Work from home has become a trendsetting now a day’s with the increase in demand in the corporate field. Are you looking for ways to earn money online and don’t know how to get started? Here’s the list of Transcription Courses you can learn by sitting at home.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of blog posts, websites, YouTube videos, reviews, ratings, interacting with the customer’s, and finally come up with the unbiased Transcribe Anywhere Review.

Now it’s your turn to refer, choose the transcription courses and get benefitted from it.

What’s a Transcription Anywhere?

Transcribe Anywhere is one amongst that offers transcription courses to let you know how to make money online and find the desired jobs. It provides high-quality education services with proven transcription strategies. One can master transcription skills and work from anywhere by connecting to the world of the internet. If you’ve been a part of Transcribe Anywhere, you will receive the updates and support for the lifetime.

It was founded by Janet Shaughnessy who runs a Zoom Transcription and have ten years of experience in training the aspirants in general, legal and medical transcription courses.

Who can Take up the Transcription Course?

Anyone passionate about learning and willing to earn money working from home takes up the transcription course. There is no age limit to get enrolled for the course. However, you should analyze your abilities to work by making the questions - Do I have the time-management skills? Can I work independently from home? Am I ready to take up the challenges given by the organization? If you’re able to answer these questions, then kick-start your career as a transcriptionist.

List of Transcribe Anywhere Courses

To avail the transcription courses, firstly you have to enter the details such as name, phone number, mail id, etc., and then make the necessary payments using credit or debit cards. Here I’m providing the list of courses offered by the Transcribe Anywhere. Go ahead, and choose the course that benefits you the most.

Transcribe Anywhere Courses

  • General Transcription Mini-Course
  • Legal Transcription Mini-Course
  • General Transcription Course
  • Legal Transcription Course

General Transcription Mini-Course

The first course they’ve launched is the general transcription mini-course. It gives a complete overview of transcription for beginners, hobbyists, and students. Check it out!

  • Know about Janet, and transcription
  • How to get started with transcription tools
  • Uses of transcriptionists and how to become a successful transcriptionist
  • Myths about transcription courses and job opportunities
  • Ten signs that show you are not suitable for transcription
  • How much you earn as a transcriptionist and How to develop transcriptionist skills. 

Before you purchase a transcription course, it’s recommended to read a few of the transcription lessons to get general awareness about the program. You can also mail queries to the support team or Jannet for guidance. Don't forget to use Transcribe Anywhere Discount Code for offer prices.

Legal Transcription Mini-Course

This is all about the legal transcription mini-course and best suits for those who showcase interest in legal activities, and transcriptions. The thing is you shouldn’t access the legal mini-course directly as you may face difficulty to analyze the underlying concepts.

It has come with the four basic lessons in the mini-course like what is legal transcriptionists, how legal transcription works, and how much you can earn as a legal transcriptionist. You’ll get all the lessons through emails and can interact with the Jannet at any time you want.

General Transcription Course

General transcription course is a comprehensive training course that provides tutorials in both the audio and video content formats. It is divided into several modules, and each has its own unique way of teaching the students from scratch. If you want to become a good transcriptionist and start a business on your own, you should merely take the course. 

  • How to format a transcript and submit the support requests.
  • Know the types of general transcription jobs.
  • Learn the skills required to become a pro-transcriptionist (say spellings, punctuation, and logical thinking).
  • Use time-saving tools like spell-check, time coding, shortcut keys for transcription.
  • Practice real-world audio and video dictations.
  • Start your own transcription business and marketize using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics.
  • Take the final exam and get certified.

Source: PDF for Course-3 General Transcription Course

Legal Transcription Course

Finally, we end up with the courses list with the legal transcription course. This course has the maximum number of modules which covers the topics like introduction to legal transcription, how to work as a legal transcriptionist, know the key skills required for legal transcription and much more. And at the end of the program, you’ve to clear the exam to get the certification. Here’s the list of topics covered in the legal transcription course,

  • Introduction to legal transcription 
  • Hardware tools and equipment required for the legal transcriptionists.
  • Legal terminologies of English and Latin languages (phrases and definitions).
  • Be familiar with the skills required for the legal transcription
  • MS-Word for legal transcriptionists
  • Practice dictations for legal transcription.
  • Know the legal procedure and court laws
  • Types of forums and curt templates
  • Practice transcription for court proceedings
  • Depositions and law enforcement
  • Master the conference and legal meetings from the recorded videos
  • Time coding for legal transcriptionists
  • Resources and the final exam
  • Build your own legal transcription business.

Source: PDF for Course-4 Legal Transcription Course

Although the tutorial is available 24/7 online, you should spend at least 3-4 months to complete the course. Also, you’ll receive lifetime access, and course updates once are done with the payment.

Transcription Anywhere Course Pricing Plans

As we know that the transcription anywhere offers two programs - general transcription and legal transcription.  They provide discounts on Black Friday and Thanksgiving day, grab them using Transcribe Anywhere Discount Code. Now, let us discuss the cost of each transcription program and the features offered in detail.

Transcription Anywhere Courses Pricing

General Transcription$127
Legal Transcription

General Transcription Pricing Plan

It offers 3-levels of pricing plans to match the user’s requirement. Further, you can migrate to the course without paying extra.

Level-1 Learn ($127):- This will let you understand the basics of transcription and the skills required for transcribing. You’ll get access to the few modules and lifetime membership on facebook groups.

Level-2 Practice ($362):- Investing $235 more by upgrading from level-1 gives an idea of how to transcript, watch the video tutorials of transcription software, and access to four modules within 60days.

Level-3 Build and Market ($597):- Taking this plan gives full access to the course. It will guide everything from the beginner’s point of view by making them learn how to set up the business, marketize. After finishing the course write an exam, get qualified and collect the certificate.

Legal Transcription Pricing Plan

Level-1 ($197):- With this you can learn the basics of legal transcription, trading tools, punctuations. But, with this pricing plan, you will not get the marketing tools, practice materials, and certificate. 

Level-2 ($497):- If you want to upgrade from level-1 to level-2, you have to pay a little amount. You will be given access to the nine modules which is valid for 60days. 

Level-3 ($697):- Signing for the level-3 pricing plan, you will get full access to the full-length course. It is possible to contact the instructor and tech support for clarifying the doubts regarding transcription courses.

Pros and Cons of Transcribe Anywhere


  • You’ll learn how to marketize the business using the key skills like search engine optimization, and Adwords.
  • Transcription Anywhere is a beginner-friendly course who wants to learn the skills required for working from home.
  • Offers top-notch services training services to become a pro-transcriptionist for the price.
  • You’ll be under the guidance of Janet Shaughnessy who has vast experience in the field of transcribing.
  • You don’t have to be in a rush to go to the office on time, save the traveling charges, and take breaks as you like during the work hours.


  • There’s no refund on the Transcription courses.
  • Transcribe Anywhere does not claim for the job guarantee.
  • You’ll surely miss the interaction with the team, group meetings and cannot enjoy the social life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by transcription?
A: Transcription is an art of converting the audio and video files into the text format which is easily understandable by the reader.
2. What's included in Transcribing Anywhere?
A: Here’s the list of features that you’ll come across when you become a member of transcribing anywhere course program, 1.Multimedia, 2. Worksheets, 3. Audio and video tutorials, 4. Lifetime update to course material, 5. Step-by-step procedure to know the transcription courses
3. What’s the procedure to earn money using the Transcribe Anywhere courses?
A: 1. Firstly, log in to the transcribe anywhere website by submitting the details, 2. Decide whether the transcription is right for you or not, 3. Choose the course you like and watch the video tutorials, 4. Work diligently to become a pro-transcriptionist, 5. Follow specific instructions and guidelines to find work online, 6. Earn as much as you can.
4. Can I get money refund from Transcribe Anywhere?
A: Nope. Transcribe Anywhere does not offer money refund as it’s an education-based service. But, they can guarantee to provide quality education services to the users along with lifetime access for the price.
5. Do I get a certificate for the Transcription Course?
A: Yes. By the end of the program, you need to write the transcription test. Once you’ve done and merit the test, you’ll receive the transcription course certificate to the mail-id.
6. What is the duration for the course in Transcribe Anywhere?
A: Hardly you can finish the transcription training program in 3-4months.
7. Does the transcription course is suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, personalized transcription course is meant for beginners who want to learn new things like learning how to make money online, and set up his/her business.
8. What tools are required for transcribing?
A: If you want to handle the work effortlessly, you should have decent tools like transcribing software, laptop/desktop, and high-quality earphones. Having these transcribing equipment saves hours and reduces the workload.
9. How much can I earn as a transcriptionist?
A: On average, you can earn $45000 as a general transcriptionist and $60000 as a legal transcriptionist. It’s only possible if you master the key skills required to become a pro-transcriptionist.
10. What’s the difference between general transcription and medical transcription?
A: A general transcription works for authors, filmmakers, interviewers, trainers, marketing professionals, and speakers. Whereas, medical transcriptionist works in the medical terminology.
11. How much does Transcribe Anywhere charges for the course?
A: If you wish to take the general transcription training program, you can choose any of the pricing plans from the listed three - $127, $362, and $597. Whereas, you need to pay the sum of $197, $497, $697 for legal transcription training courses.

Final Verdict

Working as a transcriptionist isn’t bad. If you are eager to earn money and looking for the best ways in the digital platform, then Transcribe Anywhere courses might help you. Over the years, it has created a wonderful opportunity for students, homemakers, retired employees, bring extra income. What’re your thoughts on transcription learning program? Do you know any other transcription courses? Share with us in the comment section given below. We’ll do a bit of research and update the article with credits. 


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