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by Curated Deals Team   |  Jun 20, 2019    

It is heartbreaking to see your beloved car lose its shine over time. Nonetheless, you can bring your car back to the brand new looks and shine by using some car detailing products. Unfortunately, there are many brands in the market that promise glorious results but deliver nothing. If you’ve been a victim to such a scam, Torque Detail is your answer. With its mind-blowingly effective products, it can make your car dazzle like it did when you first bought it.

Torque Detail Products

Torque Detail Mirror Shine

Torque Detail Mirror Shine is the most popular product of the brand. This wax replacement is extremely effective and gives a gorgeous natural wax finish to your ride. It is going to replace all your other wash, wax, polish & seal products because it is convenient to use and has lasting effects. Torque Detail uses a patented polymer-based formula bonds and it works on windows, glass, chrome, alloy, boats & fiberglass. The best part is you get so much for a budget-friendly price. Torque detail spray will save you time and money and its hydrophobic quality will provide protection from snow, water, and dirt. Torque Detail car wax is like no other. It guarantees 6 months of protection to your vehicle.

A 16oz bottle of Mirror shine costs around $39.95. But, Buying a set of 3 bottles worths just $79.95 and this is reduced price from $239.85. For better discounts use Torque Detail Discount Code.

Torque Detail Mirror Shine

Torque Detail Silica Seal

Another excellent Torque detail product that provides up to 12 months protection and gives glass-like shine to your vehicle. This product has the ability to remove the layer of dirt from your car’s surface by evening out the car’s clear coat. Its hydrophobic effects repel water and will protect your car from getting water spots. $39.95 is, definitely, a cheaper price when you get one 8oz bottle and two towels.

Torque Detail Silica Seal

How to Apply Silica Seal?

Here again, you must decontaminate the car’s surface before applying ceramic shine. Make sure the surface is absolutely cool and dry as you begin to spray the product. Remember to use a clean fiber cloth to apply and buff the product into the surface of the car until the desired polish is achieved. It is recommended to work on small sections at a time and let the coating dry for at least 6-12 hours.

Decon Wash pack

This is an awesome bundle pack for all your needs. It’s a decontamination Soap and washes mitt can clean your car off contaminants and strip away previous coats and sealants smoothly. This incredible cleaning product not only works on visible pollutants but also removes contaminants that may not be easily visible to eyes. And this dirt is the real reason why your sealant degrades quickly. Torque detail cleaner is easy to use and will help you clean your car effortlessly.

Why Choose Torque Detail?

Whether you choose Torque Detail ceramic shine or decontaminate, you will not be disappointed. The brand and their products are designed by former professional detailer and car buff who was into detailing business for over 30 years. So, they know what they are doing, and they understand the importance of sentiments attached to the vehicle. They use custom formulas for Torque Detail car wax that provides glass-like shine with additional polymer protection. Each product is manufactured and tested by hand in the USA. Their shipping procedures are fast, and one can expect their product to reach within 3-5 days. 

Apart from these products, Torque Detail specializes in leather restore conditioner for the interior of your car and bring back the neglected leather to life with a showroom shine. There is also a High Gloss tire that shines and protects your tires from wear and tear. It immediately adds gleaming luster to your car’s tires.

Torque Details vs. F11

As Torque Details, Top Coat also has a very important item, F11. First of all, in the case of pricing, the former is a way cheaper than the latter. Both give exceptional glazing like a mirror to your car. It is very clear if you apply either one even on your black truck. But, it is not the same effect when it comes to smoothness; Torque Details’ extraordinary smoothness beats F11. That apart, the best part of Torque detail is the discount it offers besides the cut from the actual price. It is a valuable gift that is not offered by Top Coat.


1. Where To Buy Torque Detail?
A: You can easily buy torque detail from its official website. If you are still wondering is torque detail available on Amazon, then be assured it is.
2. How to Apply Torque Detail Spray?
A: This product was specially designed for convenient use. The first step is to decontaminate the car with Torque Detail Decontaminate. Once the surface is dry and cool, spray a small amount of mirror shine and use a clean microfiber cloth to work into the surface. Then buff it with another clean cloth until the desired finish is accomplished. The second coating is important for added shine and protection.
3. Is torque detail available on Amazon?
A: Yes, they are and that too at very fascinating offers.
4. What are the Torque Detail alternatives?
A: Yes. There are alternatives. Hydrosilex and Meguiar also provide with sealants as Torque. When it comes to pricing and discounts, Torque is the best.


Torque Detail car wax and sealants are one of the top choices in the market. Torque Detail is a great way to give your old ride a new life and give it a jewel-like shine. The ease of application and its effectiveness is what makes Torque Detail the best in the industry.


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