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Nowadays, every small or big accessory, no matter if it's hair or fashion, everything needs to be in trend- even for kids. The fashion accessories to carry should be of high-quality and the latest trend. There are various fashion accessory trend stores in the market, but one of the industry's best names is Top Trenz, a New York-based company. 

Why Choose Top Trenz?

Top Trenz, Inc was founded in 1997 by the two brothers, Corey and Jamie Glassberg. Its whole department is located in New York City. Alongside this, Top Trenz has numerous other showrooms in the US, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Texas, Florida, Washington, Atlanta, New England, and Minneapolis.

Top Trenz deals with the top latest trends, which carries a complete range of fashion accessories, squishies, hair accessories, apparel, bags, and pillows. The company assures its customers of continuity to keep the store updated with the hot stuff in the market for the upcoming seasons, along with excellent customer support and high-quality products.

Top Trenz Collection 

Top Trenz has a vast range of collection, including:

  • Hair fashion accessory, top trenz headbands
  • Schoolbags, puffer bags
  • Pillows, tie-dye accessory
  • Sports collection, face masks
  • Fuzzy sleepwear, party favors
  • Sequin accessories, fidget spinner, pompom accessories
  • Unicorn collection, and many more. 

Top Trenz Hot Sellers

Top Trenz has the latest trends collection for tween, teen, kid toys, top trenz masks, bags, accessories, plush, and fashion. For special mask offers, Top Trenz offers faster shipping within 3 days. Let's learn more about the top trends and hot selling items of Top Trenz.

Fashion Face Mask

Top Trenz has a very trendy face mask collection to make everyone stay safe and stylish with a 2-layered reusable mask appeal for face coverings. As a piece of personal protective equipment, Top Trenz premium masks offer a fresh and fun look. Top Trenz provides a vast range of face masks for young children, toddlers, teens, tweens, and adults.

Top Trenz Puffer Bagspack

Top Trenz puffer bags makes you give a bigger than life statement. The puffer bags are available in a variety of bag colors, shapes, and strap styles. The company claims that the puffer bag styles are best suited for every style and every person.

Top Trenz Puffer Bagspack

Top Trenz Pricing 

Top Trenz's vast range of collections offers the best of all collections. Its fashionable price range starts at $2. One of the top and hot selling item is Top Trenz Puffer Backpack, Top Trenz masks, Top Trenz headbands, and many more. The company even offers the fastest delivery within 3 days of placing the order. Use Top Trenz Coupons and save up to 20% on your purchases.

Final Words

Top Trenz is a trend-starter with a collection of big kids at heart. It prides itself on its ability to predict emerging trends and create superior products, bringing those trends to life. Top Trenz are specialized in plush, toys, bags, fashion accessories, apparel, and everything creating a smile or internet buzz.


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