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Gone are the days where digital marketing experts, SEO analysts spend hours in making reports of Google analytics, social campaigns, website traffic, revenue, and conversions. 

Now the time has changed. Everyone is looking for smart ways to get things done quickly. Are you the one among those?

Here presenting you the compelling business analytics tool “Supermetrics” that brings all data at one place and makes easy to handle loads of work. 

Since the release date, it is available as an add-on and will surely be a great solution for data interpretation and visualization problems. Further, it comes with customized dashboards and other features to focus on the key aspects of clients businesses.

In this article, I’ve given the detailed information of Supermetrics reviews, i.e. features, pros and cons, pricing plans, and much more. Have a look! 

What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics, a business analytics software draws the metrics and overall performance in an accessible manner. Initially, it was laid to help digital marketers to understand the Google Analytics data in the purest form. 

It works efficiently with the search engines, analytics, social media and other popular marketing tools to report, monitor and analyzes the data by connecting multiple marketing platforms when you wish to use the data.  

Why should I prefer Supermetrics?

If you want to gather the product information from different sources and display it to clients/organizations in a report or graphic format, then Supermetrics software is for you. Moreover, it minimizes the time in making reports, and hence you can concentrate on other useful tasks.

It is integrated with the majority of platforms like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter, and Youtube and crawls the data for comparison between 2 or more products.  

Amazing Features

It’s never easy to tackle the complex tasks like daily reports of google ads, social campaigns, monthly visitors, organic traffic, conversions and revenue at once. However, the marvelous features incorporated in the Supermetrics made easy to compare the things for digital marketing experts and enthusiasts at one go. So, before you purchase a Supermetrics tool, you should also be familiar with the amazing features it offers. Given below are some of the types...

  • Ready Made Templates:-  Helps to create your business marketing reports in a couple of seconds using pre-owned templates that are built by top professionals. It’s easy to customize, add your brand and generate templates for PPC, SEO, social platform and analytics. 
  • Cross-Platform Reporting:- You don’t have to copy-paste the reports or import the CSV files anymore. This feature compares the campaigns run on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked in on the same table by enabling the automated reporting and data gathering.  
  • Best of Breed Integrations:- Like others, breed integration feature  combines the data from all sources by connecting to PPC, SEO, analytics, social, email marketing, etc., 

Supermetrics Review

Google Sheets

It effectively reports, monitors and analyzes the data in Google spreadsheets at $69 for pro users and $149 for super-pro users per month. With this, you can make unlimited reports by accessing to Amazon, Facebook ads, Google, and schedule the refreshments once in a day, week or month. Pro version can handle 1500 queries per day and super pro with 3000 queries along with the email support services. 

Data Studio

It builds world-class marketing reports and dashboards in data studio. Further, the pricing plan for Data Studio is classified as individual connectors ($19), pro ($99) and super-pro ($299) versions. All the features and functionalities are the same for the three, but there is a slight difference in the number of user accounts to be added and the cross-platform data blending. In individual connectors, you can add a maximum of 3 accounts, 20 for pro and 100 for super-pro versions. Also, the cross-platform data blending is available in pro and super-pro pricing plans. 


This option allows the users to transform the data automatically in marketing reports and dashboards of excel format. The pro version costs $99, $199 for super-pro and the enterprise costs may vary depending on the features and business requirements. Like others, it is also made possible to collect the data from Youtube, Twitter, Quora, FB Ads, Google Search Console, Adsense, Instagram Insights, Google Webmasters, and Analytic tools. 


You can instantaneously connect the marketing data from Google BigQuery. The prices are high in case of BigQuery metrics which is $190 for a single data source with an account and $490 with 5 user accounts. If you think this isn’t the appropriate plan, you can go with other plans that come at inexpensive rates. 

API (Application Program Interface)

It is one of the easiest ways to submit marketing related information to BI (Business Intelligence) tools and data centers. The cost of Supermetrics API may not be the same and entirely depends on the business type, data sources and the total number of employees. And to make use of this amazing feature, you need to submit the details like name, company name, business email id, and phone number. 

Data Grabber

Now you spend less time in gathering the data and focus on the results using Data Grabber. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that can be accessed by beginners, entrepreneurs, and digital professionals. Using this software, you can get the data of hundreds of websites in a couple of seconds. You can pick the relevant data, split into category wise and display the results in different formats like charts, bar diagrams, nodes, curve line, etc. Further, you can save hours and improve product quality as well. To make use of Data Grabber, you will be charged from $19-$39 per month depending on the specific usage. 

Uploader and Functions 

The features of uploader and functions are the same and most flexible way to transfer the data into Excel and Google Sheets. And the prices would be around $29- $39 per month.  While subscribing for the monthly plan check Supermetrics Promo Code to get discount. 

Benefits of Supremetrics

According to the survey, digital marketers, SEO analysts spend 20-30hours per month to make reports manually on website traffic, revenue, page loading time, conversions, etc. 

Did you ever felt the need of Supermetrics tool to compare, analyze two or more products and services? It focuses on the key aspects of clients businesses by incorporating data visualization and interpretation features to accomplish the task without any hassle. Now, let us look at some of the possible benefits of using Supermetrics in the corporate world. 

  • Using the Supremetrics tool, you can automatically update the reports in Google Docs and Sheets when collected from different online sources Youtube, Twitter, Adwords, Bing, Google Ads, and Webmasters. 
  • With a single click on the refresh button, you can look for the most recent figures and change the settings to update automatically on a day-to-day basis. 
  • It has exceptional user-friendly interface design and also features top-notch services like data analytics, business intelligence, data mining, search engine marketing, google ads, data visualization and presentation, report scheduling and automation. 
  • You don’t have to install application separately as Supermetrics alone can monitor the data from different sources and speed up the process to save your valuable time.

Supermetrics Pros and Cons 


  • Copy/paste or imports the CSV files.
  • An SEO-friendly business marketing tool.
  • PPC reporting, scheduling, and automation.
  • Features business intelligence and data mining.
  • Reports monitor and analyze Google Ads.
  • Excellent data interpretation and visualization techniques.
  • Customized dashboards for tracking the overall performance.
  • Best-in-class integrations with more than 40 marketing platforms.
  • Integrates with Google sheets and excel sheets to adjust reports according to the client’s requirements.


  • Supermetrics is on the expensive side.
  • Beginners may face difficulty in handling the Supermetrics software.

Pricing Chart

Google Sheets

  • Pro plan - $69/month
  • Super Pro plan - $149 /month
Data Studio

  • Pro plan - $99/month
  • Super Pro plan - $299 /month
  • Pro plan - $190/month
  • Super Pro plan - $490 /month


  • Pro plan - $99/month
  • Super Pro plan - $199 /month
  • Pro plan - $39/month
  • Super Pro plan - $179 /month

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Supermetrics good for you?
Supermetrics is absolutely a fantastic tool for marketing agencies, and advertising professionals to create reports for analysis and optimization purposes. It gives full access to you to handle the bulk projects like running social campaigns, Google Adwords faster. 

  • Do Supermetrics provide discounts?
The Supermetrics offers and discounts are valid for both the monthly and yearly subscription plans. Choose the best plan that matches your business requirements and get benefited with Supermetrics. 

  • What are the top features included in Supermetrics tool?
Given below are some of the high-end features that you find in Supermetrics tool. Have a look, 

  • Breed integrations.
  • Ready-made templates. 
  • Best-in-class integration.
  • Cross-platform reporting.
  • Automatic refreshing and sharing.
  • Customized reports and dashboards.
Final Verdict

Over the years, Supermetrics has been offering quality services from small to medium and large scale businesses in the digital marketing industry. It works efficiently on Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Linked-in, and Webmaster platforms to make reports quickly. 

Despite the features, you will receive a 25% discount for the yearly plans. What are you waiting for? Grab your favorite collection from Supermetrics.

Did you ever try using Supermetrics before? Or Are you facing difficulty using the Supermetrics tool? Or have doubts? Share with us in the comment box given below.  


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