Shoptimized Theme Review - Best Shopify Theme for e-Commerce Stores

by Curated Deals Team   |  May 23, 2019    

Are you the one who’s product pages is not getting the desired sales? Give it a try the Shoptimized Theme that comes at affordable prices. 

Why Shoptimized Theme? 

Shoptimized is one of the highest-converting themes specially crafted for e-commerce stores. It mainly focuses on mobile devices - Android, iPhone where the majority of traffic comes from, and access with the hassle-free functioning.  Moreover, it ranks top among the competitors by offering high-quality Shopify themes and builds trust in loyal customers.

Are you a newbie? Don’t know how to get started with Shoptimized theme? Here, I’ve cut-down the Shoptimized Theme Review which gives a clear idea on how to choose the right e-commerce store for your business niche along with the key factors like quality services, affordable pricing plans, benefits, and much more. 

Amazing Features of  Shoptimized Themes

Shoptimized Themes not only work on e-stores but also websites and blogs as well. Now, you can turn more clicks into buyers using the amazing features and functionalities of Shoptimized theme. Given below is the list that helps to improve product sales in a short span. Check it out! 

Shoptimized themes products

Speed Boost Ninja

Google reports says that customers love to visit the site which offers the best content in no time. They also said that faster loading sites rank better due to the enhanced user experience. 

In this competitive world, no other tool can be worthy as Speed Boost Ninja application. It helps to fix the page-loading issues and thereby increases the conversions, and rankings. Moreover, it works seamlessly on the top Shopify themes like Parallax, Icon, Retina, Pipeline, Grid, Showtime, Supply, Venture, Brooklyn, and Testament. 

Benefits of Speed Boost Ninja

  • Removes clutches from the shopping sites.
  • Easy to install and access with a single-click on the button.
  • Minimizes the CPC on paid ads by attaining the quality score.
  • Reduces the bounce rate to 50% with an increase in the page-loading time.
  • Boost the search engine rankings on different browsers - Google, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.,

eCom Conversions

Without investing too much on the traffic, you can boost the sales up to 200% using the eCom Conversions. It performs certain strategies or tactics to make profits from every single visitor of different niches - health, food, home appliances, supplements, beauty products, fashion, technology, clothing, footwear, and jewelry.

However, this isn’t for startup geeks. This tool works only if you already have a solid business platform which gets more than 10000 visitors per month. So, make sure you run a product/services efficiently before signing up with the eCom Conversions. 

Benefits of eCom Conversions

  • All your details are safe and secured.
  • Comes with the new strategies to hit the monthly targets.
  • Finds out why the visitors aren’t purchasing the products.
  • Know how to double and triplet the organic traffic to the shopping sites.
  • You can monitor the business effortlessly with the list of available features.
  • Make the necessary changes to the e-commerce site to generate revenue.
  • If something goes wrong with the eCom tools, claim for the money refund in 30 working days.

Uplift Hero Application

With this Uplift Hero app, you grab the attention of customers and increase the time spent on sales pages. The immense look makes the visitors crave for eye-feasting products and provides free shipping services for different niche products. Now, let us look at the major benefits of using Uplift Hero software for the cart pages.

Benefits of Uplift Hero

  • Uplift Hero application is made compatible to work mobiles and desktops.
  • You will get fully-customized buttons and features to add on product pages.
  • The best thing is you can access the tool for free of cost by enabling the 14-days trial services.

7-Figure Store Blueprint

It is one of the best tools in the market that helps to set up the e-commerce store on your own. Moreover, it brings healthy competition among the contenders across the world to come with the best results. 

Whether you sell t-shirts, beauty products, furniture, home, and kitchen appliances, you should have your store. Selling these products through Amazon, eBay does not drive sales all the time. It is because they change the algorithms frequently and follow their own set of guidelines which impacts on the product sales. 

Benefits of 7-Figure Store Blueprint

  • 7-Figure Store Blueprint helps beginners to boost sales from scratch. 
  • Comes with wonderful themes, designs, layouts, and page elements.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the services, get the money refund within 30-days.
  • Eliminates the hours of research work on picking the desired category for the business needs.
  • Yes. It is possible to get many sales from a single user by following optimization techniques and marketing strategies. 

Apart from that, there’re other popular tools like geo-IP recognition, currency switcher, shipping time estimator, product filtering, call to action buttons to enhance the site quality. Take a look at the importance of using these tools in the digital platform. 

  • Geo-IP Recognition analyzes where the visitors are from and gives suggestions to customize the shopping websites and build a great user experience.
  • Currency Switcher converts money from different sources to your native currency.
  • Shipping Time Estimator measures the time required to ship an order from store to the delivery location.
  • You can maintain good communication with the customers to maximize the sales which are possible through Email Pop-ups. 
  • Now you can attract the customers by adding Promo Videos to the home-page (or individual pages) of e-commerce stores. 
  • Product Filtering option helps to categorize the items based on keywords, searches, price, reviews, ratings, and types. 
  • Call to Action Buttons resembles the final call from the buyers. If you do not mention beneath the products, they may be not knowing how to add the favorite items to the cart. And you end up losing a genuine buyer. 

Benefits  and Drawbacks of using Shoptimized Theme for Shopify Stores

Shoptimized themes are emerging over the years and have huge trust in customers for offering quality themes, templates, and other beneficial tools that improve the business online. Besides, the elegant and beautiful designs of Shoptimized theme are downloadable and made to work only on the Shopify stores. Given below are some of the possible benefits of using Shoptimized themes. Have a look, 


The first and foremost advantage of using the Shoptimized theme for the shopping sites is that it works efficiently on smartphones - Android, iPhone and drives huge traffic/sales (per month) to the e-store.

The themes/templates are beautifully designed to work on major sources like sports, entertainment, health, food blogs, technology, clothing, beauty products, smartphones, electronic items, etc., 

You can easily access the Shoptimized tools from anywhere in the world and implement on your shopping stores to test whether it’s working with your business niche or not. 

And finally, you can clarify the doubts regarding the Shoptimized themes, pricing plans, built-in features and much more by raising a ticket to the support team via phone calls, chat, and emails. Further, if you encounter a problem while dealing with the software, you can directly with the technical team which is available 24/7. 

On the whole, Shoptimized themes are best to use for entrepreneurs, SEO analysts, digital professionals, and web-developers to handle things effortlessly. You can work on Shoptimized marketing tools with a single penny for lifetime access. 


Like two side of a coin, there are some disadvantages too. You may be charged extra when you wish to upgrade the plan. If you do not install the Shoptimized theme properly, the chances are higher that it doesn’t work and show the inappropriate results on sales pages.

Shoptimized Theme Pricing Plan

Price is the foremost thing that everyone looks for while purchasing the theme or any other product. It is because the cost of Shoptimized theme determines whether they can afford or stick to the low-budget.

Shoptimized themes pricing

If the Shoptimized theme is within the budget, you can add favorite items to the cart. Otherwise, you can go with the available pricing plans. Depending on the necessity of beginners, middlers, and experts, Shoptimized is categorized as the basic, pro and ultimate pricing plans. Use Shoptimized Themes Coupon Code to get discount on all plans.

Basic ($167):- The basic shoptimized theme pricing plan is crafted for the novice who doesn’t have prior knowledge in understanding the digital marketing trends. It gives full access for the customers to use unlimited free-themes on websites or blogs. 

Pro ($197):- Next comes the Pro Shoptimized theme pricing plan. You need to invest the sum of $197 in availing the free training on FB, 1year upgrade options, support and get the license for 3-stores. 

Ultimate ($597):- If you want to go with more advanced options, prefer Ultimate Shoptimized theme pricing plan. It covers all the features that you get in a Pro plan along with 10-store licenses. Moreover, it best suits those who’ve 2 or more online stores and desires to get thousands of sales every month. 

Above all, if your product pages are getting 2X visitors and want to upgrade from basic or pro to ultimate pricing plan, you can do it with a little investment. And all payments are made through credit/debit cards.  

?Bottom Line

All in all, Shoptimized theme is one of the prominent tools to turn visitors into buyers with high conversions. If you wish to generate thousands of sales per month, then it's better to go with the Shoptimized themes. It has come with plenty of features that merely work on Shopify stores and easy to handle for bulk projects. 

Which theme are you using for the shopping store? Is it a Shoptimized theme? Do you use any other popular theme? If you’re already a member of Shoptimzed, what made you choose this theme? You can also share doubts with us in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the Shoptimized themes on my WordPress shopping site?
A: No. The shoptimized themes are not meant to use on WordPress CMS. It is designed to use only on the Shopify stores.
2. Does the Shoptimized theme store provide an affiliate program?
A: Yes! You can be a part of an affiliate program and earn commissions by referring to friends, family, and other group members.
3. Is it possible to use Shoptimized themes in multiple Shopify stores?
A: If you are the owner of online Shopify stores and manage them all, then you can use the themes on different sites (but not at the time).
4. Do Shoptimized theme store offer money refunds?
A: The themes incorporated in Shoptimized are non-replaceable. Hence, they do not guarantee the money refund for the themes you’ve already used.
5. Do they offer free trial services?
A: Unfortunately, the company does not allow its customers to get benefitted from the free trial services.


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