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When I’m surfing the internet, came across grammar checking tools that aren’t worth any more. So, I’ve done intensive research work on online grammar tools for hours and found ProwritingAid to be the best out there in the market. 

What is ProwritingAid? 

ProwritingAid is a premium grammar tool for students, novelists, bloggers, journalists, and creative content writers. It eliminates the need for a human proofreader by correcting the spelling mistakes, punctuations, pronouns, conjunctions, repeated words, diction, readability, thesaurus, and complex sentences. Further, it is available as browser extensions and works efficiently on Google Docs, MS-Word, and other online platforms. 

In this article, you will come across unbiased reviews of ProwritingAid along with the features, benefits, pros and cons, pricing plans and much more. Let us dive into the topic!

Comparison of ProwritingAid Vs Grammarly 

Amazing Features

These days, a novice can write the engaging and error-free content using the ProwritingAid online grammar checker tool. If you are the one who doesn’t know how to get started, then check out the list of features given below,

Writing Style

Before you start writing on this editor tool, you can pick the writing style by selecting any of the technical, academic, general, business, formal, and informal styles. Firstly, you need to select the niche title that you wish to write and analyze on the editor tool. It eliminates the passive words, overused verbs in the context. After that, you can perform editing and check for the plagiarism, i.e. copied content in an article, blog, and social media posts.  

Checks for Grammatical Errors 

ProwritingAid is the only manuscript grammar editing software that looks for misspelled words, punctuation, capital letters, verbs, pronouns, conjunctions, interjections, and sentences.  

Readability Score

Readability score defines the quality of your writings. And the score is based on the average sentence length and words in a document. If the readability score is high, people are most likely to understand and engage with the content. And if the readability score is low, people find it hard to read the content, and you may end up losing the visitors from the site. 

On a scale of 0-100 readability score, you should aim for 60+ so as an 8th-grade student can easily understand your content. And the best way to hook users is by using the application which cut down the complex sentences and replaced with simpler ones. 

Transitions Words

Transition words are those that connect the ideas, sentences, paragraphs and make the script better. So, you should be careful while dealing with the transitions like or, and, nor, actually, indeed, further, moreover, but, while, though, yet, so, then, thus, because, accordingly, hence, the website content. This Prowriting tool checks for the overused transition words in a blog post and helps to correct immediately. 

Repeat Words

It’s a bit irritating task for the writers and editors to distinguish the repetitive words overs ten thousand word article. And is time-consuming too! This feature made it easy by highlighting the repeated words and gives suggestions to add relevant phrases. 

Sticky Sentences 

Increasing the sentence length in a paragraph tend to lose the reader's interest. If you want the visitors to stick to the page, then it's better to use short and simple sentences. Recent studies show that web-pages with short sentences have more organic traffic than lengthy sentences because of the hassle-free reading experience. Furthermore, this editing tool identifies complex sentences and allows users to make improvements.  

Dialogue Tags

Change the way you write the content - fiction or a story using the dialogue tags. It makes the script worth reading by avoiding certain phrases in the context. This format is well suited for students, beginners, enthusiasts, freelance writers, and experts. 

Thesaurus and Homonyms

A collection of words that conveys meaning and the relevant phrases to understand easily. Whereas, homonyms are words that have the same spelling but differ in meaning. Be cautious while dealing with such words and use them only when required. 

Connects to Google Chrome, Docs, and MS-Word

Initially, I’ve started using the plugin on my desktop. And found that it checks the writings on emails, social platforms-facebook, twitter, Google documents, MS-Word, and Google Chrome. So, I can confidently say that this feature made it easy for the customers over multiple platforms to handle the workload effortlessly.

ProwritingAid’s Plagiarism Checker

What are you thinking about? Do you know that the ProwritingAid software offers outstanding features like plagiarism checker? Well, this plagiarism feature checks whether the content is unique or not over websites, blog posts, documents, etc., 

The algorithm is designed such that it scans thousands of words at a time and generate the results instantly. Moreover, it is possible to edit/delete the content after checking for plagiarism.

This will charge separately for utilizing the plagiarism checker tool. At most, you will be charged up to $10 for 10 checks, $40 for 100 checks, $120 for 500 checks and $200 for 1000 plagiarism checkings. And if you go for the premium plan, you will get access to 50-checks per year. It is up to the individual whether he/she can go with any of the pricing plans for the business needs and deeds.

Plagiarism Checker Pricing


Pros and Cons of ProwritingAid Tool

Apart from the features and functionalities, you should also consider the benefits and drawbacks of using the software. Further, it will let you decide whether you can for a premium plan that matches the business requirements. 


  • ProwritingAid software is specially crafted for beginners, hobby writers, copywriters, authors, and editors. 
  • Compared to other grammar tools(Comparison of ProwritingAid Vs Grammarly), ProwritingAid software charges less even for the long-term subscription plans.  
  • The tool is made compatible to work on Windows, Google Chrome, MS-Word, and Google Documents.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand, use and process quicker than expected.
  • Includes the key features like a personalized dictionary, thesaurus, homonyms, readability score, and plagiarism checker tools.  
  • Compared to Grammarly, the premium pricing plans are less for long-term subscriptions. 
  • You will be given 14-days free trial services from the organization to be familiar with this grammar checker tool. For that, you need to make a request through email.
  • Checks for spelling-mistakes, pronouns, verbs, repeated words, conjunctions, interjections, punctuations, lengthy sentences, inappropriate sentences, difficult phrases.
  • It highlights the content in the editor box in red color which means the phrase is wrong and you have to make necessary changes by following the suggestions (provided on the left) to attain high-quality content. 


  • This application does not work on mobile devices. 
  • Further, it cannot be integrated with the IOS, Safari, and Firefox extensions
  • If you’ve never come across the online grammar tools, then you may find tricky to understand and edit the content at the initial stages. 

Pricing Plan

Yes, There is no limit for the word-count. Now you can analyze the results for lengthy documents, articles, blog posts, assignment work, etc., It gives full access for the users to edit in the software itself. To be a member, you have to pay (using Mastercard, Discover, etc.,) the sum of $60 for a year, $90 for 2years, $120 for 3years and $210 for lifetime accessibility. Once you made the payment and not happy with the services, you can claim for money refund within 14-days of the successful registration.

Apart from that, you can test the software whether it matches your business needs by requesting 14days free trial services. Sign up for the newsletter to get the latest updates and ProWritingAid  Discount Code.

ProWritingAid Pricing Plan

Final Verdict

To summarize, ProwritingAid helps to correct grammatical mistakes that you do while writing blogs, articles, essays, stories, newsletters, etc., Even professional writers, editors need this grammar tool to avoid the errors and thereby reduces the workload. It offers top-notch services at inexpensive prices and ranks top among the competitors. 

If you are looking for a powerful yet efficient grammar checker tool, then ProwritingAid software is the best choice. Are you currently using this tool for the business? Is there any other famous grammar tool? What are your thoughts? Write to us in the comment section. We’ll surely work on it and come up with the best solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use ProwritingAid software?
A: You can use the tool for checking the grammar, spelling mistakes, and readability score of your writings. To make it happen, you need to log-in with the details like username, email id, and password. Otherwise, you can directly access the services by connecting with social platforms like Facebook, Linked In and BitBucket. Here is the simple procedure one must follow to check his/her work samples in grammar checker software. Firstly, open the ProwritingAid application if you are using the desktop version. Upload the document you want to check for the mistakes (or copy the text in the highlighted box). Now it will automatically analyze the content and displays the errors by underlining in red color. You can fix it by following the suggestions and to make the content look better.
2. How much does ProwritingAid charges for the yearly subscription plan?
A: To your surprise, the premium plan is available for just $60 per year. If you want to use the application for more than a year (i.e. for business sake), you will be charged extra. You may have to invest $90 for 2years, $120 for 3years and $210 for a lifetime. So, it’s important for an individual to choose the appropriate pricing plan for his/her business needs.
3. Is it safe to use ProwritingAid software?
A: The management team and developers claim that it runs thousands of requests every single day. And then the data is processed and will never store on servers. The content is encrypted, and you will only be able to see, upload or edit the text.
4. My email address is currently not working. How can I add a new email address?
A: If you have a problem with the existing email id and unable to open the application for finishing the project work, You can add new email for the account. Firstly, log in to your account, click on the user name and edit user details. Now change the email address, save and confirm.
5. Does ProwritingAid grammar tool offer money guarantee?
A: Nah. ProwritingAid does not offer a money guarantee scheme for its users. But, surely will get a 14days free trial services once you sign up with the personal details -name, email id, mobile number, and website URL.
6. Is ProwritingAid available in any other languages?
A: As of now, ProwritingAid application is made accessible only in the English language. But, it supports both the American and British writing styles.
7. On what platform does ProwritingAid supports?
A: Windows, Mac OS, MS-Word, Online Editor, Google Docs, and Google Chrome extensions.
8. Can I use ProwritingAid software on Android mobiles?
A: No. The latest version of this software does not support Android mobiles such as Samsung, Oppo, Sony, HTC, Vivo, etc., Maybe we can expect in the future.
9. How to contact the ProwritingAid team for help?
A: If you’ve any queries regarding features, work performance, pricing plans, and offers, you can directly contact the support team through tickets and emails. Once you raise the complaint, they will respond to the request within 24hours.
10. What should be the word count to check for plagiarism?
A: As per the guidelines set by the ProwritingAid team, the word count should be a maximum of 2000 words per one check. If it is more than the required, the tool may take longer to analyze and display the results.
11. Does ProwritingAid software work offline?
A: Nope. You can access software in the offline mode too. Since it analyzes the data more than tons of GB, requires cloud storage and an internet connection to perform the specific operations.
12. Is ProwritingAid grammar checker tool worth buying?
A: Of course, Yes! ProwritingAid grammar software is worth buying for authors, students, copywriters, technical writers, content writers, and editors. It makes the writing task much easier by reviewing the grammatical errors before you publish the content online. Further, it comes at affordable prices and generates the reports in a couple of seconds.


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