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Printing on shirts and other accessories is a great way to personalize your lifestyle and express your choices. There exist many online platforms where you can print products, but Printify leaves everything to customers' choices. It is a perfect place for the merchants to simplify the printing process and make their brand rich with many astounding designs.

Printify also manages the fulfillment process putting less stress on you. It will help you make more money with fewer efforts. This site untangles the needless and complicated printing process and helps the merchandise industry unleash the limits. This review takes you through the unique features that Printify offers.

Printify Products

Printify Review

Printify aids merchants in designing the products that customers love to purchase. It is a reliable platform for enterprises to create custom products and sell them on Shopify or Woocommerce stores. 

Here are a few popular categories available on Printify:

Women & Men's Clothing

Its garments range from eco-friendly to AOP in various models like T-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, sportswear, sweatshirts, tank tops, etc. 


Accessories are always an excellent finish to your outfit, and they give you a complete appearance. At Printify, you can add designs and personalize accessories like watch bands, custom pin buttons, bag tags, apron, poly scarf, shopping tote, backpack, etc.

Home & Living

Filling your home with custom prints makes your home look the way you like. Printify brings you the space to add designs to your art & wall decors, bathroom decor, blankets, mugs, stationery, mugs, etc.


Printify has some tools to simplify your task and make selling easier.

Printify Guides

This section brings knowledge and inspiration for your prints on-demand business. Some of the potential guides on printing include a Holiday guide, how to sell on eBay, design guide for embroidery, etc. 

Mockup Generator

This helps you bring your designs to reality. With this tool, you can adjust your design in terms of size, position, color, and preview it on a 3D high-quality product image. You can display your quality product images on the storefront for a professional look. This mockup generator helps you add products to your stores on Etsy, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

5 Step Printify Services

Printify services are handy and simplify your selling process is simple and easy steps. 

Pick your Product: Printify catalog has over 200+ products available for customization. Select the appropriate product for your business based on the print provider location, fulfillment time, and price. 

Customize: Apply designs to the selected product with Mockup Generator. This process brings in comfort while adding the products to your online store.

Sample: Order samples from the selected print providers to ensure that your end products exactly meet your imagination. You can experiment with different products to find the perfect print provider for your business.

Publish: If you are satisfied with samples, you can post it automatically to your online store. Printify has integrations with leading eCommerce platforms so you can sell your products to millions of shoppers online effortlessly.

Reliable Delivery: Each of your sales passes through quality pass before passing through production and shipping cycles. You can track this process from your printify account. 

Printify Integrations

Printify has integrations with major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Wix, WooCommerce, etc. Printify offers simplicity in selling the products online. New product publishing on eCommerce stores is simple and easy with the Printify integrations. These integrations eliminate the need for warehouse storage space. 

You can choose your product from over 300+ custom product ranges and design them with the limitless customization options. 

Print on Demand

This is printify's business model that lets you start your business with little investment and risk. In this model, the products have been acquired, produced, and shipped one by one only after the sale has made by the customer. 

This model allows you to send the custom merchandise to the customers with no inventory. The print provider takes the task of printing t-shirts, pillowcases, mugs, backpacks, and shoes with the design you upload at Printify. When customers buy a product in your shop, then the order goes to the print provider. 

The companies that work in Print On-demand space include Printify, printful, and Print Aura. Print on Demand eliminates the need for investment, physical store, inventory management, and warehousing space. 

Print Providers on Printify

Print providers help you manage your unique products line and cater to the specific niche with the custom products. Printify has partnered with the leading print on demand companies to provide 

  • The following printing providers supply custom innovative printing for the apparel industry
  • Stakes manufacturing
  • Colorway
  • Awkward styles
  • Duplium
  • Tribe socks printing brings new ways of printing retail quality socks and face masks without dye sublimation. 
  • WOYC is the leading provider for custom printing services in the mobile phone case industry.
  • Prodigi helps you make beautiful products and powerful products for the effective outsourcing of your printing and farming

Business Plans

Printify Plans

You can choose to start your business with the right business plan. Printify has Free, Premium, and Enterprise plans to put your business in the right gear. A free plan is suitable for the merchants starting a business. This starter plan comes at free of cost, and you can use 5 stores per account with unlimited designs.

An enterprise plan is for the customers with about 10000+ orders per day, and it is available at custom pricing with unlimited stores and product designs. Premium and Enterprise plans allow the customers to avail 20% discounts on all the products. Use Printify Coupon to get 20% off on your purchase.

Merchant Protection Policies

Printify is engineered with merchant protection policies like:

Image Quality Control

Every new piece of artwork passes through the image quality control check of the Printify team. You will be informed in case of any low-grade printing. 


In case of any damage or poor product quality, Printify merchant support will inspect the errors and send out the replacement with modifications at the earliest. You can avail replacements for any damaged products at zero cost.


Full refund will be furnished in case of any issues even after the reprint. This refund will be issued in 1 business day after notifying the merchant support. 

Final Words

Printify simplifies the task of eCommerce merchants creating brand new custom products. It helps to set up online businesses connecting many print provider locations with advanced tools and top quality printing providers.


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