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Did you purchase a new mobile or iPad? You might look for high-tech features like screen resolution, RAM, smart options, processor, storage, and battery capacity. Besides, you should also know the screen protector that tend to last longer and increases the performance. 

While surfing on the internet, I came across many screen protectors, and nothing seems to be good! After all, I’ve discussed with my friends and came to know about this amazing creation - PaperLike screen protector which keeps all the problems at bay. 

The PaperLike screen protector comes with top-notch features like a glossy material, glare resistant, soft, and transparency to make it worth purchasing online from the stores. If you haven’t come across the iPad screen protectors before, here I’ve given the full-length PaperLike Screen Protector Review by considering the performance, reliability, long-lasting, cost, support services, reviews, ratings, and more.  Do not waste your time and go ahead!

Why Should I Buy PaperLike?

Just like how the technology has radically evolved, huge companies and firms have also been working hard to make more apps that are not only made for entertaining but apps that are also made to be resourceful for the users.


Paperlike is purposely designed for iPad users, which lets them draw and write on their iPads like they are writing to an actual paper. Well, this sounds pretty cool and unique, the more amazing fact about this screen protector tool is it comes with features that coincide with the needs of the users. Thus making it easier for them to work and write in a more different approach.

Waste no more papers if you’ve got Paperlike! It’s like a real and genuine experience of actual handwriting on your iPads, thus, it makes it easier for you to save the notes you’ve gathered in your iPads. Moreover, compares to keeping your records in papers and folders which might get lost in the latter, you’ll be able to monitor everything, and it’s going to be much easier for you to track down all the progress by checking them all through your iPads – big thanks to Paperlike.

Designers, writers, creative professionals, business peeps, marketers, and the likes who have been using iPads for work will give their approval once they get the chance to use Paperlike. This amazing tool has reached the market with more than enough features to brag, not to mention the built-in automated PDF documents that let the users conserve more time and energy on actual printing of books and bulk reports. 

Paperlike is a one reliable digital screen protector tool, which has been strongly supported by over 3,000 iPad users from across the Globe. No need to look for more evidence and proofs because reviews and clients’ feedback are also all over the main website of Paperlike.

Man Behind Paperlike - Jan Sapper

Jan, Founder of PaperLike, loves to use iPad Pro and Apple Pencil together. He then discovered working in a paperless environment brings joy and happiness. On the other hand, Jan found it challenging to operate as the pencil has no resistance. Further, he felt disappointed and went looking for a solution. 

He succeeded and never looked back. PaperLike is now a small organization with a credible team to inspire the customers and let them go for eco-friendly products. In 2017, more than 2000 individuals collaborated with the team to bring new iPad screen protectors into the world. 

PaperLike iPad Screen Protectors

Paperlike is the world's best-specialized screen protectors for the flexible options and can easily be upgraded. Further, it provides better control due to the pencil tip and feels like a simple paper when you seriously draw, sketch, and write something on the Ipad. 

By using paperlike screen protectors, You can enjoy various benefits like less fatigue while writing, better control, and No slippery surfaces. Finger marks don't affect upon pencil slides, and you can work in many environments because of the reduced glare. Moreover, the professional digital artists working for many years on a digital drawing can switch to Paperlike screen protector as it eliminates slickness of the iPad screen. 

Choosing the iPad Screen Size  

If you are using an Apple device, it’s vital to know the display size, and accordingly, you can choose the right one. You will fall in love with this product and write anything on a screen that makes you feel like a paper. Here I’ve given the list of six iPad screen protector sizes that helps you in picking the right one for your device. Have a look, 

  • New iPad Pro - Mini (2019-Version)
  • New iPad Pro - 12.9inches (2018)
  • New iPad Pro - 11inches (2018)
  • iPad Pro - 9.7inches (2018)
  • iPad  - 12.9inches (with Home Button)
  • iPad - 10.5inches (Launched in 2017 and 2019)

List of Accessories 

This is a wonderful section where most people are unaware of. It comes with specific pieces of equipment to make the protector work efficiently throughout its life. And all of them make are crafted for those who want to experience the precision of paper in this paperless environment. Besides, it is worth purchasing because of unmatched performance. Given below are the list of equipment you receive when purchased the screen protector online. Let us discuss the functionality of each item in detail!

  • Dust absorbers (pack of 2)
  • Sticker guide sheets (2)
  • Instruction manual 
  • Wet and dry screen wipes (2)
  • PaperLike iPad screen protectors (2)

Wet and Dry Screen Wipes are glossy white surfaces that deter the dust particles and oil smudges on widescreen devices like mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets, and more. 

Dust Absorbers protects electronic devices from being damaged. Further, it acts as a protective sheet, grasp the dust and will not allow the unwanted particles (like mud) to spoil the device. 

Sticker Guide Sheets are a great way to bring awareness among people as it uses environmentally friendly materials like glossy white paper. 

Instruction Sheet guides you everything from scratch like how to unbox the screen protector, how to handle and apply on the peripheral devices. They also cover the valuable tips and precautions a beginner must know. 

How to Install PaperLike Screen Protector

This screen protector comes with astonishing features and functionalities to make the lives of people simple and joyful. Are you a newcomer and don’t know to install the PaperLike screen protector on your iPad, this step-by-step is for you. Check it out! 

  • Once you purchase the screen guard from the local store or online, take out the thin sheet from the box. 
  • The shiny glass surface with minimal resistance makes you feel natural in comparison with the other screen protectors. 
  • Now remove the plastic protective sheet before installing on an iPad. Also, make sure the protector is soft and dirt-free when applied on the device. Otherwise, you may experience air bubbles on the front screen.
  • If you have installed properly, you will notice the difference in how the screen absorbs and distributes the light evenly.  
  • Further, the tiny particles cannot be removed and create air bubbles beneath the protective layer. If you haven’t installed correctly, the manufacturer is offering an extra protective sheet to repeat the process and handle carefully. 

Benefits of PaperLike Screen Protector

It’s pretty easy to tell why Paperlike is worth a chance in your buckets. Paperlike is one tool that does not only make the experience a whole lot different and unique, but it’s also one cost-effective way to save papers as well as money. Moreover, the less paper you’ll have to bring with you during and in between meetings means a lot since you don’t have to carry folders, bags, or suitcases to have all your stuff be kept and prepared for the meeting, Paperlike has got the rest of the plans covered.

What makes it even easier to use is the fact that you don’t need to go miles of your efforts to get it installed in your iPads. The process is so easy to the point that it won’t even take a minute to put your screen protector on and start using it with your Apple pencil. Now, you can look at the possible benefits of PaperLike screen protector. 


When you work on the iPad, the screen lacks resistance and is hard to get the same precision level and control all the time than a sheet of paper. The PaperLike screen protector has come with the right amount of friction that will not spoil the pencil tips. 

Easy Application

Many of the branded screen protectors are difficult to apply or match with electronic devices. Here comes the PaperLike screen protector that can easily be twisted and used as per the requirement. When you purchase this protector, you will receive an additional item in every pack. If you don’t know how to use, then you go through videos which contains step by step instructions.

Glare Resistant

When you use iPad in sunlight, you may experience pain in eyes due to the reflections that make difficult to view the screen. So, it’s essential for an individual to care for eye health and improve the vision. For them, PaperLike is offering a textured surface which helps to minimize the glare and work for hours without causing discomfort. 

Comparison - Paperlike Vs. Matte Screen Protector

Paperlike provides premium screen protectors for Apple Ipads. The standard screen protectors can't prevent self-reflections and glare from the natural daylight. The appearance of fingerprints and smudges increases rapidly. Self-reflection of the mirror can be seen. You can identify a slight loss in clarity and Resolution. Paperlike screen protectors have two wet & dry screen wipes which can absorb dust. Just feel the difference like a paper which as No reflections or No fingermarks.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does paperlike screen protector last?
A: If you set up the screen protector properly on the iPad, it may last for one year.
2. Where does PaperLike products ship?
A: PaperLike products ship to other parts of the world from Hamburg 22529, Germany.
3. Do I get free shipping services?
A: Shipping costs are imposed on the customers and are non-refundable too. Depending on your current location (country), the delivery time may vary.
4. I’ve got a broken iPad screen protector. What should I do?
A: If you have received the damaged piece, you can take a snap of the sheet and share it with [email protected]
5. How long it takes for replacing a new product?
A: Probably, you will get a replacement within five business days for free of cost.
6. What is the cost of PaperLike iPad screen protector?
A: This iPad screen protector costs around €29 EUR. Before placing an order check Paperlike Discount Code to get a rebate on your purchase.
7. List out the countries without PaperLike free shipping services?
A: There are more than hundreds of countries like Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Bahrain, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, CostaRica, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Kuwait, Liberia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Palestinian Territory, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Qatar, Republic of Cameroon, Russia, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Africa, St. Vincent, Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, British, Western Sahara, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and more where the customer has to bear the shipping charges.


After spending too much time on PaperLike review, you will surely know the importance of screen protector for any electronic device. It comes with a glare-resistant feature to protect the eye from direct sunlight and also deters the dirt from entering into the gadget. Don’t know how to start, you can refer the guidebook and online videos that help to set up the sheet quickly. And the prices are affordable too. 

At this moment, I recommend this product for people who are browsing for the best screen protectors in 2019. Further, if you have questions regarding the PaperLike screen protector, you can write to us in the comment box. Our team of experts will immediately respond to your request.


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