Nutrition Genome Review - The DNA Nutrition Testing Kit

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The term DNA means Deoxyribonucleic Acid. It is considered the blueprint that carries the data required to interpret the proteins and several other cell elements. DNA testing has a significant part in performing medical research, and its primary role is to guarantee the accuracy of the prediction of illness. 

A DNA nutrition test is equally important because it optimizes nutritions by recognizing and rectifying imbalances in your diet. 

However, have you ever imagined taking the DNA Nutrition Test at home? Well, Nutrition Genome makes it possible. Nutrition Genome has created a home-test kit that enables you to get the test done without any hassle. It provides the most detailed nutrigenomic analysis by comprising the study of 91 medically essential genes. They charge a very reasonable amount of $299 for the nutrition test. 

Why Do We Choose the Nutrition Genome?

Different human bodies have varied biological demands. Through their unique testing nutrition services, Nutrition Genome operates to activate your journey towards fitness. They try to figure out the reason behind the deviation and work hard to provide every individual the opportunity to enjoy a meaningful life. 

Everyone has their strength and weakness; the Nutrition Genome traces them, and through their scientific proof-based study, they will teach you about enhancing your dietary choices and your lifestyle to maximize the true expression of genes. It will bring a more robust and better you out of it.

             Nutrition Genome Review

Test Process

The process for DNA nutrition test is easy and personalized:

  1. Order kit- It takes four days to deliver the kit (in the US). International shipment may take time.
  2. Register, collect samples and ship- Register the kit on the website, receive your DNA sample (following given instructions), and send them back to their lab. 
  3. LAB test- The DNA sample has tested in their certified labs, and it goes through different steps to ensure accuracy.
  4. Collect reports- They will inform you via email after uploading your report on your dashboard. 

Types of Tests

Nutrition Genome offers different kinds of test research and readings. These are:

  • Digestion
  • Energy
  • Hormones and Detoxification
  • Prenatal and Pregnancy
  • Mood and Neurological
  • Inflammation and Longevity
  • DNA protection, Damage, and repair
  • Cardia and Athletic performance

Kit and Report Bundle

Your kit and report will include:

  • Proprietary Test Kit generated by their labs
  • All phases of quality control conducted 
  • Saliva swab for infants
  • Customized nutrition guide based on research to optimize your diet 
  • Bacteria and dietary supplements to prevent
  • Additional testing suggested and free medical report reviews 
  • 91 medically essential genes for the entire body wellness approach
  • Privacy in terms of keeping your data safe

Key Takeaways

The Nutrition Genome provides a 50-page evaluation that focuses on eight wellness categories. It indicates where your nutrients needs are high. The food, beverages, medications, and substances you may be prone to, and how this relates to your current blood report. It enables you to have a personalized diet chart and comprehensive study of underlying causes of your health problem. 

Nutrition Genome uses its unique test kit in certified labs. They are an innovative organization that has driven to provide a healthy lifestyle to all the individuals out there. 


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