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by Curated Deals Team   |  May 30, 2020    

About Nomad Lane

Nomad Lane is a fashionable travel bag manufacturing brand. It is also renowned for crafting quality travel essentials for business travelers. The company designs bags to ensure that business owners can carry the stylish Nomad Lane travel bags from boarding to the boardroom.

Why Choose Nomad Lane?

Nomad Lane boasts a team of highly skilled and expert bag designers who are responsible for all the travel bag manufacturing activities. From ideation to sketching, and designing to final testing, professionals at Nomad Lane create and ensure you the best travel bags. You will get to purchase bags designed to adapt to the fluidity and flexibility of your life.


Nomad Lane Products

Nomad Lane is well-known all over the world as the manufacturer of the Bento Bag. It is considered to be the most thoughtfully designed bag, which is exceptionally lightweight and has a pocket for every personal essential. From dresses to laptops to chargers, you can carry almost everything necessary in this exquisite and innovative travel bags. It has a place where you can keep the portable charger connected to your mobile, which you can carry in your hand. It has easy to use and accessible pockets for all your in-flight gear. You can slide it over the carry-on roller seamlessly. The bag can hold a significant number of materials in a well-organized way, yet, when zipped up, it looks compact and sleek. The Bento Bag is 100% TSA- Approved and available for customers in 4 different colors and two hardware options.

Nomad Lane Standard

The Bento Bag by Nomad Lane has been breaking crowd-funding records. An experienced team comprising skillful designers and manufacturing experts is responsible for the successful production of the Bento Bag. Evert travel bag and accessory that Nomad Lane designs and manufactures go through several testing procedures to meet the best quality standard.

Nomad Lane Buying Options

The online store of Nomad Lane is hosted on Shopify Inc. Through the e-commerce platform, Nomad Lane sells all products related to travel purposes. Nomad Lane accepts all authorized payment options to enable customers to enjoy hassle-free shopping experiences.

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Shop Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • PayPal

Countries Nomad Lane Ships Products

Nomad Lane ships its innovatively designed travel bags and essentials to all the regions across the United States and a few selected countries. Please enter your address at checkout to ensure whether it delivers to your country or not. If you find an option for your country, the same will be listed instantly.


The Bento Bag has been featured in Forbes and Fast Company. People are aware of the uniqueness of the travel bag that accommodates almost everything that you need for travel purposes. The price of the Bento Bag is $ 396, exclusive of the tax and international delivery charges and some times you can also get instant discounts by applying the Nomad Lane Discount Code.


Every product that Nomad Lane manufactures and sells has a warranty period of 1 year. To date, no one has faced any issue, as the company conducts several testing procedures before it ships the products to its customers.

Customer Service

Without customer support, for the renowned travel bag manufacturing company, it wasn’t possible to achieve success. Nomad Lane has a team of efficient and reliable professionals who are responsible for helping customers online. 

Final Words

In the United States, there is no other company like Nomad Lane that has earned so much appreciation from the customers. The Bento Bag is a unique and undeniably the most thoughtfully designed travel bag that is capable of fitting all necessary gears for travel purposes.


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