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by Curated Deals Team   |  May 16, 2020    

MoxieLash is a leading seller of premium eyelashes for women, including magnetic eyelashes, colored lashes, magnetic eyeliners, and other accessories to create stunning and beautiful eyes. MoxieLash uses a high tech eyelash solution to produce eyeliner products that are safe even for sensitive skin. The company’s magnetic lashes can be worn up to a maximum of 30 times, and magnetic eyeliners last for up to 90 uses. Below are the standout aspects of the company that has made it one of the most preferred choices among women. 

Why Choose MoxieLash?

MoxieLash offers eyelashes and eyeliners in different colors to complement the skin tone and outfit of women. The products also come in different sizes to suit women of all eye sizes and shapes. MoxieLash also boasts diverse eyelash and eyeliner accessories, including eyeliner remover swabs, magnetic applicators, and eyelash curlers. The company offers numerous bundle packs that compile a comprehensive list of products to meet their diverse needs. 

Product Safety

MoxieLash’s magnetic eyeliner products contain iron oxide that has been rated as 2 for safety by EWG (Environmental Working Group). All products are free from heavy metals and parabens. The company uses proprietary formulas to create eyelash solutions that are smooth and does not cause skin irritation. MoxieLash claims that its products have no side-effects. 


Even though MoxieLash sells a premium line of eyelash products, it offers its products at reasonable prices to make it affordable for everyone. For example, the Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner costs $45, and Dreamy Lash is priced at $30. Customers can opt for bundle packs to further save some money on their purchases. The bundle pack Love Kit consisting of 6 different products is priced at $139.


Customers can use MoxieLash coupons to avail discounts on their purchases. Customers are also entitled to free products that are chosen automatically on every purchase. The company also runs a reward points program through which customers can earn cash points for every product they purchase. The cash points differ from each product and are listed on the respective product page. Customers can use these cash points to avail discounts on future purchases. 


MoxieLash delivers domestic orders within 5 to 7 business days once the order is confirmed. Customers can expedite their deliveries by paying additional shipping costs. Expedited orders will be delivered in 2 to 3 business days. International orders will take 6 to 8 weeks to be delivered depending on the customs procedure and weather conditions. 

Refund Policy 

MoxieLash offers a 30-day returns policy on all its products. If customers are not satisfied with the products, they can contact the company and request for refund or exchange. MoxieLash will deny any claims for return post the 30 days return window. The refund will be credit to the customer’s bank account within 3 to 7 business days once the order is received and inspected. However, it does refund the shipping costs of the order and does not accept a return of international orders. 

The Bottom-Line

The company claims itself to be the first seller of magnetic eyeliners by fulfilling its first magnetic eyeliner order in the year 2018. MoxieLash has constantly been working on expanding its product portfolio and includes more eyeliner products using its innovative eyelash solution. Its products are suitable for different types of skin. Choose an eyeliner and eyelash from the different colors and styles to create a stunning and flamboyant look.


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