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From the last few years, music stands out as the best medicine for people. A lot of people love hearing fluent or DJ music. Some of the people are making music a profession. However, making music is not so easy because you need proper tools for creation and balancing. So, all you need is a perfect platform that can help you to fulfill your music dream. Therefore, a platform called Mixed In Key can be your all-time pick.

Mixed In Key is the best platform to remix or mashup a song in the easiest way. It is the best platform, followed by world-famous DJs like David Guetta, Armin, Nicky Romero, and many more. It comes with several features that can help you to produce some good music. Besides, its software is available for both Mac and Windows users. Moreover, it is gettable at a lower cost.

Mixed In Key Review

Why Choose Mixed In Key?

Mixed can be your choice, just like all other world-leading DJs. It helps you to compose your music, balance chords, balance two songs at a time, mashup, and many more. This platform is not only beneficial for creating but also beneficial for balancing great sound in your music. It comes with multiple features, which make this platform more extraordinary compared to other platforms.

Here you can create your playlist so that you do not have to search it later and get confused. It has features that can scale the songs from 1-10 to play as per the vibes or mood. There are a lot more features this platform offers. Therefore, Mixed in Key is a good option. Moreover, all these software are purchasable at low costs.


Mixed In Key has multiple products such as Mixed In Key Harmonic Mixing Software, Mixed In Key Studio Edition, Flow 8 Deck, Mashup, Captain Plugins, Odesi, Platinum Notes, and Beyond Beatmatching. So, let's have a glance over the popular products

Harmonic Mixing Software

Harmonic Mixing Software is a software that most of the DJ's and producers are using. It has some of the best features like Key Results, Cue Points, Energy level, and Clean ID Tags. All these features are helpful to mix a mashup; you can rank the song in your playlist. It is useful to clean all the unnecessary information so that you won't get any irrelevant comments.

Captain Plugins

Mixed In Key has a lot of Captain Plugins. Its plugins are useful for songwriting, exploring different chords, composing music, plenty of drum sounds, and many more. By using these plugins, you can make a lot of changes in your music without getting disruptions.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is very useful to edit your song in your DAW. It comes with several features like easy to use, establish the root key, work on the master bus, detect key in the fastest way, etc. Moreover, you can select two tracks with the same key, and you can easily mashup the tracks by using DAW.


Odesi is nothing but a sketchpad for DJs and music producers. Using this, you can easily find out which sound is looking amazing with synths. It is useful to write chord progression to add more mood to your music. You can write hooks, beats, and baselines. Odesi works on Mac, Windows, and even supports VSTs like Massive, Serum, Kontakt patches, and many more.

Flow 8 Deck

Flow 8 Deck takes your music and splits into eight loops. Whenever you play a song, you can skip the boring party and play the most favorite part of the song right away. It helps to create a different playlist so that you can play songs according to vibes.

Flow 8 Deck ranks songs on a 1-10 scale so that you can play low energy songs at the beginning and energetic songs at peak time. Besides, it makes your work easier to find your music collection.

Platinum Notes

The world's leading DJs use platinum Notes. It is useful to correct pitch, enhance files, and make it ready for you. It helps you to improve your music file so that you can play your music anywhere. Platinum Notes is perfectly designed to work with stores like Beatport, iTunes, and many more.


Using Mashup Software, you can pick two songs and mashup them together in less than 5 minutes. Besides, you can also mashup DJ, workout music, and radio shows.

Beyond Beatmatching

Beatmatching is very useful to build or create your mashup and most unique tracks. Besides, it uses Facebook and Instagram to generate more audiences, get gigs at nightclubs, etc. This software can be installed over Mac and Windows devices.

What are The Features of Mixed In Key Products?

Harmonic Mixing Software has many valuable features to offer, such as Clean ID3 Tags, Verify Results with Grand Piano, Personalize Tag, and Export Cue Points. All these features are crucial, so have a look to know more.

Clean Up Your ID3 Tags

You can instantly clean all the junk or comments. You can get a playlist if you are using Traktor, iTunes, Rekordbox, Serato, along with all other DJ software.

Verify Results with Grand Piano

Mixed In Key has added Grand Piano in their software so that you can verify the result as you want at any time. This option is optional.

Personalize Your Tags

Here, you can easily customize your ID3 tagging to store all the Mixed In Key results into your very own music files. You can always use the results like Pioneer CD-Js, Ableton Live, Traktor, Virtual DJ, Serato, and many other DJ software.


Mixed In Key has many features to offer, which can help you build your music or compose music without any disruption. Its features are quite crucial and beneficial. Moreover, its software is available at a decent range. Besides, you can select some of the additional features according to your requirement. Save up to 65% with Mixed In Key Coupons.


Mixed In Key is one of the places where you can create or produce your music. It helps you to create your playlist so that you will never come across a search results issue at the time of playing. Here, you can pick multiple tracks and can remix or mashup. Moreover, Mixed In Key and its features are quite easy to use.


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