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Read the latest microbe formulas Review. In 2017, Microbe formulas were founded by a simple mission to manufacture incredible supplements. Dr.Todd watts & Dr. Jay Davidson are the co-founders of microbe formulas. Good watts went through a course for treating Lyme disease. Unfortunately, he couldn't overcome chronic fatigue, Later, he understood about the parasites and discovered the effects of the bioactive carbon products which changed his life completely. 

Why Microbe Formulas?

Microbe Formulas are one of the topmost company which creates supplements that work for you. Every individual can join microbe formulas wellness center and arm yourself by gaining knowledge. You can take greater control upon your own health.

Full Moon Kit

Complete moon kits consist of three types of products like Mimosa pudica seed, formula one and Bioactive Carbon biotox. These full moon kits can decrease melatonin which weakens the immune system. It can gradually increase the serotonin which enables the parasite. By using these supplements, they can support to maximize the detox results. This full moon kit comes with one bottle of mimosa pudica seed, One bottle of formula one and one bottle of bioactive carbon biotox. This company only creates genuine products. They also provide a 60-day guarantee. You have to pay USD 109.00 for buying Full Moon Kit. 

Microbe Formulas Review

Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa pudica seed gives excellent support to the digestive system and immune system. It can even become sticky & Gelatinous in the digestive tract. This product works through inner intestines, Scraping and scrubbing by pulling out harmful toxins from your body. They support the immune system by removing unwanted biofilms. It can leave more nutrients and resources for your immune system. The ayurvedic herbs were designed to support one's body natural functioning. They are capable of healing your bodies which promotes the strength. This supplement is available in veggie capsules that can be swallowed directly. Generally, this powder expands and changes the consistency by becoming jelly. It works through the intestinal walls. Mimosa pudica pulls out toxins & parasites by optimizing your body's drainage.  This product is 100% organic. Mimosa pudica product is priced at $39.95 USD. 

Mimosa Pudica

Kidney & Liver Detox

It is a bioactive carbon product. It mainly focuses on drainage & immune support. It also utilizes the unique blend of natural ingredients such as NAC, Milk, Thistle, Parsley Gynostemma, Collinsonia root, and marshmallow root. They create supplements which work and restores your health. This company also provides 60 days of money back guarantee. Many studies have shown parsley gynostemma promotes antioxidant production. It can assist the liver by modulating and protects the kidneys function by decreasing the blood fats. 

The collinasonia roots can support urinary tract and bladder pain.  Beetroot can prevent or reduces fatty deposits in the liver. This product also protects the liver from toxin build-up. Various ingredients which were included in this product such as Bioactive carbon, N-acetyl cysteine, Parsley gynostemma, Collinsonia root, and Marshmallow root. This product is priced at USD 52.95. The kidney & liver is a part of the first phase. It is designed to establish the drainage through the Liver, Kidney, and bile duct system.  

List of Products

Microbeformulas provides 12 different types of products.

1) Full moon kit

2) Mimosa Pudica

3) Formula One

4) Intestinal Mover

5) Bioactive carbon biotox

6) Bioactive Carbon Foundation

7) BioCarbon Metchem

8) Kidney & Liver Detox

9) Lymphatic detox

10) Bioactive Carbon Minerals

11) Biomolecular Oxygen

12) Bioactive Carbon iodine


Microbe formulas create supplements that work. Every individual can find different types of products which can completely restore your health. You can even purchase the detox protocol. This detox protocol phase is divided into three phases like Drainage phase 1, Immune support Phase 2, and Detox phase 3.  You have to pay $310.70 for drainage phase 1, $470.55 for Phase 2, $440.60 for Phase 3, and $1,474 for complete detox protocol. 


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