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Playing musical instruments is one of the mindful activities, and it keeps you pleasant. But the most challenging thing is to learn to play music with consistent practice and motivation. People have less time these days to rush to institute and learn music. Then Melodics is a brand new platform to assist the users to learn playing musical instruments they love.

Melodics is a desktop app that makes learning more practical with a creative and huge variety of lessons. Many musicians have built up their practice habits with Melodics. Learn what kind of instruments you can learn and how the Melodics works in this review.

Musicians’ Favorite Platform

Melodics Review

There are many music learning platforms online. Melodics stand out from the crowd with the amazing and innovative features. Here are a few vigorous reasons that can make melodics musicians an all-time choice. 

  • Melodics makes learning easy, fun, relevant, and effective.
  • You can get access to exclusive lessons from a wide range of genres of international artists. You can also get exposure to different styles that may not be available at any other learning app
  • This platform is featured with structured learning that takes you through a solid progress line.
  • It gives real-time feedback on your progress and the areas that you need to improve. Melodics is equipped with powerful tools like practice mode, wait mode, and auto BPM that really help you focus on the areas you have trouble with.
  • Melodics is compatible with a wide range of devices. You can easily map your controller with Melodics. 

Instruments you learn at Melodics:

Melodics helps music learners with exciting and innovative strategies. Here are a few instruments that you learn at Melodics:

1. MDI Keyboard: 

Melodics has deployed smarter techniques to overcome the significant barriers that musicians face these days. MDI Keyboard platform takes your music skills to the next level and makes learning fun and addictive. 

Melodics works like a game built on the foundation of rigid music education principles. The lesson content is based on modern-day music to keep you updated. You will learn over 300 lessons, courses, and exercises from your favorite genres at Melodics. This can make learning a part of the daily routine.

2. Pads/Finger Drumming: 

Melodics is an engaging desktop app that helps you in refining your skills on the pads. You can learn at your speed at Melodics. Working on rhythm, timing, and building muscle memory is more comfortable with this music learning app. Finger drumming is an evolving skill that utilizes traditional elements such as rhythm, composition, and performance.  

Instead of limiting your skills to step sequencing or programming, the finger drummer uncovers the range and expression available to musicians.  

3. Electronic Drums:

Melodics takes you through the best learning practices to improve timing and build confidence. You need not watch the videos with too much talking and less playing. This platform properly puts your learning skills providing the results in less time. Melodics ensures that your learning is more comfortable and effective. 

Melodics is compatible with many electronic drum kits, especially Ronald and Alesis kits. 

Melodics for iPad:

Melodics has recently introduced its latest version for iPad, making learning more comfortable. This feature is available as a part of monthly and annual subscriptions. This feature enables you to maximize accessibility and practice with more freedom and flexibility. 

Melodics on iPad works well with the MIDI keyboards, MIDI pad controllers, and electronic drum kits. Melodics has an iPad connection guide to help the users connected with controllers and kits. 

Melodics Subscription Levels:

Melodics subscription lets you get full access to content and features all across the app. Its subscription plan uncovers the features like playtime, premium features such as playground mode, and guided path. 

Melodics has free, monthly, and annual subscriptions. You can avail of only limited features in the Free Plan. This plan lets you access free lessons for 5 performance minutes per day. The annual subscription will be automatically charged unless canceled. 

You can change your Melodics subscription level anytime using the Melodics account. Subscribers can also get access to exclusive lessons from acclaimed artists. 

Melodics Educational Discounts:

To capture the students’ attention, Melodics uses engaging techniques that are used in the world of gaming. This tool was designed with innovative and fun practices that can take music education to the next level. Melodics offers a 15% to 50% discount to Educational Institutions for Monthly and Annual subscription plans.

Melodics offers promotional promo codes to partner schools that can be shared with students, mail lists, and social followers. It helps the educational institutions to generate custom content depending on the license volume. 

Final Words:

Melodics help you to master your learning through listening, performing, evaluation, and practice. You can step into any genre that you love for the structured approach in a guided path. This online tool makes learning more fun with motivational mechanics and practice goals. The strategies that melodics use will help you build your rhythm, timing, and muscle memory.


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