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Eyelashes became part of the daily make up routine for many women because of the comfort, protection, and flexibility they offer. Some others use eyelashes occasionally for parties to enlighten the facial appearance. If you are looking for all-purpose eyelashes, then Lola’s lashes are the finest choice.

Lola’s lashes are the UK based online seller of false eyelashes. It stocks its products with a number of salons, retailer stores, and makeup artists around the UK. Learn more about various products and discounts that you get at Lola’s lashes.

Why Choose Lola’s Lashes Products?

Lola’s Lashes

Quality matters when you choose beauty products especially the eyelashes. All of Lola's lashes products are designed to replicate the elegant look in safe beauty. All the products are safe from the eye sensitive products including mineral oils, petrolatum, gluten, alcohol, paraffin, sulfate, coal tar, etc.

All its products are completely suitable for the vegans. The lashes are pretty easy to apply in under 2 minutes and they are wind and waterproof. Lola’s source all its products from trustworthy suppliers who have a history of safe product production with the laws in line with EU and US safety standards.

It is a one-stop store for all your eyelash essentials. 

Lola’s lashes Products

Lola always brings the brand new products for the customers to keep them in line with the trend. It offers you the latest false eyelashes and eyelash extension accessories. 

  • Lola’s Magnetic Eyelashes & Liners

Optometrists and homeopaths suggest that magnetic eyelashes are safe to use and better than traditional ones as you don’t have to apply the glue around the eyes. Magnetic eyelashes will actually hold up to 10 hours depending on the care that you take care of them. If you keep them make up free, they can be reused for many times approximately 10 times longer than the adhesive lashes.

Lola’s offer the magnetic eyelashes in alluring packs. Magnetic eyelashes are designed with the intention to keep the lashes in place. 

  • Adhesive Eyeliners

Lola’s lashes unveil 2 in 1 eyeliner and lash adhesive. These eyeliner pens will ease the way that you apply false lashes. Traditional glues may mess up the eyelashes and may make them unusable even after a few times of usage. Further, the adhesive eyeliners are compatible with any strip lashes. 

The adhesive pen formula is completely waterproof and lasts for over 60 uses. It is much easy to remove with warm water or any other makeup formula. 

  • Strip Lashes

These days, people prefer to use strip lashes that are made up of real human hair or synthetic fibers. 

Lola’s lashes strip lashes will offer natural length and volume to your lashes. These eyelashes are easy to put on with adhesive eyeliners. 

  • Lash Accessories

Lash extension accessories will add precision to the use of your false eyelashes. Lola’s accessories range from eyelash applicator, lash & brow scissors, and eyelash curler to cleansing oils, brow brushes, and mirrors.

Lola’s Lashes Rewards

Lola’s ladies is a reward program introduced for the users. With this reward program, you can earn and redeem the points. You will war 1 point for every purchase and 100 points for new account creations and friend referrals. 

You can redeem the vouchers as long as the reward points reach 100.

How to Use Guide

False eyelashes may be difficult to go with the beginners. Confronting this, Lola’s lashes have a blog to help the new users and make them much comfortable with all its products.

It covers the steps on how to use the lashes, including the procedure to be followed before application and for removal. It lists down do’s and dont’s to get the better results. 

Lola’s slashes have a blog to keep you in tune with the latest trends and the FAQs. 

Customer Reviews

Customers say that Lola’s’ lashes are lightweight and must-haves for every makeup savvy. It occupies the finest place in terms of comfort. Users admire these lashes for unique features like waterproof and wind-resistant. They are perfect to use in day and night. Lola’s offers false eyelashes for every budget. 

All the lashes are beautiful and never damage the texture and shape of the natural lashes. Users have a great experience with liners that stick well with all the eyelashes and easily removable with the oil-based removers. 

Shipping and Returns

It dispatches all the orders within 24 hours of placing the order. Dispatches will not be performed after 4 PM from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sundays. The site will accept the returns and exchanges in 30 days of receiving the order.  You can avail of free delivery over $30. Save 15% off on your orders using Lolas Lashes Discount Code

Overall Website Experience

Website gives the crispy information with a smart look. Lola’s lashes have its official pages on Instagram and Facebook to make you feel connected with the brand all the time.

It is a flexible platform to use for your eyelash extension needs. You can access the list of false eyelash brand along with its length and style it offers. You can know the complete details of every product even before you purchase it. 

Final Words

The purpose of eyelashes may vary from person to person. But quality and safety are common checks. It is better to rely on the mess-free magnetic eyelashes that give you a natural look. Magnetic eyelashes that Lola’s lashes offer are always good to do with the beginners make up professional, and even many celebrities prefer them for the elegant features they offer.


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