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Ropes have special importance in securing and supporting items or moving large objects. Its benefits are countless, from gym gear, boat equipment to swings, home decorating, and landscaping. Quality matters, when you plan to have a rope for any of your needs to ensure the desired and lasting outcomes. One such brand that follows all the essential parameters is Knot and Rope Supply. This brand has grown into a big company with a huge amount of stock and various ropes. Know more about the Knot and Rope Supply and the type of projects it serves, rope services, and other accessories in this review

History of Knot and Rope supply

Knot and Rope Supply has been ruling the business since 2004. The company started with modest origins with just a few rope types and splicing tools. Now the inventory has grown up to accommodate the spectrum from Macrame Cord to huge hawser lines and everything in between. This is the first company in the US that had an online store for selling rope and rope working tools. This brand utilized the power of the internet to make buying rope easy and inexpensive.

Knot and Rope supply Review

Over time, the company has added new products and services to elevate the online and offline experience. With the evolving technology and design trends, the brand kept strengthening the customer relationship.

Knot and Rope Supply Services

Knot and Rope Supply has a sounding profile in the rope industry, and its services are diverse and limitless. Some of the services offered by Knot and Rope supply include:


It is a well-established supplier for the retail industry and has an excellent working experience with several seasonal retailers. This brand also gained prominence in architectural and design firms. It has worked with various artists and art houses to provide the necessary materials and bring the aspiration to life.

On-Location Rope Splicing:

Knot and Rope supply professionals can splice, cut, or perform rope installations onsite. Some of these work samples include rope splicing and upgrade for sailboats and Landscape rope installations in posts and other architectural features.

Custom Lengths:

The rope length demands vary with the requirement. Knot and Rope cut the rope you need in various lengths for any project.

Rope Types you shop at Knot and Rope Supply:

Knot and Rope Supply has a vast collection of ropes for a variety of uses. Some of the classic rope collection includes Manilla rope, jute rope, cotton rope, nylon rope, flat nylon webbing, etc. Jute ropes are comparatively softer than manila ropes due to the long cellulose fibers making of this rope.

The rope types come in the models of 3 strands, 8 strands, 12 strands, 16 strands, 4 strands, 32 strands, solid braid, double braid, hollow braid, static rope, and lariat rope.

Knot and Rope Supply’s Rope Accessories:

Rope splicing enhances the rope strength so this brand adds splice to every rope. Customers can avail the option to have a climbing rope clamp or end whipping to the rope. Here are some other latest rope accessories:

Climbing Hardware:

It offers carabiners, ascenders, and descenders from Italy’s finest manufacturer. These items are designed to gear up the needs of professional and recreational climbers. Pulleys and blocks, arborist helmets, and climbing saddle are some of the climbing hardware collection

Rope tools:

This brand covers everything from sailor's palms to hard-to-find fids and whipping twine. Whipping twines wrap the ends of the rope to protect them from tangles and they come in several nice colors. The wax on the twine helps to hold tight and weld together once you are done.

Dog Leashes:

Pet owners require leashes that are safe and comfortable for their dogs. Knot and Rope Supply has a limitless collection of leash types: Xlarge bolt spring swivel snap, medium spring snap swivel, and large trigger snap.

Rope bags:

The life of the rope depends on how you take care of it. You need a clean and dry bag to protect your rope from the light, moisture, abrasive grit, and damaging solvents. It further makes the transport safe and convenient. Customers can shop the bags ranging from small, medium, to large to accommodate all the lengths of ropes.

Knot and Roper supply Project Help:

If you are not sure where to start, you can start by taking the right suggestion on rope type and alternative suggestion. For example, for the rope swing project, pro manila rope, manila rope are the suggested ropes and polyester combo rope, and 3 strand nylon ropes are the alternate ropes. This brand has some of the other projects displayed on the site for which you find the suggested and alternate ropes

  • Landscaping
  • Handrail
  • Climbing ropes
  • Battle rope for exercise
  • Tree rigging
  • Anchor lines
  • Clothesline
  • Flag pole

What are Special Orders on Knot and Rope Supply?

Special orders at Knot and Rope Supply are meant to offer customized services for the customers. It offers personalized services on Government orders. Customers can reach the brand through phone support for custom orders of lanyards, dock lines, handmade dog leashes, and exercise climbing ropes. Use Knot & Rope Supply Coupon Codes to get more discounts on your purchases.

Knot and Rope Gift Card:

It is the perfect gift option for the arborist, sailor, artist, craftsman, or any others who love rope. Redemption of the gift card is simple, and you need to enter the code received with your Gift Card or Discount Code in the field located on the checkout page.

Final Words:

Knot and Rope Supply has been ruling the rope industry since 2004 and the first company in the United States offering an online store selling rope and rope working tools. This brand fulfills various projects from landscaping, home decor, and swings to sailing and boating. Knot and Rope Supply can be your favorite platform if you love boating, camping, climbing, and unique indoor decoration.


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