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by Curated Deals Team   |  Jun 04, 2018    

Kmart is a comprehensive solution for all shopping needs. Its paramount focus is on giving you the best deals on products. From electronic appliances to groceries to jewelry, you simply have to name what you want and you will find it at Kmart. Products sold here encompass all the popular brands. You can also get your order shipped to any address in the USA. 

At any given time, many different discounts, promotions, and offers are always available at Kmart. You get nothing short of the best price here. Also available as an Android and iOS application, you can use Kmart for your shopping virtually from anywhere and at any time.


  • Mobile App & Website
  • Electronics & Appliances
  • Furniture & Bedding
  • Clothing
  • Health, Beauty & Pharmacy
  • Jewelry
  • Groceries

Mobile App & Website

  • Free Friday Fix

What could be better than the best prices and the best deals? Freebies. Giving away something free is the best way of showing gratitude. At Kmart, not only do you get the cheapest deals, but you also get freebies. How? Download and install the Kmart application on your Android or iOS device and wait for a Friday. 

All Kmart mobile application users get exclusive access to a weekly giveaway titled the Free Friday Fix. Every Friday, a different product is free and you can get it by using the application. Get access to many more promos and coupons only on this website. Go ahead and avail something free!

  • Bluelight Specials

Download the Kmart application now and receive real-time notifications about the Bluelight special offers on Kmart. The Bluelight Special deals let you buy artifacts at very low prices. With new Bluelight Special products every day, you are sure to find products that you want at discounts of over 50%. These limited edition deals on Kmart are updated every day. With instant notifications giving you a peek at the Specials for the day even before they are updated, you can order something you want at a heavily discounted price even if it is in high demand. 

Make an informed choice: Download the application and save big! Find many more deals and discounts only on this website. We verify all offers and deals conclusively to make sure that you can acquire exactly what you want at the cheapest possible price.

  • Exclusive coupons

You can now, with the Kmart mobile application save exclusive eCoupons to your profile and use them anytime for shopping on both the application and in-store. This feature only serves to make downloading the Kmart mobile application a compelling option for shoppers. With the mobile application, you no longer have to check for and type in coupon codes every time you buy a product. 

They are saved in your mobile and automatically applied to relevant products. Shopping has just been made that much easier!

  • Local Ads

Just enter your zip code to navigate to advertisements of promos and deals, which are local to an area. With this feature on the website, you can now remotely check the offers in a certain region. Features like this make Kmart the unique shopping solution that it is. Find out more on how to avail the best offers only on this website.

  • Clearance Sale

Get up to 75% off on original price during clearance sale on all product categories only at Kmart. The Kmart website, Android application and iOS application can be used to make these purchases or they can also be made offline.

Electronics & Appliances

  • Weekly Hot Deals

Cell Phones, tablets, computers, televisions, cameras and a plethora more of electronic devices are available only at Kmart. Electronic devices have become essential household needs. Kmart realizes that and every week, many electronic devices are subject to wonderful deals and promos. 

Get unparalleled discounts on devices from all your favorite brands. The weekly hot deals on electronics let you get the latest devices at the greatest prices. Find out more such deals and coupons only on this website.

  • Appliance Deals

To run a household or a commercial workspace, many tools and appliances are a necessity. Shopping for appliances on Kmart is like looking at an art form that is intricately designed and every look at it oozes satisfaction. You are given the same satisfaction with Kmart’s appliance deals. 

Electric Appliances from all the major reputed brands are available for sale at Kmart. You can now save from 5% to 30% on select appliances sold at Kmart. These discounts allow you to save a lot of money and also make sure that you spend wisely. Shop and save effectively only on this website.

  • No Money Down Layaway

With practically zero down payment, you can now own your favorite appliances & electronic devices from your favorite brands. Negotiate the terms of the contracts you have to pay just the way you want to. This offer allows you to get products at virtually zero cost while also allowing you to set the terms and conditions of your layaway. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the layaway options only at Kmart. We have verified this offer successfully.

Furniture and Bedding

  • Get up to 30% off on Dining Furniture

With a gigantic range of furniture from multiple brands, Kmart is one of the best places to go for furniture shopping. Dining tables, chairs, dining sets, kitchen carts, Kmart has them all. You can now get a discount of up to 30% on all dining furniture on Kmart. This offer allows you to buy more and at the same time, save more. 

Buying a lovely set of furniture for your dining room is a satisfactory achievement. What makes it lovelier is the price. Stay on this website for many more such discounts and deals. We have checked this deal and verified it to make your shopping experience even more wonderful.

  • Get up to 10% off on Home accessories purchases of $75 and more

Set up a home office or get that impressive home accent furniture set which wooed you. The choice is yours. You get 10% off on all Home accessories, furniture, and bedding purchases. You can use up to one coupon per purchase. Simply enter your coupon code and the discount is automatically applied.

 So, if you are looking to purchase furniture, home accessories, furniture or bedding, where do you go? That’s right, Kmart it is. Kmart has the best mattresses, bunk beds TV stands and lots more. In order to make your shopping hassle-free, we have verified this coupon to be working successfully. Check out more discounts and promos only on this website.


  • 30% off on Jaclyn Smith sleepwear for women

Jaclyn Smith Sleepwear for women is one brand whose very name is synonymous with comfort and relaxation. At Kmart, you have access to coupon codes to get 30% off on the aforementioned brand. Get sleepwear of your choice with a wonderful discount of 30%. Use this deal and get acquainted with comfort. This offer has been verified to be true by us. Transform your shopping experience only on this website.

  • Get an Extra 10% off on Dickies & Genuine Dickie’s Men’s Workwear

Every person chooses his/her workwear prioritizing on key aspects like comfort, aesthetics, and price. Most people seem to find Dickies & Genuine Dickie’s Workwear for men more than satisfactory in all three categories. Kmart offers an extra 10% off only on this brand. We have tested the coupon code successfully and found it to be efficient in getting the best price. Stay hooked to this website for more codes and offers.

  • BOGO 50% off on family shoes

Kmart offers a huge 50% discount on shoes for the family. On top of already great pricing, you get a wonderful discount, which only serves to make the store irresistible. Shop for the best boots money can find for both yourself and your family. This offer is directly applied to all relevant products in your shopping cart. The process works very effectively and has been checked by us. Get to know about many more offers and promos only on this website.

Health, Beauty & Pharmacy

  • Buy Two, Get One Free on all colour cosmetics

Outward beauty is a front for the colossus of inner beauty all humans possess. Colour cosmetics allow us to ensure that beauty remains just as unique and customized as it really is. On Kmart, you can find a gargantuan range of cosmetics from all the best brands. You also get the wonderful offer of buying two items and getting one item of equal value for the very low price of free. That’s right, completely free. In the interests of you getting the best price possible, we have tested the offer and it works successfully. Discover further offers, discounts, and promotions only on this website.

  • Fill five prescriptions and get $10 in points (Shop Your Way Pharmacy Rewards)

Kmart pharmacy now gives you rewards for filling prescriptions. Five prescriptions will bring back $10 in points. Offers like this are not to be missed. Go ahead and check out Kmart Pharmacy on the website and the Kmart Pharmacy mobile application. For your convenience, we have successfully confirmed this offer to work as specified. Stay on this website for many more deals, promos and coupon codes.


  • Get Extra 15% Off Fine Jewellery

Kmart provides a mammoth collection of exotic jewellery from many top brands. By applying this coupon, you can avail of an extra 15% off on all fine jewellery sold by Kmart. Only one purchase is allowed per coupon. This coupon has been tested and is verified.

  • Get 75% off on 10K certified Diamond Bridal Rings

The sparkle of a diamond on a ring never fails to spark the romance in a relationship. The beauty of the collection of bridal rings at Kmart is unsurpassed. With 10K certification and an extra 75% off, what more could you ask for? Find a ring that never fails instill wonder and find it at a price you would love to pay. 

This is a bargain worth dying for. Go ahead and check out the 75% discount on 10K certified Diamond Bridal Rings only on Kmart, knowing that we have successfully tested this deal. Keep visiting our website for more codes, offers, and discounts.

  • Get extra 10% off on watches

A great watch oozes class. It is an embodiment of refinement and elegance in society. At Kmart, you can find watches from the world’s classiest watchmaking brands. You have so many choices that you do not have a chance in failing to find a watch that suits your disposition. You also get an extra 10% off on watches. How great is that? Only on Kmart. 

We have checked this deal successfully and it is deemed to be working.  Continue on our website and get to know more delightful offers.


  • Food and grocery real deals

These deals from Kmart help you save money on expenditure for essentials. In addition, as food and grocery are necessary needs, these deals are a tangible aid. You can save money on a regular basis using these wonderful deals. Make your shopping a knowledgeable phenomenon where you know the best place to buy and the best deals available and do, as you know. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply a coupon to a product at Kmart?

On the website, any relevant coupon’s code should be entered during checkout. The coupon will be checked for validity and then it will be applied. There are also offers which are directly applied and do not require a code. On the mobile application, the coupon must simply be saved and it will automatically be applied when a relevant product is ordered. On both the website and the mobile applications, discounts applied will be shown in the summary. At a retail store, a physical copy of the coupon should be produced at the counter while checking out.

  • Does Kmart double coupons?

Kmart doubles ten coupons per customer per day only during doubling events. However, manufacturer coupons are doubled up to $0.99. Only four items can be purchased using double coupons. Buy one, get one offers, Kmart Savings coupons and Kmart Store coupons are excluded from doubling.

  • Does Kmart accept Paypal?

Kmart accepts payments done through the popular online payments system Paypal. You can buy items using Paypal on the Kmart website, Android application and the iOS application. Kmart gift cards can also be sent using Paypal.

  • Does Kmart allow stacking coupons?

No. Kmart does not allow stacking coupons. You have the option to use either one Kmart coupon per item or one manufacturer coupon per item. Nothing exceeding that is accepted at Kmart. Kmart also only allows the manufacturer and Kmart coupons and does not accept competitor coupons.

  • Does Kmart have Western Union?

Kmart offers Western Union’s enhanced Payments Service. This service is present at over 1,200 Kmart locations in the USA. The enhanced payments service constructed to simplify consumer experience while at the same time maintaining an expanded biller network.

  • Does Kmart match price?

Kmart will not match the prices of clearance sales and other discounts. It will also not match prices at clubs or warehouse outlets. If Kmart is to match the price advertised by the store in question, the item must be identical in brand, model size and colour. In the case of failure in satisfying any of the above conditions, Kmart will not match the advertised price.

  • Does Kmart ship internationally?

Yes. Kmart does ship orders internationally. Some things to be noted here are that particular brands, flammable items, and oversized items will not be shipped. In order to avail of international shipping, the customer should select his/her country. Additional shipping charges may apply.

  • What is the Kmart Shop Your Way Pharmacy Rewards program and how to earn rewards using the same?

The Kmart Shop Your Way Pharmacy Rewards program allows you to earn $10 in Shop Your Way Points for every five prescriptions purchased. These points can later be used at any Kmart or Sears store, both offline and online. In order to start earning these rewards, you will have to sign up at a Kmart pharmacy. Every time you fill a qualified prescription, you will be subsequently rewarded. The points rewarded have a validity of two weeks before they expire.


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