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Just one Dime is an online learning platform that is brought available to the entrepreneurs by Seth Kniep. He started this campaign out of frustration from his old job. He was worn out to make money for his boss so decided to do something for himself. With the thought of sharing his knowledge and helping others to set up their own business, Seth started Just One Dime.

The uniqueness of this platform is that all the techniques mentioned here are used by Seth and his coaches personally. So that there is no doubt of failure as the tricks are experimented before being taught. The course assures you to help your business reach the profit heights from the ground.

Uniqueness of Just One Dime:

Seth and his team are always dedicated to making your dreams come true. They help people with enthusiasm to earn independently with proven and effective information. 

All the courses are integrated with the information that is experimented and proved to be a successful and reliable topic. The piece of advice that the course offers is from real-life experiences and free from the recycled techniques and materials. It is the first choice for all the top eCommerce sellers including Amazon.

Just One Dime

Just One Dime teaches you the information that helps people to get tons of money on Amazon and other eCommerce sites. All the strategies here are taught with honesty without any secrecy.

Free Content on Just One Dime:

Just one Dime offers both free and paid content. By entering the date and location, you can get the availability of slots for the free training workshops. With Just One Dime blog, you can stay updated with the Ecommerce thoughts, news, and updates. 

It hosts JODCast, an online eCommerce that is designed for the listeners to deal with the dissatisfaction in the average lifestyle. Just One Dime is crafted with the Free Amazon Tool which offers the 7-day letter for your amazon customers and to treat them with loyalty. With YouTube Tutorials, you can learn the different steps to initiate income for your products on the eCommerce sites.

Just One Dime Products:

The products over the Just One Dime are split into coaching, Labs, and services. 

A. Coaching:

Just One Dime offers coaching on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), and Amazon Arbitrage Mastery. 

With FBA you can purchase some products and hold them in Amazon’s warehouse. You can manage and track your inventory through a web hub. When an order is placed for your product, Amazon takes care of the fulfillment cycle from packing to the moment it reaches the customers. 

Arbitrage is the finest business model developed using Amazon FBA. This course helps you with the tips to generate massive cash every day while reselling the products on Amazon with a very little upfront investment.

B. Labs:

At online labs, you can watch the step by step process of creating a new brand on Amazon. Get an outline of every single move in the way of building a new potential brand from brand-choosing to product research and factory negotiation. 

You can be a part of this virtual process by just paying $147 per month. 

C. Services:

With the Done For You, Just One Dime launches manage and grows your brand in the Amazon to generate the monthly potential cash flow.

Main Modules of Just One Dime:

The course on the Just One Dime is split into five modules. This helps the users to eliminate the confusion and go thoroughly across each step with the hints on the next step. 

Following is the training module structure that facilitates the users with in-depth clarification.

First Module-Setting Your Business:

This step enables the entrepreneurs to get their brand ready on the Amazon by making yourself comfortable with the suppliers and help you with the accounting and finance terms. 

Second Module- Get Mastered with Marketing Terminology

This module helps the business enthusiasts with the marketing terminology, product keywords, and product research that strengthen brand promotion on the Amazon.

Third module- Product Assembling

At this module, starters can learn to negotiate with the suppliers and the setup chain right from the product selection to shipping, inspection, and payment to listing your product on the Amazon. 

Fourth Module- Business Launching

The fourth module is all about the launch execution, generating organic reviews, and utilizing the PPC data to get the buyers. 

Fifth Module- Expand Your Business

At this module, learners come to realize optimization of sales while keeping the brand safe. It assists you in updating your business with the current market trends and keeps you stay alert towards the people trying to scam your brand.

 Events by Just One Dime:

Just One Dime conducts the events regularly to gather all the enthusiastic entrepreneurs in one place and enrich them with the knowledge required to promote and sell their product on Amazon and get the potential revenues in return. 

The latest events hosted by Just One Dime are:

Ecom 2020 Online

China Sourcing trip

Cost of Just One Dime Course:

On Just One Dime, you will get the training and strategies that help you to reduce the chain of finding a good product and selling it on Amazon. 

There are two possibilities to purchase Just One Dime:

One-time payment of $1997

3-time payments of $597. This pack does not offer you the product ideas or the supplier information to assist you in building your product. 

With the Just One Dime membership, you can access all the hours of training for the 200+ videos available. You can also get 1 on 1 mentor sessions and 3 hours of live coaching workshops every week.  It has FB community and community mentors who can help you crack the hard questions. Save $200 OFF using Just One Dime Coupon Code.

In simpler words, Just One Dime is an easy platform, if you do not want to experiment with your time and money in your own research. Invest your valuable time in learning the courses at Just One Dime and get mastered in selling your products on Amazon.


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