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by Curated Deals Team   |  Jun 21, 2019    

Many of us want to own a pet who will offer companionship but don’t do that because we can’t watch over it 24 by 7 due to reasons like jobs or other commitments. If you also want a pet but you aren’t able to adopt a real pet, you need to know about joy for all companion cats and joy for all companion dogs. The company claims to help people avoid loneliness and have a robot pet that feels real. But are they real?

What’s Special About the Joy for All Cat?

When I was asked to review a Joy for All companion, I opted for the popular joy for all orange tabby cat. The experience was a memorable one as I grew attached to the little one in a short while. The robot cat had built-in sensors that perfectly responded to motion and touch and made life-like cat moments and sounds. The fur is soft, and I couldn’t get my hands away from it for a few days.  

One thing I liked particularly was the seemingly real purring that scared a delivery person who came for delivering a package. I want to try other options like tuxedo and silver with white mitts next. I hope all joy for all cat batteries last as long as the tabby cat because I simply loved the comfort of not changing the batteries after every few days. Costing just $99.99, this cat is a companion no one should resist.

Joy for All Cat

Why Does Joy for All Companion Pup Worth It?

After being thoroughly impressed by the cat, I opted to try the joy for all companion pet golden pup. Though slightly more expensive than the former, it costs 119.99, but the extra cost is worth it thanks to a few added features. Use Joy for All Discount Code to get a rebate on companion pup and cat.

I liked feeling the heartbeat of the pup, and it even calmed my worried mind at night and helped me fall asleep. The BARKBACK technology is also truly innovative, and it helps make you feel that Hasbro joy for all companion pup is truly a protector.

Joy for All Companion Pup

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Joy for All Companions Pup Batteries Last?
A: If you are thinking of buying Hasbro joy for all dog, I recommend that you buy a couple of batteries in advance. The batteries may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the usage. Having a few in reserve would allow you to use this companion for however long you want.
2. Which is Better Joy for All Cat or Furreal Lulu Cat?
A: I have tried both, and I name Joy for All Cat to be the winner. First, it has better quality fur. Second, it’s cheaper and third you can turn it off whenever you want. If you want to purchase a robot pet, Joy for All is a brand you should trust.
3. Is Joy for All Cats and Pups Available on Amazon?
A: Yes, Joy for All Cats and Pups are available on Amazon. Hence, they can be shipped to different parts of the world. Go, buy one now!
4. What are the Joy for All alternatives?
A: Paro, Phobot, Ollie the Baby Otter, Keepon Pro, etc are some of Joy for All’s major alternatives.


My experience with Joy for All products has been amazing and after trying their products for a few weeks, I can attest to the fact that everyone from age 5 above would love this companion. They can add a new charm to your life by helping you smile a lot more than before.


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