iRocker Sup Review - Hiigh-Quality Paddle Boards and Surfing Gear

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Surfing has become popular these days, and it is a favorite pastime for many water riders. This water sport is usually conducted on the shores of oceans and seas. Along with the fun, surfing also carries many health benefits like cardiovascular fitness, back strength, and core strength. This gorgeous sport pairs your brain with the feel-good chemicals. 

Surfing boards and other gear matter help utilize your core strength properly and ride along the waves. iRocker is a standard and reliable platform that offers the best surfing boards made up of premier materials light in weight. This review takes you through the many other features of this site.

What’s Unique about iRocker Sup?

iRocker Sup

iRocker uses only premier triple-layer composite military grade PVC in inflatable paddleboards. It is specialized in delivering lightweight boards with extra protection. All its products offer a durable and rigid environment for the surfers. iRocker boards are featured with secure handles and other safety gear in both front and rear parts.

Paddle engineering is sounding with many flexible and safety features. Paddles are 

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Floatable
  • Blades are made for SUP

iRocker Products

iRocker has a unique gear collection for your surfing or river trip. Explore the paddleboards and other gear iRocker offers:

1. Paddleboards: 

You can shop 3 major brand paddleboards at iRocker: Nautical, iRocker, Blackfin. Have a rundown on each of the brands:

Nautical: This board is affordable and more robust. Nautical boards have exciting and lightweight designs that are the right way to govern your paddleboarding skills. The paddleboard accumulates 13 D-rings, bungee-cord cargo storage in the front, and 3 removable fins. 

Free and round the clock shipping is available round the clock in the US. The Nautical paddle boards have a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.  

iRocker: iRocker brand boards include carbon blend adjustable travel paddle. It comes with a wheel compatible travel bag, twin-chamber and a triple action hand pump, 10’ coil lash with a key pocket, and 3 flip lock style fins. Each board consists of 4 action mounts, 5-7 handles, and about 2 bungee cargo areas.  

This brand has made the entire package lighter, healthier, and easier to use. To stand out, this brand has added many optional accessories that can outfit your board suiting your adventure.  

Blackfin: Blackfin is one of the versatile boards on the market and has all the updated features and accessories designed for those looking to get the best of the surfing gear. It comes with a lighter, stiffer, and stronger 27 oz full carbon shaft paddle. Blackfin boards have 20 D rings, 8 action mounts, front and rear cargo areas, and 7 handles for extended comfort. The fishing rack mount is one of its unique features that make your pastime more astounding.  

Blackfin SUPs come with a 2-year warranty.  

2. Gear: 

iRocker offers the gear that can make up your surfing smoother. Some of the popular accessories include:

  • drink holder 
  • roto-molded cooler
  • waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • Kayak seat
  • Inflatable belt pack
  • Backpack
  • Roller tray for SUP bag
  • Electric pump

The adjustable kayak seat lays flat when not in use so that you can easily surf without getting it in the way. You can easily tweak SUP into a kayak in a matter of seconds. 

3. Apparel: 

At iRocker SUP, you can shop T-shirts and hats printed in the brand name so that you can enhance your surfing experience and can give a uniform look to your team while traveling in groups.

4. Spare Parts:

Spare parts keep you well prepared and safe all the time. They make help you make a distortion less journey. 

Some of the spare gauge available at the iRocker SUP online store includes:

  • Bunge Cord
  • Hand pump hose
  • PVC adhesive
  • Flip-lock cover
  • Paddle C-clip
  • Hand pump pressure gauge

iRocker SUP Financing 

Paddling boards and other surfing gear are available at affordable prices, and with the purchase of two SUPs, you can save up to $80. You need not pay anything extra other than what you see on the website. You can receive updates of the exclusive discounts by entering Email. Save $80 on purchase of SUP using iRocker Sup Coupon Codes.

Orders & Returns:

Free shipping is available for the boards purchased in the US, CA, UK, EU, and AU. Almost all the orders are shipped on the same or next day. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the items within 60 days of purchase with a 100% refund. 

You can review and extend the warranty information by entering your name, Email, and order number.

iRocker has convenient 0% financing with which you can make the payment instantly and divide the payment into timely monthly payments. The products are integrated with genius conversion and extension kits to stretch the functionality of paddling boards. You can select any affirm of your choice as the payment option for the financing options. 

Final Words:

Use your core to regulate powerful paddle stroke. The right paddleboard can boost your confidence and add a smooth and professional touch to your surfing experience. Pack up your journey with the iRocker SUP gear for a smoother and joyful experience.


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