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by Curated Deals Team   |  May 23, 2019    

With an increase in marketing trends, there’s tremendous growth in e-commerce stores and shopping websites. Are you a business enthusiast? And looking for a powerful yet high-converting Shopify themes? You’ve come to the right place.

E-Com Turbo is one of the finest ways to craft beautiful Shopify store designs, boost conversions resulting in huge profits. It speeds up the page-loading, saves your time, money investing in fraud tools. Instead, you can use the cash to run Ad campaigns.

When it comes to choosing the best theme available in the market,  you shouldn’t dwell into the marketing gimmicks. However, if you find the right one, you should research how it works. If you don’t have enough time in analyzing the online content, check out the following article. 

Here, I’ve given E-Com Turbo Review by incorporating themes, cost, support services, benefits, and drawbacks which provides you with a clear-cut idea to make an informed choice.  

Benefits of E-Com Turbo Software

If you struggle to get sales from the Shopify stores, then it’s recommended to install eCom Turbo software which is good at boosting the product's sales in a short time. You don’t have to buy expensive tools anymore. The ECom Turbo is offering cutting-edge designs among the competitors at inexpensive prices. Now, let us look at the possible benefits of using e-com turbo on your Shopify store. 

E-Com Turbo Benefits

Fast Loading Time

Every customer loves to visit a site with the best content and fast loading speed. If you provide what the customer needs, they’re more likely to spend time on the page. And now you can easily trigger them to buy the products. 

For instance, if you have a website with 3seconds of page loading time, then you can turn to 1.5/2seconds by utilizing the eCom Turbo themes. Doing so improves sales by 40% (in a couple of months). 

“Faster the Page Loading Time, More Sales you can Drive to a Website.”

Conversion Boosters

The designers and marketing professionals spend hours experimenting with the themes that generate high conversions. If you’re a member of eCom Turbo, you can access conversion boosters to maximize the profits and save money spending on irrelevant applications. 

Fully Customized Homepage

Now you can design the shopping page on your own with the help of HD images, templates, graphics, and videos to grab the user attention. It gives full access for the premium members to change colors, fonts, titles, keywords, prices, and monitor the websites/blogs efficiently. 

Free E-Com Turbo Course

Once you login to eCom Turbo, you can subscribe to the free Ecom Turbo course to watch the videos that illustrate how to download and set up the theme. The video contains the step by step guide to making the novice understand the concepts. 

E-Com Turbo Support Services

While purchasing a product, it’s essential to look for support services too. This gives assurance for the buyers that they can directly approach the support team to clarify the doubts. Also, most people have given a 5-star rating for the support services offered by the ECom Turbo team. They work with the flexible timings (24/7) and will respond to the queries politely. 

Best Features in E-Com Turbo

E-Com Turbo was created by a business person who is obsessed with increasing sales. All the themes are unique, easy to understand and downloadable to generate high-conversions. Here, in this section, I’ve mentioned the list of features that you will access when purchased any of the turbo theme plans. Have a look, 

  • Email collector
  • Built-in scarcity timer
  • Custom clean footer
  • Cash boosting upsell
  • Call to action buttons
  • Instagram feed
  • Sales ticker and
  • Trusted badges

Email Collector:- It is a fully-customized pop-up that generates leads, sales, and makes promotions via coupon codes. This is one of the conversion types that capture data of leaving customers and pulls them to buy products by displaying offers/discounts. Being handling the online store,  you can change the text, font style, color to your favorites.

Built-in Scarcity Timer:- This scarcity timer adds more sales to your store by displaying the limited time on product snippets. This feature works well for seasonal products. 

Custom Clean Footer:- If you haven’t optimized the footer properly, there are chances that you may lose sales to some extent. Opting for custom clean footer removes clutters in the footer section and thereby maximize the product sales. 

Cash Boosting Upsell:- The studies show that customers often buy products when they see upsell right after the cart and checkouts. This technique worked well for many sellers with a 25% increase in the overall sales. 

Call to Actions:- Call to action buttons can be customized and placed under the product. You can add the keywords, titles, prices, adjust the button size, and change the colors of your choice. 

Urgency Sales Ticker:- Showcase your products by making the people think it’s available for a limited period or discounts. It works 100% to drive organic traffic to buyers.  Furthermore, you can change the color, text, font, and borders effortlessly.

Increase Instagram Reach:- Most of the themes available in the market doesn’t support Instagram. But, this E-Com Turbo tool is designed to redirect the visitors from Insta-page to the stores. And to make it happen, it uses sticky add to cart buttons. 

Trusted Badges:- Adding badges to the sales pages builds trust among the audience and is a sign of quality products that maintain standards. However, there is no restriction to add single or multiple badges for a product. 

Pros and Cons of E-Com Turbo Theme Application


  • The cost ECom Turbo is less compared to other paid theme brands.
  • Comes with fully customized options to make the necessary changes and match with the business niche store. 
  • All the themes and other marketing tools are designed, developed by professionals who have hands-on experience in the digital marketing field.
  • It has loads of built-in features like email collector, scarcity timer, footer, sales ticker, Instagram feed, and Badges. 
  • With a one-time investment, you can receive the updates and support services for a lifetime.
  • Most of the themes are optimized to work on computers, mobiles to increase sales and revenue. 
  • Simple, unique, and ready-made themes to craft on fashion, beauty, clothing, electronics, supplements store niches.
  • All the premium plans have free ECom Turbo course video to learn everything from the beginner’s point of view (like downloading the theme and installing on your site). 
  • ECom Turbo store offers money refund within 14-days from the purchased date. You can claim for the rebate through emails and only when you aren’t happy with the services.
  • The themes, plugins, and applications are interfaced together to minimize the page-loading time of e-commerce Shopify stores and websites. 


  • Kills your time while updating to the newer versions of themes, add-ons, templates, etc.,
  • You cannot directly interact with the technical team. You need to raise the complaint through tickets, and the authorized person will be connected after some time (can be hours/days). 

E-Com Turbo Pricing Plans

Did you ever imagine how much you can save on the themes? Well, you can collect hundreds of dollars and use them to run campaigns or keep in pockets. What’s my point is, if you’re investing in expensive tools that don’t match with the niche business, everything goes in vain. So, it's better to opt for the brands that offer quality services at moderate prices. One such store is the E-Com Turbo and categorized as standard, pro, and unlimited plans. Let us understand the pricing plans offered by the E-Com Turbo Store in-depth. Before purchasing any plan check eCom Turbo Discount Code for rebate.

ecom turbo pricing

E-Com Turbo Pricing Chart

PlansCostStore Accessibility

Standard ($97):-  The cost for standard turbo plan is $97. If you are a newbie and want to handle a single Shopify store, then this standard pricing plan is for you. Besides, you will get the updates and technical support services for a lifetime. It also gives full- access for the buyers to train on themes by watching video tutorials. 

Key Features of E-Com Turbo Standard Pricing Plan

  • Access to a single Shopify store.
  • Get lifetime updates and support services.
  • Become a member of E-Com Turbo Facebook group.
  • You’ll be given full training on themes and the stores.

Pro ($127):- Next one in the list is the E-Com Turbo Pro pricing plan. This best suits those who have three online Shopify stores and monitor them from time to time. And to enable the pro services, you need to spend $127. And all other features are similar to the standard plan. 

Key Features of E-Com Turbo ProPricing Plan

  • Monitors 3 Shopify stores. 
  • Access instantly from anywhere.
  • Full theme training and bonus E-Com training.
  • Add yourself to E-Com Turbo FB group to receive the latest news and updates. 

Unlimited ($147):- Compared to the above plans, E-Com Turbo Unlimited pricing plan allows the customers to use the beautiful pre-built themes on countless stores. And the rest of the features are the same. 

  • Key Features of E-Com Turbo Unlimited Pricing Plan
  • Able to use the turbo theme on unlimited stores. 
  • Lifetime updates, support, and private FB groups.
  • Get trained on themes and how to use turbo store.

E-Com Turbo Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is E-Com Turbo?
E-Com Turbo is a wonderful platform for the beginners, digital marketers, designers to use eye-feasting themes on shopping stores and enhance product sales in a short time. This best Shopify conversion theme saves time, money, and efforts by not allowing the users to fall for cheap (or inefficient) tools that are available in the market.
  • Do I get updates for free of cost?
Yup! You do get the notifications and updates regularly without investing a single penny.
  • Can I use Turbo themes on multiple websites?
Of course, Yes! You can use the turbo themes on multiple websites with a one-time payment. And you can access them once you receive the licenses in a week.
  • Do they provide money back guarantee?
Like other competitors, E-Com Turbo is offering money refund after you try using the HD themes for 14days.
  • How can I make a complaint to the support team?
You need to send a ticket to the team about your issue. They will approve and come with the best solution in a couple of minutes.
  • Do I need coding experience to work on E-Com Turbo themes?
It has come with the customization options at the front end to add images, elements, widgets, colors, etc. Everything is done smoothly on the e-commerce store without the need for coding knowledge.


Over the years, E-Com Turbo theme is offering quality services for the reasonable rates. They’ve come with lots of features like timer, buttons, footer, badges, etc. to make the product pages look exceptional and worth buying. 

Hope you enjoyed reading the E-Com Turbo Theme Review. If you have no idea about choosing the theme for your business, you can take the advice from the technical team. Further, if you’ve queries regarding cost, tools, how to use, let us know in the comment section. We’ll be right away to clarify them and come with the best. 


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