Dry Farm Wines Review - Chemicals and Additives Free Natural Wine

by Curated Deals Team   |  May 18, 2019    

Have you ever noticed why wine manufacturers never mention ingredient list on the label? 

What most people don’t realize is more than 50% of commercial wine brands in the US adds toxins such as yeast, sulfates, sugars, etc. during the farming or manufacturing process. 

Consuming such unhealthy wine cause health problems like depression, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, heart stroke,  and much more to go. 

Do you want to be healthy? Fit? Or reduce the lifespan? 

If you care for your health, yes you need to know about the Dry Farm Wines. But before, you should also look at the interesting facts about wine and the history of dry farm wines. Let’s get started!

Some Interesting Facts About Wine

  • Did you know that wine cheers tradition has come from Ancient Rome? 
  • Italy is the world’s largest producers of red wine for its flavor, and 10000 grapes varieties turn to wine. 
  • One glass of wine contains the juice extracted from grape clusters,  where 1 group refers to the 75 grapes. 
  • One grapevine produces 10 bottles of wine, and 1 acre contains 400 vines resulting in 5 tons of grapes.
  • 1 bottle of wine contains 750 ml (or say 4 glasses of wine), and 1 barrel of wine contains 295 bottles (or 1180 glasses of wine). 
  • Of all the famous wine brands, Dry farm wines serve pure, delicious, and natural wines to the customers with 100% health guarantee.

History  of Dry Farm Wines

Todd White, Founder of Dry Farm Wines also runs several other belt businesses worth million dollars in this competitive world. And this turned out passion for him to care for the health and enjoy alcohol as well in the late 40’s. 

Todd found that modern wines are made of high-concentrations of chemicals that aren’t supposed to be. He then came across natural wine production in France, made several studies, and began to implement on his business. 

The team travels all over the world in search of the most beautiful grape varieties to satisfy the customers. Further, it is lab-tested for quality, taste, and safety reasons. It worked well and became a huge success (200X) in recent years. He convinced his friends to invest in the wine business, and now Dry Farm Wines has become the best natural winemaker in the world.

Dry Farm Wines Review

What are Dry Farm Wines?

In most of the European countries, irrigation is illegal, which means the grape farm can only depend on the natural resources - soil, moisture, sunlight, temperature. As the wine is extracted from the dry farm grapes, hence the name Dry Farm Wines.

Dry Farm Wines

Dry farm wines are processed uniquely, and the flavor depends on the longevity of grapes. Also, you need experienced farmers to take-care and produce grapes in abundance. 

Drinking dry farm natural wines keeps away the hangover, headache, and stress. They are the high-quality natural wines that are extracted from small organic farms to meet the health standards. Unlike other commercial wines, the dry farm wine is real, and nothing is added at the end. Moreover, the wine is free from

  • Sugar-free
  • No additives
  • Gluten-free
  • Keto friendly
  • Taken from old vines 
  • Low alcohol content
  • Low-carb nature and 
  • Hand harvested

Has No Additives

There is a lot of risks involved during the wine manufacturing process. You may add additives in more quantities and make it worthless. To make it simple, use fermented grapes taken from healthy vines in large numbers with more consistency. 

Further, additives help to change the color, flavor, and sweetness of the wine. FDA has approved the usage of 76-different additives like sugars, sulfates, high-concentration grape juice, tartaric acid, commercial yeast, acetaldehyde, ascorbic acid, ammonium phosphate, gelatin, albumin, and much more in making wines. On the other hand, natural wines have nothing to be added and taste fantastic. 

No Sugars and Carbs

The bitter truth wines having high sugars and carbs (carbohydrates). If you are a diabetic patient or want to be healthy, then you should avoid the wine that has high-sugar content (commercial wines - who focus on profits, and not customer satisfaction). 

So, it’s better to opt for naturally-prepared wine. When you process everything naturally, the sugar gets converted into alcohol. And once you taste the wine, it will be grape flavored and sugar-free. 

Low Alcohol Content

Drinking alcohol isn’t a sin. It’s a part of the culture and the best way to greet guests, friends, family members. Nothing is going to be serious and everything in control, unless you take the alcohol in required amounts. Consuming alcohol in excess matters the most and causes several side-effects. 

Whereas, taking alcohol in right dosage helps to boost the mood, relieves stress, improves cardiovascular health, and encourages people to communicate when taken in sufficient amounts. Hence, it is recommended to choose the wine with low alcohol content; where you can get from the dry farm wines. 


You are investing hundreds of dollars. So, you cannot compromise on quality and taste. Naturally-grown dry farm wines have an excellent taste and let you enjoy the flavor throughout. 

Lab Tested Results

The wine bottle has no ingredients and nutrition list on the label. So, you can only see the percentage of alcohol, and that’s not even accurate.

As per the guidelines set by Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), the alcohol percentage in a bottle of wine should be 1.5 more or less than what’s mentioned on the bottle. But, most of thee profit-oriented brands do not follow the guidelines and is the reason for people who have cancer, heart attacks.

To overcome such health issues and enjoy the tasty wine, the team of Dry farm wines did experiments to test the purity of the wine. And found it successful. They also guarantee that they meet the health standards as the ingredients are naturally grown. 

Health Benefits of Dry Farm Wines

Studies have shown that consuming wine has tremendous benefits to make people live longer, protect against cancer, and improve mental health. Now, let us look at the possible health benefits of drinking dry farm wines.

  • Taking two glasses of wine a day improves cardiovascular health and fight against type-2 diabetes. 
  • The red wine may prevent the loss of vision caused due to the uncontrolled blood vessels in the eye.
  • Women can drink a glass of wine to prevent breast cancer and minimize the colon cancer.
  • The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of dry farm wine protect teeth from bacteria and decay. 
  • Dry farm wine is composed of nutrients like manganese, iron, potassium, fluoride, phosphorus, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C to improve the overall health.


For a pregnant woman, it is highly recommended to avoid the wine as it affects the baby’s growth. And if you are taking medications like aspirin and have a weak heart, liver, and kidney problem, do not prefer wine. 

Dry Farm Wines Shipping Services

Once you place an order in dry farm wines, management takes 1-3 working days to pack the wine bottles, and you will get a tracking email to know the status of shipment. After receiving the order to home, make a signature, and enjoy your delicious drink. If you are out of the station, the order can be delivered to the office address too. 

Per single order, you can receive a maximum of 6-12 red, white wine bottles (not more than that). And the packing may vary in style while shipping to different countries all over the world (follows the set of guidelines to ship the order - legally). However, you can cancel the order anytime if you do not wish to make a purchase.  Before making any purchase check Dry Farm Wines coupon to get a discount.

6-bottles (Red and White)
12-bottles (Red and White)

Frequently Asked Questions on Dry Farm Wines

  • Are dry farm wines vegan?

Although wines are not vegan certified, dry farm wines claim that the wines (red, white) aren’t made of animal products. 

  • Where is dry farm wine located?

Dry farm wines are located in California, USA. 

  • How much dry farm wines cost?

They charge $159 for a quantity of 6 wine bottles and $299 for 12 bottles. The cost is the same for white, red, and mixed orders.

  • Can diabetes people drink wine?

As per the American Diabetic Association, 29-million (1 in 10) people have diabetes in the USA. Moderate consumption of wine can improve the health in type-2 diabetes due to the presence of antioxidants and polyphenols. Along with the wine, you should also take food to maintain body sugar levels. 

  • Can I order a single bottle to taste the flavor?

Nope. It’s not possible. There is no option for you to order a single wine bottle from the store. However, you can order the red wine or white wine in quantities of 6 and 12. 

  • Do dry farm wines provide a membership plan to the users?

Yes, you can get the dry farm wine membership plan at reasonable prices. Being a member of dry farm wines gives access to drinking limited natural wines by ordering from anywhere in the world. Further, it permits buyers to change the order and shipment date. 

  • What is TTB?

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is a universal board that handles the wine labeling to provide genuine information (taste, quality, trust) to the customers. Suppose, if you start wine business and willing to marketize, then you need to get approval from the authorities - TTB and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as well. 

FDA - [Official Links -  https://www.fda.gov/

TTB - [Official Links -  https://www.ttb.gov/]

Conclusion:  Should I Buy Dry Farm Wines? 

If you are health conscious and willing to enjoy the flavored wine, then you should try the Dry Farm Wines. All wines types available in a dry farm are naturally grown, sugar-free, gluten-free, low in carbs, alcohol, sulfates, and mold-free. Further, the wine is lab-tested to ensure safety. 

What makes dry farm wines more special among competitors is that sells 100% organic wines to different parts of the world. Further, the farm and winemaking practices are incredible and maintain certain health standards. 

Do you grow grape varieties in your farm? And willing to be a part of the dry farm wines? Well, you can associate with the team in producing tasty wines to the customers. If you have queries leave a comment below. We will assist you as soon as possible. 


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