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Every entrepreneur, business professionals aspires to make the website/blog or applications look top-notch using the creative designs. 

What if you can get such high-quality graphic designing services at affordable prices?

Yup. The one we’re discussing is about Design Pickle. It is the world’s largest graphics designing platform that focuses on creating HD images, themes, templates for the personal or business requirements.

To avail the services, you can go with the monthly/yearly subscription plan depending on the choice. As per the expert's suggestion, it's better to go with the pro version that helps to collaborate with the designing team and request for changes to match the business needs.  

Further, if you want the designs on a daily basis, the Design Pickle tool accepts and processes your requests in a couple of days. No coding is required. You can seamlessly integrate the designs, monitor the workflow and connect with the applications like Pinterest, Quora, Facebook, Instagram, etc.,

For more information, read the Design Pickle full review which comprises the list of features, pros, and cons, pricing plan, etc., given below.

“Spend less time to organize and more time in designing the graphic images.”

Amazing Features of  Design Pickle Software

In the corporate world, you keep on taunting the graphic designers to maintain the standards or make improvements for the website images. And yet the output is not the desired ones (lots of changes required). As a result, you may end up wasting time, money and effort. The best way is to go with the Design Pickle software that offers professional graphic designers for affordable prices. Given below are the benefits of using Design Pickle software for the business niche. Have a look

Dedicated Design Pickle Services

Stop paying the money for edits. Now you can change the graphics multiple times using Design Pickle tool for the cost of a single image. Moreover, it delivers on-demand, flat-rate graphic pictures as per the convenience of clients/users. If you want to go with the more advanced design features, upgrade to the Pro version where you can chat with the designer and give necessary inputs for the project. 

Customer Support Services

It features world-class customer support, product training, and educational services to bind you with plenty of options. Further, the collection of ebooks, guides, and templates helps you to get the desired graphics from the designer even if you haven’t much idea about crafting professional themes.  


Design pickle offers scalable graphic design services for an entrepreneur or a company by featuring a traditional design that can be accessed through a few clicks and helps to increase the overall performance. Moreover, the team of professionals is ready to tackle the creative challenges no matter what the size of your project/organization is. 


This software gives enhanced user-experience with the help of organized files, automatic repetition tasks, and also keep an eye on project status. It is possible to store the brand logos, images, and other designs at one place and share with the team members. To avail such amazing services, opt for a pro subscription that includes the premium stock photos where you can get it for $25/month.


It’s not easy to match the requirements of hundreds of startup companies and monitor as well. But, the Design Pickle made it easy to integrate with the favored applications to streamline the designer's workflow. You can make requests and connect with the application itself, emails, API, Zapier, google sheets, slack, etc., depending on your choice. 


The graphic design files are secured in a cloud application where you and the team access files at any time. You don’t have to purchase the storage space separately; instead, you get the backup services or hard drives to store the wonderful crafts. The unlimited storage capacity allows users to store photos, logos, fonts, and other company assets in a secured location. Apart from that, it also incorporates loss prevention and disaster recovery management features to protect information being lost. 

Design Pickle Pricing Plan

If you hire a freelance graphic designer, it costs around $30-$50 which is cheaper. But, the real problem is the designer may not show interest to edit the visual images again and again. And that’s how Design Pickle established.  

Are you eager to know the price of Design Pickle? Then this section is for you. Depending on the project requirements, business type, and budget-limitations, the Design Pickle pricing plan is categorized as Standard and Pro designer services. The standard design services costs around $375 and $995 for pro services per month. 

Standard Designer Services ($375/mo)

Standard designer services are meant for limited-budget people. It provides dedicated professionals to the clients in designing high-quality images and free stock photos to access from anywhere.  If you want to make necessary changes, you can contact the designing team through live chat. Moreover, it offers a 14days risk-free money guarantee scheme. 

  • Unlimited request and brands.
  • Dedicated professional designer.
  • Free stock photos and Zapier integration.
  • 14days risk-free money guarantee scheme.
  • Live chat with dedicated support and training.

Pro Designer Services ($995/mo)

The second option in the list is the Pro designer services that charge $995 per month. It is specially crafted for small to medium and large business organizations where there is a need for designers in bulk. This pro service helps to collaborate with real-time applications, API access, and make HD images without any risks. Also, it is most appreciated by the large business farms, private sectors. While paying for the subscription plan check Design Pickle Coupon Code to get discount. Now, look at the list of features you get with this pricing plan,

  • API Accessibility.
  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Digital design and page-layouts.
  • Advanced integrations and illustrations.
  • Customized animated GIFs (for 2-3seconds).
  • Increased turn-around times & design output.

Pros and Cons of Design Pickle

  • Design Pickle software tracks your projects and delivers the work on time.
  • No need to pay for stock photos anymore. You will be given full access to Getty images for handling bulk projects. 
  • Having access to Design Pickle helps you to create awesome visuals like infographics, social media images, Pinterest and business card designs.
  • If there is a change in the design or concept, the designers are ready to change whenever you want with n-number of revision requests.
  • If you aren’t a designer but have a creative mind to put the images on websites, blogs or applications, then Design Pickle is for you.  
  • You can use high-quality graphic designing services for multiple websites, blogs to generate visitors.
  • Design Pickle accomplishes the task in time by assigning bulk designers to the organization (as many as required).
  • Just give your project title, tagline and rest will be handled by the Design Pickle crew, i.e., creating logos, HD images, GIFs, etc.,
  • If you have any quick tasks to finish as soon as possible, you can prioritize the designs accordingly.
  • Design Pickle has come with the basic template for users to fill out the design request. You can tell them what exactly you are looking for - style, brand, format, conceptual, etc.,
  • The onboarding system with video training sessions in Design Pickle guides you to submit the requests, edit and share the type of designs you want with the designers. 

  • Although Design Pickle prices seem to be expensive, offers quality services to the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Design Pickle work?
Design Pickle is an online graphic designing software that comes with unlimited features for the price. Initially, you put a request, got approves and then assigns work to the designer. They can create social media posts, banners, brochures, Pinterest images, infographics and will surely make necessary editings until you are satisfied with the graphic images.  

  • How much Design Pickle costs?
The Design Pickle pricing plan is available as standard and pro versions for the convenience of users. The standard designer services costs around $375 while the pros designer services at $995 per month.
  • What factors should I consider while buying Design Pickle tool?
The key factors like dedicated designer services, unlimited designs, and edits, customer support services, prioritizing the work samples, multiple account accessibility, Getty images, onboarding mechanism and finally the cost of Design Pickle should be considered while purchasing this wonderful tool. 

  • Does the Design Pickle offer 14-days money guarantee?
Yes, all the plans come under the 14-day money guarantee scheme. Once you sign up with the personal details like name, email id, phone number, website domain, etc., you will be given access to the 14-days free trial graphic designing services. However, if you’re impressed with the services with the team of Design Pickle, else cancel the plan. 

  • Is it worth purchasing the Design Pickle software?
Of course, it is worth purchasing, unless you aren’t looking for paid graphic designing software services on the internet. 

  • How many graphic designs can I get in one working day?
Probably it depends on how complicated the project is. If you need basic designs, you can hardly get 2-3 images per day and1-2 images for medium to hard templates.

  • What kind of services offered by Design Pickle?
Here is the list of services offered by the Design Pickle tool. Have a look!

  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Logo designing
  • Promotional items
  • Blog post graphics
  • Digital graphics
  • Online Advertisements
  • Social media posts
  • Basic photo manipulation
  • E-commerce graphics

Few Words to Say about Design Pickle

To conclude, Design Pickle is one of the best graphic design tools for enthusiasts, DIY learners, and business freaks over time. Having a Design Pickle is like holding a pro-graphic designer with you. However, you choose the pricing plan depending on the business requirement. Moreover, it has got an amazing response from the audience and aimed to expand the services in myriad ways. 

Are you a member of Design Pickle software? How satisfied are you with the services? Do you have any queries regarding pricing plan and services, let us know in the comment box.


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