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A lot of people are taking self-defense tutorial classes on both online and offline platforms. Yet, at some point, you need a defense weapon or devices to protect yourself as there is no such time when you feel you are safe. Thus, you should always have some device that you can use whenever you are out of home or even at home for your safety. Before purchasing any gun or any other device, you should know all the buying methods and what you require to buy it. Hence, to know everything about self-defense weapons, one brand called “Byrna” has arrived in the market.

Byrna offers one of the weapons to all the customers who often go outside and need a device that can help you to protect yourself from thieves. Its weapons are best in class and filled by using high-quality cocktails of PAVA, a synthetic pepper spray, OC a pepper spray, and CS a tear gas. Byrna has an effective disarm, deter, and disorient weapon that can be used even with a distance of 60 feet. Besides, its weapons are well designed and available at very conventional and bargain prices.

Why Choose Byrna?

Byrna Review

Byrna is one brand that brings excellent weapons and accessories. It sells weapons even to the military and agencies. Byrna HD offers the finest quality self-defense weapon that you can carry to any place. It can be used by the distance of 60-feet whenever you feel unprotected. Its weapon can be pretty useful for you and your loved ones. To get this weapon, you do not need to get any license to get it and it is very easy to shop. Additionally, to get a Byrna HD, you do not need to wait for too long or stand in a queue to get it; you can own it.

Therefore, this brand can be your one time pick to get this safe and secure weapon, which can help you protect yourself whether you are at home or out of your home. It can be an all-time choice as this weapon is easy to carry; you take this weapon with you anywhere at any time, rather than thinking about where to keep it. Plus, if you compare this Byrna HD to any other weapon, you will get to know the difference in quality, performance, and prices. Before using this weapon, you should know the physical symptom which the attacker will go through. 


Byrna has a good range of self-defense products, such as Byrna HD, Ammo and Projectiles, Accessories, and Apparel. All these products come in different colors with various features. Besides, its products are affordable.

What are the Physical Effects of Byrna HD?

There are a few physical symptoms of chemical irritants, leading to anxiety, pain, etc. With the chemical irritants, at the point of impact, there is a lot of issue attacker will get such as wheezing, dry cough, gagging, nausea, burning in the lungs, burning in the throat, gasping, shortness of breath, inability to breath, chest tightness, and burning in the eyes.  

All these physical effects are enough to make an attacker anxious. With the help of Byrna HD, you can easily battle with any attacker who will come into your way. It comes with physical effects, which is enough for you to protect yourself; the only thing you require is to pull the trigger. If you have this, then every attacker will think before messing with you from next time.    

Specifications of Byrna HD?

Byrna HD comes with a lot of specification such as 

  •  Ambidextrous Safety Lever, -18c - 49c effective use
  •  One (1) 8 Gram CO2 Cartridge propulsion
  •  Different chemical rounds Byrna HD Max -OC 
  •  CS Byrna HD Pepper -OC
  •  3.2 Grams projectile weight, .68 caliber, Glass-filled Nylon
  •  Rubber Overmold Grip material, 185mm X 143mm size.    

It has many more features to offer like 0F - 120F, CO2 Cartridge Puncture Mechanism, 5 Rounds Magazine Capacity, 13 Joules Muzzle Velocity, 220-300 FPS Projectile Speed, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Component Material. Plus, 597g Loaded Weight comes with multiple accessories like Flashlights, Holsters, and Laser Pointers. 


Byrna offers the best self-defense products to all clients seeking the best device to protect themselves from attackers. Its products are available at unique and affordable prices, which you will not get on other brands or platforms. Save 10% with Byrna Coupon Codes.


Byrna can be your choice to live more securely. Its products are useful for you and your loved ones and can help you deal with the attacker. Therefore, Byrna HD can be your pick. Besides, its weapon is capable of doing dangerous damage to the body like anxiety, the inability to breathing, burning eyes, no proper breathing, burning throat, and many more.


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