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by Curated Deals Team   |  May 23, 2019    

Every affiliate marketer desires to drive thousands of sales to their e-commerce stores. But, failed to lag due to the lack of understanding in Google algorithms, search engines, content management, social media plugins, and tools.

Even, I’ve tried a bunch of free-and-paid themes, but nothing worked out. And for the next two weeks, the sales is reduced to half. I’m worried! What I’m supposed to do now? Do I need to consult a digital marketing professional to analyze? What’s the creepy shit going on in my Shopify store?

I’ve discussed with a few of the digital marketing teams, googled for SEO articles, newsletters, and much more. Finally, I found that the template I'm using for my shopping sites is taking too much time (approx. 3.5S) than expected. 

Cheers! I’ve changed the custom theme to Booster Theme and able to regain the traffic and increased the sales to 45% in a couple of months. 

Are you using a Shopify store? Do you want to boost sales? Check out the full-length Booster Theme Review. Here, I’ve given detailed information on Booster Themes by considering online reviews, ratings, and taking customer feedback. Let’s get started!

What is a Booster Theme?

Booster Theme is the most prominent and powerful theme made for Shopify store users. It is designed in such a way that the seller benefits the most by enabling the incredible features to increase product sales and gain huge profits.

Why should I Prefer Booster Theme?

The main advantage of using Booster Theme is that you don’t need coding experience to handle the store. Besides, a novice can easily install the application and implement themes for the shopping sites in a couple of minutes. 

booster theme

Amazing Features of Booster Theme

When it comes to choosing the Booster Theme for your business, there are several parameters - benefits, features, high-quality themes, that will compel you to stick with it. Now, let us understand each specification in detail! 

  • Geo-IP Currency Converter
  • Promotion Countdown Timer 
  • Smart Mega Menu
  • Related Products
  • Theme Updater App
  • Collection Cross-Sell
  • Product Upsell Popup
  • Social Proof Sales Notification

Geo-IP Currency Converter:- The currency converter makes things easier for the customers worldwide by adjusting currency to the respective countries. It is proven that it generates high-conversions by working with 180+countries. 

Promotion Countdown Timer:- This plugin costs around $100 in the Shopify store. But, you can get it for free if you subscribe to the Booster store. The main purpose of using a countdown timer is that it creates a fear of missing out on the product and makes them respond expeditiously.  

Smart Mega Menu:- This is the only theme in the market that creates mega menus along with the products list. It makes navigation faster for the buyers to visit the favorite items and then add to the cart. The purpose of implementing smart menus in the cart pages is to look everything better and showcase the discounted products separately. 

Related Products:- You can display similar products side-by-side by enabling this feature. It boosts the average order value, profits along with improved user experience. 

Theme Updater App:- Always have the latest version theme on your online store by updating frequently. This application works seamlessly on smartphones and saves you valuable time without committing errors. 

Collection Cross-Sell:- It increases the average time spent by the public by displaying the complimentary items.

Product Upsell Popup:- This pop-up increases sale by upselling the latest collection on the web-pages. Further, it increases the average order value and thereby maximize sales. 

Sales Notification:- It is one of the best ways to make the audience fall for new products. The customer will get notified whenever the new product is launched on the site. Nevertheless, if you think you are overusing the tool, you can disable it anytime you want. 

Benefits of Booster Theme 

  • You can use the Booster Themes in 10 different languages - English, French, German, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Brasil, Spanish, Italian, and are ready to translate at any time. 
  • Create an irresistible offer during the exit by providing the reason to buy and how much they save on the purchase. And collect the emails for sending the notifications via newsletter. 
  • Make the visitors use the Add to Cart buttons by offering free shipping services. You will get this plug-in free of cost when you become a member of the Shopify theme store.
  • With the increase in usage of smartphones, the developers optimized the themes for mobile devices (Android, iPhone) to make customers use services efficiently. 
  • Now, you can save hundreds of dollars by not paying for additional tools and plugins. Booster Theme store has come with marvelous features to serve you in the best possible way.
  • Features countdown timer, promotion header strip, smart menu, and currency converter. All of them helps the sellers to maximize product sales in less time.
  • Even if you have a low-quality site, turning to Booster Theme helps to gain more visitors and thereby generate conversions, sales.
  • Do you need a designer to handle your Shopify store? Not anymore! Even a fresher monitor the Shopify stores without prior knowledge in digital marketing. It is because of the simple design and easy accessing nature.


  • Like benefits, Booster Theme has some drawbacks too. As it is integrated with Shopify, you need to download and re-install the theme every time you update to a new version.
  • Prefer Booster Theme only if you wish to use multiple themes and plug-ins. If you need 1 or 2 plugins, then go for other Shopify theme stores like Out of the Sandbox. It is because you will be charged double the amounts for utilizing the services. 

Booster Theme Cost

Do you know how much the Booster Theme costs? If you didn’t, then this section will let you know the Booster Theme prices and choose the pricing plan that suits your niche business. 

1-License:- Are you a beginner? And willing to handle a single Shopify store? Then this single pricing plan is the best choice. To avail of the order, you need to invest $179 as a one-time payment. Moreover, you will be given access to communicate with the support team and receive notifications regarding theme updates.

2-License:- What will you do if you have 2 stores? Can you use the single license pricing plan for both? Nope, it’s not possible. You need to sign up with two different accounts, and it’s a messy job. So, for people who manage 2 accounts, Booster store made comfortable by cutting down the cost to $297 ($179+$179=$358- i.e. save $61).

5-License:- Let us assume that you run 2 Shopify stores and willing to expand the business by owning 5 stores. Do you need to purchase licenses for the remaining 3 stores? Not required. Simply upgrade to the 5-license plan which is about $497. Being sign-up with the 5-license pricing plan not reduces the cost, but also gives full-access to handle the marketing tools.

All in all, the Booster Shopify store is offering decent prices in the industry. However, it’s an individual's choice to pick the program according to the business requirements. Before purchasing any plan please check Booster Theme discount code for offers.

booster theme pricing

Single License
Double License
Five License

Technical Support Services

To offer quality assistance, management is hiring educated people all over the world. The team is available 24/7 to assist you in clarifying the doubts via live chat, emails, social media (FB, Twitter), and phone calls. If you have a technical problem, you can send a request to the supporting crew and will get a response immediately. 

Few Words to Wrap

So far, you’ve seen the overview of Booster Theme.  It is the world’s best Shopify theme store that offers quality services at reasonable prices. To add on, it takes a few minutes to install and customize on product pages. For premium members, it offers a license for one year and updates. Which theme are you using? Are you using any one of the popular themes and getting low-sales? Try Booster theme for the Shopify store. If you have any queries regarding Shopify store themes, write to us in the comment section given below.

Booster Theme - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to set up a Booster theme?
A: To make the shopping website look beautiful, go to the theme settings followed by the admin panel, online store, themes, and then customize the theme. If you need any help, contact the organization
2. On what countries Booster theme is available?
A: It is made available to work in the USA, India, Canada, Philippines, Finland, Indonesia, and Ukraine countries.
3. Can I make the payment monthly?
A: The payment can be made once by accessing the online modes - debit/credit cards. With a one-time transaction, you can control the themes and plug-ins for a lifetime.
4. Should I hire a designer to change the store layout?
A: No need to hire a designer or web-developer to control the online Shopify stores. You can do it by yourself to set up, customize the themes, and look professional.
5. Is it possible to add a video on sales pages?
A: Yes, you can add videos to the sales pages either on the custom content section or the video management section. In the custom video section, you can also include the titles, buttons to make the viewers buy without having a second thought.
6. How can I manage the reviews using Booster theme?
A: You have to install a product review application on your e-store site developed by Shopify. And make sure that the app is activated on the product pages (check the settings). Now you can monitor the reviews at anytime you want with a hassle-free experience.
7. Is Booster theme worth purchasing for e-commerce stores?
A: Yes, Booster has come with plenty of features like currency converter, countdown timer, smart menu, theme updater, upsell popup, and sales notification that works exceptionally on the e-commerce stores. Also, the prices are affordable too.


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