Best Magnetic Eyelashes of 2022 - How to Apply Magnetic False Eyelashes

January 5th, 2021

There are certain brands available in the market offering high-quality magnetic eyelashes. In the big market, it is not too easy to get high-quality magnetic eyelashes at a good price. Therefore, we have come up with this article. So that people can get the best eyelash without paying too much money. 

Plus, this article cannot only help you by providing the best lashes. However, you can also get to know about how to use, remove, or clean eyelashes without getting messed up. Hence, have a look at these articles to know every single thing about magnetic eyelashes.

Top Magnetic Lashes

Here are some of the top magnetic lashes where you can get the best magnetic lash and other products at a reasonable value. So, let's have a look at these brands to know about products and features.

1. Moxielash

Moxielash is one of the eyelash brands that offer top-quality eyelashes to all the people who need them for any occasion or event. It has a variety of products to provide such as magnetic lash kits, magnetic eyeliner and lashes, accessories, and many more. It has a huge collection of products from removing to glowing, every single product is available. Besides, its products are available at a decent cost. Save 15% OFF with Moxielash Coupons.


2. Lashify

Lashify is an ultimate eyelash brand. Its award-winning system has more than 50 trademarks and 70 patents. It provides some of the best products, which can give you a great customizable look without getting any damage. Its products are damage-free, weightless, seamless, easy to use, and comes with infinite possibilities. It gives the white-glove concierge service to all the customers around. Moreover, this platform offers products at reasonable amounts. Get 10% discount on lash extensions using Lashify Coupons.


3. Lolas Lashes

Lolas Lashes offers cruelty-free and high-quality lashes to all the customers who are looking to get a new look without going out of the box. It has a wide range of products such as best magnetic eyeliner and lashes, Strip Lashes, 2 in 1 Adhesive Eyeliner, and Accessories. Its magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner are the best lashes you could ever get in the market. Its magnetic eyelashes are designed by using a very different technique and formula. In terms of both safety and performance, its eyelashes are too good. Take 10% OFF on premium magnetic eyelashes with Lolas Lashes Discount Code.

Lolas Lashes

4. Glamnetic

Glamnetic offers a huge selection of products such as Magnetic Lashes, Lash Shape, Eye Shape, and Accessories. At Glamnetic, we value efficiency and finding ways to make women’s lives easier. We believe in inventing short-cuts and finding easier ways for our customers to look beautiful. At Glamnetic, we are committed to providing high-quality products, and reliable customer support. We strive to constantly improve and welcome any constructive feedback. Avail a 30% OFF on your orders with the help of the Glamnetic Coupon Code.


5. UKlash

UKlash offers vegan, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, and paraben eyelash products to all the customers at a good price. Its products come with an amalgam of extracts, vitamins, and peptides. Its products are quite easy, safe to use, and work perfectly on your eyebrows. The best part is that its products are designed properly that can give you great results like 55% longer and 75% excellent looking lashes. Uklash Discount Code provides a 10% discount on all orders.


6. Luma Lashes

Luma Lashes offers 8 pairs of false eyelashes at a decent cost. Its products are hand made by using minx, which is 10% cruelty-free. It always makes sure to provide high-quality products to the customer. Here, you will not only get the products but you will get to know the steps of wearing and removing eyelashes. Plus, its eyelashes can last for at least 10 hours. Use Luma Lashes Discount Code to get a 10% OFF.

Luma Lashes

7. The Lash Professional

The Lash Professional priority is always supplying lashes. It takes time, makes efforts, and makes extraordinary lash products. The best part is that its products are designed properly and tested by some of the top industry experts. Because this brand always believes in making perfect eyelash products. It has a vast array of products such as extensions, lashes, tools, extension kits, lashes kits, lashes swag, and many more. Save 10% OFF on lashes with The Lash Professional Coupons.

The Lash Professional


Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe?

Well, the answer is “Yes”. However, there are a few things that you should always consider. As per the FDA requirements, all the extensions, eyelashes, and glues should meet the rule and regulations of organizations in the cosmetic industry. To be honest, these rules are not that strict as drugs.  

The glues are used to make false eyelashes, which is good. Still, that glue can cause damage to your eyes or can irritate. The best part is that in magnetic eyeliner lashes, there is no use of glues. Yet, there is a chance of getting allergies or infection if you have not appropriately used that as you need to be more careful.

It doesn't matter whether the magnetic eyelashes are temporary or traditional as the false eyelashes can be made by multiple things like human hair or synthetic. With the enhancement in eyelashes, there is a good -percentage of losing touch of your lashes even while removing the best magnetic lashes. The magnetic eyelashes may break your normal lashes or way of growing. Even if you buy good quality eyelashes you have to touch your eye, which can lead you to an eye infection.

How do Your Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

When we talk about how normal or regular eyelashes work the steps are quite simple. In the regular eyelashes, you just need to apply a single strip of the lash on the line and use some amount of glue. However, for magnetic eyelashes, you will get two strips that come with a small magnet in the center position. With two strips, one of the lashes will go on top near to the eyes and one will go down to the eye. Then, all you need to do is stick it together.   

How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes?

There is nothing to hide about. However, applying magnetic eyelashes is something that can annoy you easily. When it comes to applying magnetic eyelashes, you need to take the top lash and keep it under your eyelashes. You can keep it near to your eyelashes as much as you can.

Then, take the second strip and keep it under your bottom lashes. But, you should always make sure that both the magnets should snap together. For instance, if you want to adjust your eyelashes then need to pull the corner of your lashes and adjust them again. Then, you are ready to go.

Ways to Remove Magnetic Eyelashes?

There are a few steps to show to remove magnetic eyelashes. However, there are a lot of things to consider before removing magnetic eyelashes like make sure to remove them carefully as an inappropriate way can lead you to infection. 

Firstly, try to remove it gently as much as you can. Maps sure you pull eyelashes from the outer corner first and then you can slowly and calmly pull the eyelashes away from the line.

Secondly, clean the magnets of your magnetic eyelash carefully. You can use a slight amount of oil-free water if you have any problem with the eyelashes. No more things are needed for cleaning. Then, you can simply pick your eyelashes and keep them in the box.

How to Clean Magnetic Eyelashes?

The steps are very easy to clean eyelashes. You just need to clean your eyelashes by using water and you can clean where you see any dirt or mark. It does not need any hard work to clean. However, just make sure that after cleaning your magnetic eyelashes you need to pace your eyelashes in the box and not in any place.


The new trend of using magnetic eyelashes is growing every passing day. Therefore, we have come up with these articles that can be useful to know every single detail about magnetic eyelashes. From removing to cleaning your magnetic eyelashes every single detail is available in these articles. Plus, this article can be quite beneficial for you and your friends.

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