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In the world of e-commerce, Amazon is offering exceptional services to customers by providing books, electronics, smartphones, home, and kitchen appliances, grocery items, and much more.

The surprising fact is more than 150millions people visit Amazon to purchase the items. Why can’t you make money out of it? 

Are you an entrepreneur and desires to start a business? Or want to become an Amazon seller? Affiliate partner? You need to do a lot of research work before launching a product into the market. Moreover, you have to consider factors like - product niche, search volume, competitors data, potential keywords, titles, reviews, ratings, and the cost.  

A one-stop solution to get all metrics at one place is through referring to one of the Top Amazon Product Research ToolsAMZScout that comes at inexpensive prices. It has a finite number of features - sales estimator, FBA calculator, keyword tracker that drives merchants to 10X profits within a short period. Here, I’ve given detailed information on AMZScout Review. Check it out!

Benefits of AMZScout 

Find and Evaluate the Business Niche:- Generate a five digit revenue by finding an item that matches with your niche and improves the sales. Using AMZScout, you can pick the high-margin products starting from day one.  

Browse the Category:- Before you start selling the products, you should look after the niche where you can hit thousands of dollars per month. If you choose a category with high search volume (e.g., smartphones, laptops), you may end up getting a few sales per month. It is because there are competitors who have well established in that field. So, it’s important to step into business with wise decisions. 

Know the latest trends:- With the help of graphics and metrics, you can identify the latest trends of numerous categories in the market. Do the research work on trending products and implement on your website/blogs before the competition begins. 

Keep a Spy on Sellers:- Yes, you can hack the seller's data such as product categories, sales, prices, rankings, deals using the efficient tools that come with the premium plan. 

Calculate the FBA fees and Profits:- No more regrets! Scout tool made it convenient for sellers to calculate FBA fees, taxes, and profits without scratching their head. 

Supported Countries:- AMZScout services are available in 9 countries - USA, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, and India for hassle-free operations.  

AMZScout Tools

Here, I’ve mentioned the list of features that you got along when you purchased the AMZScout premium plan. Let us understand each specification in depth,   

AMZScout Tools

  • Amazon Keyword Tracker  
  • AMZScout Quick View
  • FBA Fee Calculator
  • Sales Estimator
  • Amazon Inventory Spy
  • Amazon to eBay Price Comparator 

Amazon Keyword Tracker

When it comes to selling, it’s crucial for merchants to know what works and what not. The Keyword Tracker is an ideal platform that allows users to keep a track on data - keywords, searches, title tags, and make necessary changes to improve rankings on Amazon search engine.

Firstly, click on a product in the Amazon store and find the specific one using the ASIN number. Choose the product marketplace and then select tracking frequency between 1-24hours. Identify the relevant keywords for a particular product, add to the dashboard, and export the data. 

The best thing is you can use the tool absolutely free for a month. If you see the tremendous results, you can go with premium subscription plans and enjoy benefits on a longer run. 

AmzScout Quick View

Get the data of product pages and select an item to sell online resulting in huge profits. It is available as a browser extension and helps to compare the list of products on Amazon pages. 

Just enter the niche or product details on the search bar and enjoy the stuff. It will display the pricing details, top keywords for a product, FBA fees, quality, size, weight, and deals.  

FBA Fee Calculator

It’s a challenging task for sellers to calculate profits by considering a number of sales per month, tax deductions, FBA fees, and much more. The thing is FBA fees may vary depending on the items, quantity, (as per guidelines). So, you need to have good command in mathematics to perform calculations. 

If you have a fear of numbers (often called Arithmophobia), do not worry! AMZScout is offering an FBA Fee Calculator to make things easy for you. Sounds awesome, right! It estimates the shipping cost, taxes, referral commission, returns, FBA fees, advertising, etc., The final results are accurate, convenient, and embed on sales pages to work seamlessly while doing research. Thus, you don’t have to look for paid tools that calculate the FBA fees. 

Sales Estimator

Sales estimator is my favorite tool. Because it made my work easier while surfing over thousands of digital products. It’s not my words, millions of people experienced estimator tool, and reviewed as the world’s best sales tracking tool.  

Compared to others, AMZ sales estimator gives average sales per month by analyzing billions of products in the e-market. And it provides rankings based on categories - home appliances, clothing, baby products, books, mobile accessories, electronics, computers, grocery items, and sports. 

The company is offering 7days free trial services to experience and benefit from the tool. If you are genuinely impressed with the performance, you can opt for advanced features with little investment.  

Amazon Inventory Spy

This is a perfect tool for sellers who wish to spy on competitor products. Prefer this tool if you wish to know the competitors for a particular niche and how well they are succeeding. You can make in-depth research work on competitor products. 

To analyze the opponent’s data, firstly you need to add browser extension, go to product listing pages, and then click spy button on the browser toolbar (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.,). Now, you can estimate how many units are remaining in the stock. Accordingly, you can launch products with the best quality, price offers to attract customers. 

Amazon to eBay Price Comparator 

You may be fed up with loads of options available in the tech world. Probably, you don’t know which is best in terms of quality, price, and support. From the users perspective, the development team has come with an excellent tool - Amazon to eBay Price Comparator. As the name suggests, it compares the product prices between Amazon, eBay and suggests you go with the best of available brands. 

Further, it is also beneficial for sellers, affiliate marketers to pick the best products and refer to websites/blogs to earn a commission. The main advantage of using this comparator tool is to save money while shopping on a store by displaying the price comparison between Amazon and eBay product pages. 

AMZScout Pricing Plan

So far, we’ve discussed the benefits and features of AMZScout application. Now, it’s time to know the cost of Scout software that comes with the added features like sales estimator, inventory tool, and FBA calculator. Depending on your requirement, you can go with the extension or application. However, subscription prices are different. Before purchasing any plan check AMZScout Coupon for discount prices.

Pro Extension 

If you wish to use the extension for a month, then you have to pay $29, $99 for a year, and $287 for lifetime access. The best part is all the three plans have the free trial option, so you experience the tool first and make payment when required for the business.



Web Application

Coming to the web application, you can choose the appropriate one from the list of  3 plans - basic, start, and the business. The main reason for choosing web application is it provides bulk data, analyze the competitors, track product, and offer friendly-support services. If you opt for a basic plan, you will be charged  $29.99  where you can monitor the 20products and $39.99 for start plan to view 40 items. Further, if you wish to go with the business plan, you have to pay $59.99  for analyzing 80 products at a time.


Become an AMZScout Affiliate Partner

Now, you can be a part of the program and earn thousands of dollars by referring products on your blog/website. You may have trust issues, right! So far, they have paid $500000+ as referral commission for the affiliate partners. 

It well suits for Website Owners, Bloggers, YouTubers, and Marketers who are passionate about earning money online. Once you sign up with the program, you will receive an instant bonus of $100 and get 30% of commission for every sale you drive through the website. The good thing about AMZScout affiliate program is the cookies are valid for 30days. 

Further, it uses iDevAffiliate application that helps to track links, visitors, conversions, and earnings. To get started, you need to fill the necessary details like email-id, mobile number, and name. Enjoy referring products to your visitors and make them buy to earn profits. If you have queries regarding the affiliate program, you can mail to the support team - [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use AMZScout application for free?
A: Yeah! You can use AMZScout software by opting for 7-days free trial services.
2. What features can I expect in AMZScout?
A: It has come with the six prominent tools like Amazon Keyword Tracker, AmzScout Quick View, FBA Fee Calculator, Sales Estimator, Amazon Inventory Spy, Amazon to eBay Price Comparator for the convenience of sellers to increase the sales.
3. AMZScout is available as?
A: It is available as a browser extension, web, and mobile applications. You can download and use it whenever you want.
4. Do I need to have an Amazon account to use AMZScout?
A: Not required.
5. What is Amazon FBA fee?
A: Amazon has launched FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) where you will be charged 15% of the sales price for selling products. The FBA fee may not be the same and vary according to the products, quantity, and dimensions - size, weight.
6. How much should I invest in getting AMZScout Pro version?
A: If you want to use this application, you have to invest $29 per month, $99 per year, and $287 for accessing lifetime. But, do not forget to experience the free trial services before purchasing.
7. Can I use AMZScout tool on multiple devices?
A: It is designed such that you can use the AMZ software on a maximum of 5-devices (mobiles/laptops/desktops) with a single account. Just login with the details and monitor from anywhere in the world.
8. What’s the difference between AMZScout web-application and browser extension?
A: The web app provides complete data of 80 products using the tracker, and checks with the competitors. Whereas browser extension pulls data from Amazon store and calculates everything you want - sales, costs, discounts, top keywords, etc., The only downside is you can use google chrome extension, and the rest won’t work.
9. What are the alternatives for AMZScout?
A: Here is the list of marketing research tools that inspires you to sell on Amazon platform. Have a look, Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, ASINspector, Unicorn Smasher, AMZDataStudio
10. How to cancel AMZScout subscription?
A: To cancel the subscription plan, you can directly contact or mail to the [email protected] The team will respond immediately and process your request.
11. Is the AMZScout chrome extension free?
A: The Scout chrome extension is absolutely free to download and use whenever you want to analyze the seller’s products.

Few Words to Wrap

You will surely become an Amazon pro seller if you follow the AMZScout metrics. It’s very easy to set up and gives accurate results without any delay. On a scale of 100, you can track a maximum of 80 products at a time and target the global audience using the AMZScout software. 

How much are you going to spend on AMZScout software? Will you take a basic or business plan? Are you impressed with the AMZ features and functionalities? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section.


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