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It's not easy to trace the competitor's data like Ads, landing pages, product sales, etc., You should undergo numerous online tools to analyze the individual's data. What if you can get all at one place?

Adplexity seems to be one of the best online tools for advertising that tracks the latest trends in the market. It keeps an eye on competitors data and runs campaigns to save your valuable time and money. 

Why Should I Prefer Adplexity Tool?

Adplexity comes with numerous benefits like collecting large volumes of data, in-depth product analysis, filtering searches for individual campaigns, landing pages, user-friendly interface, and generates accurate results in no time. If you want to generate high income and rank top among the business competitors, you must prefer this tool. 

Moreover, it has come with multiple versions like mobile, desktop, native, e-commerce and API to target the audience from different sources. Of all, API can be used if you wish to access the competitive intelligence programmatically and generate reports. 

Above all, you will be given full access to filter out the searches based on trending products, relevant keywords,  landing pages, device type, country, language and much more. 

If you are the one who is looking for a perfect tool to advertise the business, then this article is exclusively for you which contains the detailed information of Adplexity Review. Let us dive into the topic!

Amazing Features

It is one of the amazing Ad spying tools that monitors your affiliate business and give valuable suggestions by analyzing the competitor's data to generate sales, high-revenue. Wait! Before you make a purchase, you should also know the key features that you may not find in any other Ad spying tools. To make the things easy for you, we’ve compiled the list of features. Have a look,

  • If you want to look for the latest trends searched by the audience, this tool can give the results of the past two weeks to understand the marketing strategies and access effortlessly.
  • It has got an excellent filtering option to remove the non-affiliate landing pages from the search results. 
  • Once your affiliate pages start getting high traffic, you can run affiliate ads using the catchy images depending on your choice.  
  • People love crazy, fun and HD images. Keeping such high-quality photos on your website increases the visitors by 30%.
  • Further, this tool gives the competitors data such as landing pages, products info, offers, discounts, estimated sales, ads revenue, etc.,
  • You can use the keyword searches to get the desired product details of same or different niche. 
  • You can filter out the website data based on Ad type, country, traffic source, language, device type, tracking tools, and affiliate networks.
  • It is possible to analyze the traffic of a particular product in the US and then implement in other countries where there is no competition for the niche product.
  • You can track the competitor's ad campaigns data from mobile and desktop devices traffic sources.
  • This tool can browse the campaigns in foreign demographics and use proxies to access in different parts of the world. 
  • Get the results in a fraction of seconds when searched for products, offers, ads revenue, affiliate ads, etc., by the advertisers, publishers, and affiliate marketers. 
  • If you don’t know how to get started l, you can interact with the chat support team and will get the replies instantly.
  • Filters the search results based on keywords, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate networks.
  • Testing on multiple traffic sources like Facebook, Instagram, etc., can be expensive. However, this tool lets you know what social platforms competitors advertise their business.  
  • Works efficiently by testing whether the Ad campaigns support on Windows, Chrome, and Safari, etc.,
  • Able to download the landing page results with a single click on the button and store in ZIP files.

AdPlexity Product Versions

You will be overwhelmed to know that AdPlexity offers a wide range of services like 

To perform tasks such as Advertisements, campaigns, landing pages, affiliate revenue, website traffic, product details, and pricing factor. It estimates the desired results in a couple of seconds and provide to the users to improve his/her business and beat the competitors without any hassle.

Adplexity Products

Adplexity Products

AdPlexity for Mobile:- Keeps the track on competitors mobile traffic and Ad campaigns data.

AdPlexity for Desktop:- It handles the most profitable Ad campaigns for the desktop traffic sources.

AdPlexity for Native:- This features is helpful for analyzing the Ad campaigns run from the native traffic sources. Further, it offers marketing suggestions that are running successfully.

AdPlexity for E-commerce:- It can store the data of trending e-commerce stores, 100000 product details, prices, discounts, etc. Moreover, you can secretly know the opponent's revenue-boosting apps, get genuine data from real buyers, and 70000000 search results. You can integrate the website or blog with Facebook Ad copy to know the user engagement statistics- likes, shares, comments, and links.

AdPlexity for Carriers:- Now you can run mobile Ad campaigns in foreign countries using the carriers. It allows the customers to make use of Real 3G/LTE proxies from different carriers and increase the website traffic, revenue by 50% using the affiliate links. To make it happen, register with a carrier using the mobile number.

AdPlexity for API:- API is the acronym of Application Program Interface. It is a wonderful platform where you can communicate with multiple applications at a time for displaying the advertisements, landing pages, etc.,

Pros and Cons of Adplexity Tool


  • Promotes affiliate links, Ads.
  • Run campaigns across 80+ countries.
  • Best Ad spying tool for mobiles, laptops, and desktops. 
  • Searches the data over plenty of stores and products. 
  • The fast downloading speed with successful campaigns.
  • Supports Windows, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers.
  • Suitable for Advertisers, digital marketers, publishers, and affiliate marketers. Downloads the traffic/revenue landing pages of competitor’s sites, blogs, and shopping carts. 
  • Filter products according to the keywords, search volume, product types, sales, estimated revenue, etc.,
  • Tracks the competitor's Ad campaign data of mobile, desktop, native, shopping sites and adult traffic sources.


  • Expensive Advertising tool.
  • Not a beginner-friendly software.
  • Customer support services have to be improved. 

Pricing Plans (199/month and 1990/year)

The pricing plan is completely based on the monthly or yearly subscription plan. However, it’s an individuals choice to go with his/her business requirements. If you’re willing to invest in this software, it's better to go with the yearly plan as you can save 17%off per single user compared to the monthly plan. In both the pricing plans, you will be given access to the tools like -  popup ads data, desktop ads, browsers data, easy to interface design, download landing pages with a single click and chat, email support. They won’t impose extra charges and offers quality services for the price. Once you become a member of Adplexity, you will surely love it for the amazing benefits and trustworthiness. Get a 25% discount on all plans using Adplexity Coupon Code.

Pricing and Features

Monthly Plan $199/mo - Yearly Plan $1990/yr
  • Popup Ads Data
  • Easy to interface
  • Chat and email support
  • Desktop display ads data
  • Data from major browsers
  • Download landing pages with a single click


Overall, AdPlexity software allows users to search for trending keywords, products, affiliate ads, and ads campaigns. It is recommended for the affiliate marketers, advertisers, digital professionals, and considered as the best value for the price.   

We hope, you have understood the concept, underlying features, pricing plans, and benefits. Are you going to use this application? Do you know any other alternative? Share your thoughts and queries with us in the comment section given below. We’ll be right away to come up with the best solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use Adplexity application?
A: Firstly, search for the relevant keywords by filtering the last 7-10days results. Using the tracking tool, you can analyze the campaigns run by the affiliates and then go the Ad page for more details.
2. Does Adpelxity offer free-trail services?
A: Nope. Adplexity does not offer free trial services for the users. However, if you think that this tool doesn’t match with business, you can request for refund within 24hours.
3. What makes Adplexity better than competitors?
A: The main reason for the client’s to prefer Adplexity over competitors is it collects a large amount of data, runs campaigns quickly, and supported in most of the countries across the world.
4. What countries support the Adplexity software?
A: This is widely used in countries like India, UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Indonesia, Peru, Romania, Philippines, Argentina, Thailand, Malaysia, Israel, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, France, South Africa, Switzerland, Poland, Brazil, Turkey, etc.,
5. How to cancel the Adplexity subscription plan?
A: To cancel the Adplexity subscription plan, log in with your details and then go to the settings. Now, go to the subscription and billing information. If you no longer wish to continue with the services, click on cancel my subscription and mention the reason to leave the tool. Sooner you will receive a confirmation mail that you have been unsubscribed and no longer access the services.
6. What are the different platforms that Adplexity support?
A: Adplexity, an online advertising tool has come with a wide variety of features to support different software versions like Adplexity for desktop, mobiles, API, and native.
7. What are the networks that Adplexity supports?
A: This amazing tool supports popups and displays web networks like OpenX, Adcash, Popcash, Popads, and Propeller ads.
8. How many products and stores can I track using AdPlexity e-commerce?
A: Out and out, you can analyze the results of 100000 stores and 70000000 products that are available in the world of internet.
9. How is product strength calculated?
A: Product strength refers to how many people visited or purchased the product online. Further, it is estimated based on the parameters like visitors, buyers, traffic sources and advertisements on social platforms.
10. How much does e-commerce Adplexity charge?
A: Like others, Adplexity e-commerce tool also charges $199 per month and $1990 for a yearly subscription plan, i.e. with an annual discount of 17%.
11. Who can use the Adplexity carrier software?
A: This is specially crafted for affiliate marketers, advertisers, Ad agencies and developers to carry out the operations and monitor from different parts of the world.
12. List of the benefits of using Adplexity carriers?
A: You come to know about the latest trends happening in Ad fields such as mobile carrier IPs and new landing pages. Know the conversion rate for a particular product or advertisement. Able to increase the traffic and revenue up to 50% using the smart affiliate links. Bypass cloaking feature checks for the high-revenue sales pages. Simply register by using the valid mobile number.
13. What’s so special about Adplexity carriers over proxy providers?
A: It ranks top among the competitors for plenty of reasons like real SIM card accessibility, 80 carrier proxies, 3G connectivity speed, and stable operations with affordable pricing.
14. How to use Adplexity carriers tool?
A: Firstly, sign in with the personal details and then select the country and carriers. Now, set the proxy server on your computer or mobile device and start testing on the websites/blogs.
15. What is the cost of Adplexity mobile carriers?
A: It charges $149 per month and $1490 per year along with 500MB data transfer rate. Although, it seems to be affordable, best for dealing with international clients.


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